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    1. Hi there, haven't talked with you in a while. Glad to see you are still having lot's of dreams.
    2. Hey, sorry I haven't been doing much lately, I have just been really busy with school and stuff lately. It is amazing how much it interferes with my dreaming... which I have to say, makes me a little upset cause for a while there, I was on a roll with lucids. Anyways... ya, I need to spend more time on DV on the weekends and get caught up. I have been working a lot on a Sonic game lately though so I am busy writing a lot of code and such. Btw, if you have any artistic abilities, we are looking for artists at the moment.

      See ya
    3. "Balloon twisting". Like, making animals and stuff out of balloons? Wish I could do that, lol. Usually my balloons just pop before they are finished. Also, it looks like you are good about updating your dream journal, which makes me very happy. Always like findind people that do that so I have something interesting to read each morning. I'll try and leave comments on all your new entries.
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