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    Lucid Dream!!

    by Bedee on 11-07-2010 at 01:31 AM

    Had a lucid dream when sleeping over at a friends house

    Unfortunately i dont remember the dream i was having before i cam lucid :/.

    I was in some kind of adventure then was in a room with friends? i remember saying (i think i did a reality check) holy shit im dreaming!.
    I then started to get really excited but remembered to calm down unfortunately i didnt stabilize the dream and i thought to myself i want to fly but all i could see was colors flashing then i woke up.
    lucid , dream fragment


    by Bedee on 11-01-2010 at 08:50 PM
    Tonight i tried to ultimate subliminal mp3 but when asleep i pulled the headphones out as in hte morning they weren't in
    The only things from my dreams tonight was something to do with drinking cask wine and how bad it tastes.

    Missed a few nights but have recorded in dream journal
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Pre Dream Veiws Remebered Lucid dreams

    by Bedee on 11-01-2010 at 08:47 PM
    Hey pretty much im new to this site.
    I have one lucid dream from my childhood that i remember, i think i was about 8.

    Im in a car, a land-cruiser ute that my dad owned (at the time) but instead of the dashboard all across were there would be a speedometer and etc there was what appeared to be the part of a piano u see when you open up the part above the piano keys all those bits of wood that go up and down, there stll was a steering wheel. I was frightened i remember saying something to my dad who was in another car then he said something like ok see you there. There were friends small friends i think like muppets with me, i then attempeted to drive it somehow, i was near my dads work He has a business at an old brickworks. the street leading up to the gate sort of has wilderness on one side and houses on the other, the street has a large dip in it I was frightened because the car seemed out of control and i went down into the dip which was warping and physics defyingly steep then i appeared at some kind of house maybe one i had visited, i was carrying a staff or stick and i met extremely short people there like my previous friends but i didnt know them and i showed off how i could do kicks by pole vaulting around wiht the stick or some kind of move. I then scared then or impressed them and that is all i can recollect.

    I have another From this week or more recently
    Its a little boring

    I am not playing but sort of manipulating a game i have been playing a lot recently called heroes of newerth. i am controlling it and then i start thinking about strategy, as the game is almost entirely based around strategy I notice im dreaming and think how cool looking at the fading images of the game and still hearing the thoughts of strategy which i remembered that morning but not now i then wake up.
    lucid , side notes