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      Hey, how are you doing?! I haven't seen you for a while now =D
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      thanks you too
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      yeah sorry I got confused about how to use the forum.. lol
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      You still doing okay with your LD efforts?
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      That is one awesome Avatar. Are you planning on doing Alchemy in your dreams?
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    Alien Wars

    by Beefer on 10-15-2012 at 10:25 PM
    Note: I don't really remember what happened before I got lucid so the dream starts here a little back from the point I became Lucid. Now sit back relax and enjoy .

    I remember being sent to the kitchen for some reason with my little bro. I checked whether the kitchen door. It was open so I locked it with the key which was already inside the door . We are on our way back to my mom and since I decided I will RC anytime I walk around I RCed .

    I checked my hand and moved it and the movement seemed odd. It was if the hand was not moving properly. Unlike in my other LDs where I am pretty calm I was astonished. The dream sign finally worked for me I think to myself.

    I tried to fly. At first I was just hovering a bit above the ground ,but soon enough I was flying. My sister got really angry for some reason that my dad did not tell me to stop flying. My dad says he can't stop me from moving around all day long and I remember my mom mumbling something i did not understand.
    Mean while I was flying all around the house. From the floor to the ceiling, from the kitchen to the living room... I even hit my head once in the lamps above. Then I flew through the kitchen door (which was supposed to be locked XD) to the roof . I walked across a rail on the roof until I reached it's edge. Then I jumped towards the floor . I fell on a bush ,but I wanted to keep falling so kept falling. I fell slowly and hit the floor undamaged.
    Then I decided I want to summon a great blue shark int the middle of the sky. At first there was a transparent giant shark in the sky ,but then I suddenly thought of a monkey and summoned a blue monkey with a red shirt. For some reason it seemed nostalgic to me and it appeared along with 3 giant pink elephants in the sky. Not I decided that instead of the elephants I want to summon an army of alien spaceships. That was not really hard. Where the giant elephants disappeared , a fleet of alien spaceships ready for battle appeared. Then also the monkey faded and human spaceships appeared in order to fight the alien spaceships! Then along with 3 children who were nearby and later turned into aliens I ran towards the battle in order to take part in it. I summoned each little alien a light saber and we ran to the battlefield. I tried to use water bending ,but the dream faded and I woke up in false awakening. Then I sat down and started to write the dream (inside the dream itself )

    Shlomo Artzey's Treasure- Sunday 19/8/2012 2:03 - WILD

    by Beefer on 08-19-2012 at 06:31 PM
    Well this is my first DJ entry ,EVER . This is a successful WILD attempt I had last night and also my best lucid dream so far in my opinion. Now sit back, relax and enjoy .

    Note: I am not going to write anything that happened in the earlier stages of the WILD because I see it as not important .

    Shlomo's Treasure
    I was laying in my room and could only see my hands. Those were very blurry and looked doubly . That was the sign for me that I entered the dream. I figured that by trying to stand up I might be able to stabilize the blurry dream scene. So I stood up and as I thought I was in my room .

    I left the room , crossed the short corridor and ended up in my balcony. It was raining outside. then I thought of trying to manipulate the water that came down as rain. So I moved my hands across an invisible ball and while swirling them around a blue water ball formed from the raindrops . I have to admit that I was excited.
    For the first time I was able to bend water just the way I wanted to! The ball looked like a pearl and had strong blue color the reminds me of deep ocean water .

    I thought of a friend of mine and almost immediately summoned him. I showed him I am able to fly , so he asked me "What command do you use in order to fly?" "Fly.GoUp" I answered him. So then I took his hand and he started to fly by his own. We were flying above a wooden like ground and there were some chests around. While flying we opened the chests and grabbed the green books that were inside.

    There was this giant wooden man who wore a hat which resembled a chest. My friend asked me whether we should grab it's content or not and I replied that I think it is not a good idea. I kept looking for more chests and also found another wooden man which was smaller than the previous one. After that I changed my mind and grabbed the green books inside the hat chest. As an excuse I say to the wooden man "That what you get for trying to date my cousin!" . Surprisingly the smaller wooden man to the presents himself as my female cousin .

    Now we landed at my yard. I am aware of the fact that the man is still after us so in order to fight him I decide that we must find a water source of some kind. In addition I summoned another friend of mine as an earth bender so he would be able to help us against the man.

    We jumped through the trees and we reach a rocky hill with some trees. We run down the hill and my earth bender friend lifts a rock with his bending and throws it towards the man. I am not sure if I asked him or not ,but then he suddenly turn to me and tell me "You just have to think how to left the rock. At that moment I thought to myself "Screw water bending! I am the AVATAR!" . So I tried to do as he told me and I placed my hands as if I was about to lift the rock. then I lifted my hands and threw the rock with earth bending . The rock was aimed toward the man ,but it hit my friend. Although they all stopped because from my view I already won, I earth bended.

    The man was tied to a pole and had a glass of water beneath his feat. My friends were beating him up. He didn't look like he looked beforehand. Now he wasn't a wooden man ,but a real man. He had a white hair and white beard and although my friends hit him he kept smiling and looked quite calm. "There is no way I am helping them torture him" I thought to myself. I stood near a small wall with weird paintings which resembled Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Suddenly I felt like making the wall disappear , so I pushed it with my mind and closed the hole that was created in the wall a bit.

    Then my friends seemed bored and I wanted to continue the adventure so I declared the first idea that came up to my mind "Let's go find Shlomo Artzey's Treasure! " (He is an Israeli singer).

    So we headed through a big hallway that was mostly ruins and then the earth bender's brother popped out of no where and said "It is really fun that we are all together". I interpreted it as the dream's way of expressing the happiness and fun I had at that moment.

    The hallway led us into a staircase where we met an adult and a child. The adult guy seemed excited and he said " I am very happy to see you came from so far just because you were interested in me" . The the child then gave each of us luck charms (Oh boy I think that one came from lucky star...) and mine called me a third grader & whiny kid or something . Then the chick that was to my left ( yes she wasn't there earlier ) also got a charm which said that she is evil and ugly or something similar. Although they adult guy told us not to worry since all the charms are meant to be bad because it is a just a prank. Then everything became black and I woke up (for real) in my room and started to write this lucid dream in my DJ.