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      You haven't left us, have you? >:x
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      english and french fluently and i can say some things in spanish with a lot of mistakes
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      hi there , i see you like languages .... can you tell what about them exactly
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      Haha, you wrote that you come from the south of germany. From where exactly? I'm from Bavaria
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    car ride to the rainforest

    by beijaflor on 03-27-2012 at 03:07 PM
    I'm driving a car trough the street where we had our old apartement. (I'm only 15, so I can't drive a car in waking life). It's difficult for me, but it works, though the car has no steering wheel and I have to move my body to the left and to the right side to drive the car in the right direction. I suddenly remember that I always wanted to try to drive a car in my lucid dreams and ask myself if I'm dreaming. I recognized that the car had no steering wheel and so I was sure that I was dreaming. I got off the car and searched for a new one that had a steering wheel and I found one. I stole it from a young woman who began to shout angry things to me, but I didn't mind. I started to drive the car and the landscape began to change very quickly.. I looked out of the window because the landscape got really exciting, I was driving down a hill now, on both sides of the street was forest, beautiful rainforest (the day before we painted a jungle on the wall in our classroom and the landscape looked like that painting). with many flowers etc. I parked the car and got off cause I wanted to watch the forest. The air was warm and felt good on my skin, I smelled the trees, the leaves, the flowers and I felt very free.

    finally lucid

    by beijaflor on 03-20-2012 at 05:20 PM
    1. I was sitting on the floor in a dark and cold room together with maybe 30 other people. We all were looking on a huge screen, where a young woman was taking a presentation. She showed us films in dark colors and talked about psychologic stuff.. it was quite weird but also fascinating. At the end she suddenly startet to talk about dreams and lucid dreams and showed as a video where a man was flying through a dark valley. I startet to like it because I was happy to have found a person who also knew about lucid dreaming. After the presentation I wanted to talk to her but I couldn't fin her, so I left the room. Outside of the room there were a few people from my school class and they said we were going to have lessons. I recognized that I had forgotten all my school things in another room and wanted to search them and come to class after it. I startet to walk through the building but I couldn't find the classroom. The building got stranger with every step I took. Suddenly I was in the garden of a house and as I walked in the house I was in the attic of my school.. I got afraid because I knew that I was really late and my teacher would be very angry. Then I remembered that I told myself "always ask yourself if you are dreaming in strange situations". I suddenly was sure that I was dreaming and started to feel very enthusiastic.. Now it was easy for me to leave the building and fly down the street. I remembered my goal to talk to a person in my dream, who I had a dispute with a few days ago and resolve the conflict. Let's call him Q. I wished Q to there when I walked around the corner and he was there. I said "hello" and he answered quite friendly. I said sorry for what I did and asked if he could forgive me. He said "yes" and smiled. We walked down the street together and talked a bit about other stuff.. at some point I lost lucidity again..
    lucid , non-lucid

    childhood again

    by beijaflor on 03-17-2012 at 11:59 AM
    Dear people, finally I have time to write DJ again

    So my dreams of tonight:

    1. old times

    I'm at a big swimming pool with a few other children, some of them are from my old school. In this dream, I am younger than in waking life, maybe 6-7 years old. We talk about philosophy but the others are so childish that it makes me angry. I say to the others "well, I'm going to talk to myself about philosophy then" and the others start laughing at me. As I jump in to the pool, I suddenly recognize, that I'm not able to swim and get very afraid. Suddenly I remember my intention always to ask myself "am I dreaming?" in dangerous situations but then I wake up and it's too late

    2. weird

    I'm at my first interview with my school-exchange organisation and I feel very excited. I had to go by train to Berlin, that's quita far away from the town I live but I have only a few clothes with me. As I arrive at the house, were the interview should be, there are a lots of colorful cakes in front of the door. They say to me "Hey, nice to meet you, you can choose a piece of cake and tell us something about that". In my dream I don't realize the weirdness of t his situation and start to tell them sth. about chilean cake..

    beija-flor's DJ

    by beijaflor on 01-27-2012 at 10:00 PM
    Hey guys, now I have finally the time to write my DJ online (I already have a DJ in german but not online)


    1- Bicycle tour

    I'm riding my bicycle through a small path in the forest. My mom was with me but I lost her and want to search her now because I couldn't find my way back home on my own. The weather is rainy and I feel quite sad, thinking about why I'm living and what's the meaning of my life. I start to sing a french song about love in perfect french, though my french in waking life sucks xD.

    2- WILD dream

    I wake up because of my alarm clock that is starting to make noise. It's 5 am and I'm still way to tired to get up (I normally get up at 5.30). I think about what I'm gonna do today and suddenly I feel hands touching my head and I feel a person lying next to me in my bed. First I feel shocked but then I recognize that I must have falle into sleep paralysis unintentionally. I suddenly start to feel euphoric and think "Yeah I'm going to have a lucid dream!!". As my body had fallen completely asleep, I sit up in my bed and walk through my room (that is cleaned up, how strange lmao ) and outside the house. Everything is dark (no street lights, no lights in the windows) but I can see clearly. I want to search for some people but theres nobody in this grey town. The buildings seem dark and monotonous, they remind me a lot of that painting: http://home.arcor.de/j120542/allgemein/geruecht.jpg
    I begin to feel scared and start to search for something beautiful so I look uo to the sky and there IS the very beautiful thing.. millions of big shiny stars in the black sky, nearer and brighter than I had ever seen them before