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    Trying to Resolve the Crisis of the Mansion

    by BeingLucid on 06-27-2019 at 11:03 PM
    I'm sitting at the kitchen table at my parents' house. We're talking about "my mansion". The sale can't go through because I can't get finance, but I'm legally bound to purchase it because I've signed the paperwork, and the seller has my one million dollar deposit.

    I also have another house with money tied up in it that is wasting away.

    This is all due to a mistake my parents have made. I need their help to resolve the issues but they aren't taking it seriously. They seem to be procrastinating. I'm getting impatient as I need the problems sorted out so I can move on.

    My dad cracks a joke and I start to get angry. I yell but they keep smiling. I get angrier. I yell a lot, trying to get them to hear me. Then they give me the impression there's something I don't know about that they are dealing with. I don't know if it's financial or medical. I try to get answers but my mother just keeps smiling.

    I get the impression one of them is seriously ill. I start to get hysterical, yelling and crying. I need to know what is wrong. Finally my mother says there is no problem. Nobody is ill. There is nothing to worry about.

    The next morning I go to my kitchen and there is someone there. She says something about someone getting fired. I ask why I'm being fired and she says it's not me, it's my mother, she has lost her job. Our fight was on TV and people are angry that she made me think something was horribly wrong when it wasn't.

    Murder by the Dragon Gang

    by BeingLucid on 06-27-2019 at 12:19 AM
    Someone says the tide is too high at Ahipara. I'm thinking if it's not covering the road it's not that high. I want to go and have a look.

    I'm on the beach, running away from the waves, trying to reach safety. As the water reaches me I lift my feet so I'm in a sitting position and ride the wave until I can run again. I do this repeatedly with each surge of waves until I reach a hill I can scramble up.

    I'm safe and watching the waves down below with my dad. He says there's been a murder. I look around and he points and says there are thirty Dragon Gang members. I see them in the distance, emerging from a bush area near the beach.

    I'm in a room with a girl, a guy friend, and a Dragon Gang member. Other Dragon Gang members enter the room and drag my guy friend away to murder him.

    Now there's just me, the girl and the original Dragon Gang member in the room. He makes me pull strange faces and find dimples on the side of each eye and along my jaw. I have the ones by my eyes but can't find them along my jaw line. He tires of waiting and says I have lots along my jaw. I'm scared. He says he has a sore foot and I say I have a sore foot too.

    He wants to take me for a ride with another gang member. We go outside and I sense he's going to drive me somewhere to murder me. I run for it and get into my old white van. The two Dragon Gang members get into a black sports car.

    I am far ahead but worried they will catch up because they have a sports car. Suddenly, instead of being behind me, I see them coming toward me on the other side of the road. I know they'll turn around and chase me. I am desperate now. I decide to drive off a high bridge, through a wooden railing and into deep, murky water.

    Updated 06-27-2019 at 12:22 AM by BeingLucid


    Giant Ape

    by BeingLucid on 06-27-2019 at 12:19 AM
    I'm standing on some grass, trying to pull up my underwear. Antoinette drives past and laughs at me because I'm too fat. She is upset with me for not meeting weekly anymore. She tells me she canceled my meeting with someone else and laughs as she drives away.

    I walk for a long way and come across a boy looking off into the distance, towards my left. He looks peaceful and happy. I look where he's looking expecting a beautiful view but there is only an empty dirt road stretching into the distance, grass, and a tree here and there.

    I look up into some tree tops and see an arm reaching from one tree to another. It's reaching toward an alligator. The arm belongs to a giant ape-like creature. No wonder it's not afraid of the alligator.

    Suddenly the creature starts to sit down on me, crushing me. Then it stands up a bit and I see a coconut falling from its body.

    Next scene, I'm in a bathroom washing off excrement from the ape-like creature.

    Beinglucid's Journal

    by BeingLucid on 06-25-2019 at 07:21 AM
    23 June 2019

    I know I'm dreaming. I force my eyes open. I struggle to get my legs out of bed. They're heavy and feel paralyzed and I'm worried I might hurt Zoe (my dog who is sleeping on my bed with me).

    I know I can do anything, so I force myself to the ceiling. I'm upside down on the ceiling on my hands and knees. I'm feeling good. I look sideways at the wall and start to feel disoriented and feel a small amount of panic.

    The scene changes. I'm in a strange room with strangers. I ask one to tell me my name. She says manima (I think that's what she said... I remember telling myself to remember it).

    I ask another woman what she wants to tell me but she doesn't answer.

    Lucidity ends...

    At some point I begin to see each person in the room is there because each has witnessed a murder by one of us and has had to commit another murder to cover it up. (To kill other witnesses.)

    Each murder is played back in front of me. Like I'm watching it on tv.

    Next there is a flood through my house. I call my boss to say I can't go to work.

    I need to secure my birds in make shift cages. I need to block holes in the front porch area so rats can't come in. My mother is there helping me.

    Now I'm running away from a man. He chases me over an obstacle course over land and sea. There are ships, and highways across the sea. Shipping containers "fly" from the highway to the ships flying in the sky. I can see where golf balls have landed in the sea from a nearby golf course. I can see a luxury cruise ship among the industrial ones.

    I'm doing the same obstacle course over and over again, trying to outsmart the man chasing me. Doing things slightly different each time. Laying traps. But the man chasing me gets better too. He's always close behind me.

    Updated 06-27-2019 at 12:02 AM by BeingLucid