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    Brain Worms that Make you Pregnant and Control You

    by bellatrix18 on 06-02-2013 at 01:05 AM
    I had a long non lucid about these horrible worms that I started finding in my bathroom on the wall. They looked a bit like see-through leeches and were really hard to see against the tiles because they were almost completely clear. I realized they crawled into my brain on a night and affected my thoughts. They also could make you pregnant. The baby wasn't genetically half worm but they could affect your body somehow and create a pregnancy... it was weird.

    My mum appaered from nowhere and said they were a parasitic worm from Africa that would eat your organs from the inside. I knew she was wrong because all they did was crawl into your brain (which is apparently not such an issue for my dream self ). I started catching them and taking them up the road to a little stream and letting them go. I thought it would be cruel to kill them. I then learned that they had originally come from the stream and the couple living in the house next to it had been moving them to the drain by my house so they would stop attacking them. The woman had just had a baby and they weren't sure if it was the mans child or if the worms made it. The woman was also really sick because the worms had been upsetting and controlling her for so long.

    She showed me voice recordings the worms made for her during the night in order to taunt her. They were talking and sounded like the worm/bug things from men in black lol. I though I could prove that invertebrates had incredible intelligence with the tape recordings and got pretty excited for a bit. But then I forgot all about my scientific discovery She also showed me recordings they'd left for me and I got scared when I realized I was their new target.

    Then suddenly couple were getting married and I was watching the wedding. The man stopped the wedding and said he couldn't go through with it. He was angry the baby girl might not be his. I could see so much hate in him I realized the worms were controlling him. He threw his daughter to the ground. She looked like a rubber pig shaped dog toy for some reason but blood came out of her ear and I realized he'd really hurt her. I was so angry but had to remember he wasn't doing it - the worms were.

    I still didn't want to kill them though and still was trying to think of ways to get them out of the house without killing then. The only way to kill them was to burn them and I thought that was too violent. I then noticed my tummy looked a bit bigger than normal and thought I might be worm-pregnant, but woke up before I found out.

    Naked LD :)

    by bellatrix18 on 03-27-2012 at 11:04 PM
    Well its my first LD for about 10 days. I read a post ages ago about how being naked in a lucid makes you super aware of your body so decided to try it out... Here's the dream.

    It started out with a false awakening (most of my lucids start with a FA) and I can't remember the dream before this or why I became lucid. I got out of bed and it was dark like they always are So I opened the door and it made it light in the next room.

    I was trying to decide what to do when I got another FA. I almost got fooled this time but did a nose RC and realised I was still dreaming. I have a cold and half my nose is blocked in RL so when I did my RC I could only breath through half of my nose

    I rubbed my palms to stabilise and walked out of the dark room again (just like before) and couldn't for the life of me think of anything to do. Then I remembered the naked post and thought it would be pretty cool to try. I love the thought that there are no social rules in LDs and couldn't wait to see some DCs reactions. I walked downstairs and for some reason all my younger sisters friends from years ago were sat in out living room. My sis was also just turning up, apparently visiting for the day.

    Everyone acted like me being naked was just normal. I told them it was a dream and I was naked but they just kept talking to each other as if nothing was unusual... Then I told my wife who was answering the door for my sister. She also blanked me so I decided that since I was already naked and my wife was there... well she ended up pretty much naked too... but the excitement woke me up 5 seconds into it lol

    11 year old takes job/disastrous cooking

    by bellatrix18 on 03-24-2012 at 02:11 AM
    I only had a short kind-of boring and dream last night. Plus it really didn't make sense and felt very 'fuzzy'. I've been ill and I think its affecting my recall

    My wife was trying to get a job at a coffee house for some reason but they gave it to her 11 year old brother instead. She was upset and had even proved that she was good at multi tasking by walking our two dogs and talking to the coffee shop owner at the same time so apparently thought she'd got the job in the bag...

    Her brother rang up and was excited about his new job but was explaining that people felt they could push him around because of his age. When he was explaining what happened on his first day I could see him at the shop and then could see him walking around his house on the phone even though I was at my house the whole time.

    My sister in law and her boyfriend had come round to visit and I noticed that her bf had cut his hair-which is usually dark brown and curly. It was now a mohawk, straight and mousy brown. I thought it was very out of character.

    I decided to make my wife a chocolate biscuity pudding with chocolate sauce to cheer her up about not getting the job. I was going to mix melted chocolate with biscuits and then mix chocolate with golden syrup for the sauce. I tried to use a bar of chocolate as a plate to melt another bar of chocolate on until I realised that both bars would melt in the microwave. Then I woke up...

    Visit my Aunts/shoppping at Wilkos/Crazy Dinosaur Nightmare!

    by bellatrix18 on 03-22-2012 at 12:18 AM
    This is my first ever online DJ entry.
    The dream started out pretty boring but was terrifying at the end. This dream was very vivid and feels like a real memory when I look back on it.

    I was visiting my Aunt and my whole family was sat around in her living room. The room looked nothing like her actual living room. My cousins were playing musical instruments (like usual ) and my mother was commenting on how nice it sounded.

    My aunt had a pet rabbit living in her hallway. Every time someone tried to leave he would try to escape and he was apparently very hard to catch. Everyone else started to leave but when me and my wife went to leave the rabbit wouldn't move from in front of the door and he almost escaped outside. I decided to open the living room door instead and he ran into the living room. My aunt then started to worry about him biting through electrical cables so I tried to tidy any wires out of reach but there were loads behind the TV so we had to put him back in the hallway and leg it out of the door before he escaped.

    Me and my wife decided we'd do a bit of shopping and popped into Wilkinsons (shop that sells lots of cheap stuff in the UK). They were having a ridiculously cheap mega sale and my wife wanted to buy loads of furniture for only 10. It was all chunky real wood and very well made. I also found a HUGE rabbit cage that I decided I'd buy for the rabbit. It took us a while to carry it all to the till and sort out delivery because we couldn't carry it all home.

    We eventually left the shop and we were at the top of our road on some grass laid out in the evening sun. It looked a lot like it does in real life. My wife rang my aunt and started telling her I didn't like my other aunt and I got a bit upset because this wasn't true and I knew they'd start gossiping about me. We also spent a bit of time planting seeds that we'd found on the ground (a bit random )

    Then the woman from Wilkos ran up to us on the grass waving a bra saying we'd left something in the shop. Apparently my wife had bought lingerie to surprise me but it was awful. It was fake fur and leopard print and it had a hole in it. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I didn't say anything

    We decided to walk down the road and as we were walking suddenly realised that dinosaurs had taken over the world. There were two velociraptors stalking us-like the ones out of Jurassic Park. They were hiding in the bushes near the road. A t-rex walked past on the main road. I hoped it would eat the velociraptors like at the end of Jurassic Park but it was chasing cars instead. Me and my wife started walking really fast. There were people up ahead and we knew that if we caught up to them the velociraptors might eat one of them instead.

    We did get past the people and I couldn't see the velociraptors but I suddenly saw a pair of creepy monster/dinosaur things. They looked like the monster in pans labyrinth with the eyes on his hands only they walked like velociraptors They had a big bulbous head and saggy pinkish white skin. They were shaped like a person but walked like they were imitating a dinosaur with jerky movements and their arms pulled in to their chest.

    I knew one of them had seen me and it started to chase me. My wife had somehow found a bike and was behind me. I shouted for help and was running really fast but the thing kept gaining on me. I found a bottle of kitchen cleaner we'd bought in the shop and sprayed it behind me to try and get some in its eyes but the thing started screaming stuff from the bible about how God will punish all and things about burning for eternity. It kept on screaming religious stuff in a horrible screachy/raspy voice the whole time. It was really freaky.

    My wife caught up with me on her bike and linked my arm. She started dragging me faster while I ran along side as fast as I could. Eventually the monster tripped because he was running too fast and blinding light shone out of his body. I knew he was dying.

    We kept running to the chinese takeaway round the corner and felt safe once we got inside. I was worrying about leaving the bike (which I realised was my bike) outside without a lock on it so I put my red backpack on top of it so I could see it through the windows (the windows were high and dirty and I thought I'd be able to see easily if someone moved a bright red bag off the bike. This was pretty stupid as the bag had all my money in it and was way more valuable than the bike if stolen.

    I tried to take care of my wife by buying her a drink because she was really out of breath after biking so fast (for some reason I wasn't out of breath after running) but she'd already found one. I realised all my money was outside anyway and started worrying even more about things getting stolen but didn't want to go outside and get eaten!

    We decided that we'd have to call a taxi to get home because the dinosaurs would eat us otherwise. We could see them out of the window eating people... Then I woke up
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable