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      You're welcome

      Haha, yeah, I write in an offline DJ. I keep meaning to post the really cool ones on here, though.
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      Happy Birthday Belle! ^o^
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      In your biography you have that quote from Hitchhiker's guide! Have you ever tried throwing yourself at the ground and missing in a dream? I did it in a non lucid once, it was an experience.
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      Thanks for wishing me luck!
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      I'm glad you had fun. People like us are few and far between, it's always nice to meet another.
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      Yes, I do feel better. BALANCE HAS BEEN RESTORED! Have I succeeded in "failing" to make a good impression?...... Is probably what I would say if I were in a trollish mood.

      In all seriousness I have enjoyed our little passive-aggressive/sarcastic/trollish battle of wits. It was fun. I hope that you have enjoyed it as well /shrug. Anyway, nice talking to you.
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      Oh I like you, you're fun. Alright then. They aren't so much "charts" as they are images. I tried to link one to my previous post as you noticed but it didn't show up. You might say that it "failed" to appear. I'll put it this way, perhaps my failing at failing goes above and beyond being the epitome of failure. I would postulate that this failing at failing leads to an exponential rise in the total failure. You might say that it causes the failure to go up an order of magnitude. Let this go down in history as the Bladinus theory of Failure.
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      Lol oh come now, don't go waxing philosophical on me. It's great fun, but it's also a game that ends with me using the phrases "postulate" "theory" and "orders of magnitude of failure" I warn you, don't make me break out the charts!
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      Lol yes. There is far too much success on this forum. I need to balance the scales.
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      Hello there, thanks so much for the like. I appreciate it.
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    Traveling Thu Zombie Worlds

    by Belle on 03-12-2014 at 08:34 PM
    Dreaming is insane right now. I wish I cared enough to write it all, but I just don't have the time. This is the only dream worth recording from the most recent onslaught.


    Awakening directly into my most favored realm I have a look around to see what has unfolded. I'm excited, usually excited to see what my mind has waiting for me. So far I'm in a house, it's dirty and trashed. I proceed through a few rooms and notice a few ghosts. They appear preoccupied with their own misery.

    For a moment I contemplate interacting with them but they don't even notice me clanking around through the mess, who knows if they can even see me. Also, they don't look very interesting, basically human in a ghostly form; after a bit of mind reading I can see they're still thinking of human pain.

    "HEY! We have to go! Hurry up!"

    A man is shouting at me. He's normally not that bitchy in his commands. I look out a window and it seems the ... world is ending? Zombies, havoc, smoke, debris.

    At first I fail to grab any items, what the hell do I need? Nothing. Things of sentimental value? Pfft. I don't collect those, I keep it simple.

    We head outside. He informs me we won't be able to return to this place. It's going to be completely destroyed, this is the end of this world.

    With news of this, I decide to go back inside and look for something potentially sentimental to take with me. Something to remember this entire world from, since it's going to be nonexistent. I mean, normal people do that right? Collect things? I'm standing back in the house now, searching for that item in the remaining moments of the world ending.

    I snatch up my eye shadow from the bathroom and few other trivial items before heading back out.

    "I'm ready."

    He's already begun setting up some device. No clue what he's doing, how he's doing it, or what the thing is supposed to do. I simply watch, sorta detached from the entire 'world is ending' chaos.

    He stands up and walks over to me, there might have been a couple other people with us too. I look to him for some sort of direction. He looks at the device, it begins making a humming noise and vibrates. There's some vague recall of blue lights emanating from it before we're pulled from existence.

    Less than a second later I find us standing in an entirely new world.

    We're in what sort of looks like an ice temple. The people around us are Asian in appearance. Seems like we're safe for right now. The man I came with finds another man and they speak for a while on the condition of this world. We walk outside and the sky is clear, people are out in the water fields harvesting rice. Except now I notice something unusual.

    There are zombies in their rice fields and also zombies on the exterior walls. I look over to the two men for some sort of explanation because it's a shade suspicious. The leader of the this world informs us they've been able to keep the zombies contained to this area but there's some concern about the future. More zombies would be unfavorable. They don't know how to deal with them and thought the man I traveled with would have a reasonable solution for them. They continue talking while I go to peer into the rice fields.

    Looking over a wall I can see the humans gathering rice near chained zombies. The zombies are reaching for them but the humans are careful about not getting too close. I can't help but wonder why they didn't just kill the zombies, this was an odd arrangement. I ask somebody about it and they explain that the zombies aren't doing any harm being chained in the water. So I ask about the quality of their rice since it's growing in zombie contaminated water. They mention it hasn't been an issue.

    Weird, but ok. It's their world. I head back to the man I came with.

    We head back inside. It's beautiful inside the temple, walls coated with glistening ice... although it's melting which might be a bad sign.

    The man is tinkering with the device again, same thing with the humming and blue lights.

    Less than a second later, new world. I still don't know what we're doing but I do like that device.

    We're outside on a dirt road, buildings and an old truck nearby. A girl heads in our direction and begins talking about something completely normal. Before she has a chance to say anything else, the man with me stops her. He's quick and direct as he gives her advice for the question she hasn't had the chance to ask yet.

    Or so I thought this was an entirely new world. As I'm reading her mind she's decently surprised he knew exactly what to say in regards to her unspoken question. I read his mind and it seems he's been here before. In fact, we've both been here. This is a past memory of his. I just don't have any waking memory of being here but my dreaming self has.

    He's politely gotten rid of the girl and he walks fast toward a nearby house. We enter and I stand around, almost waiting for more zombies or agendas. Makes no difference to me, this realm always ends at some time. It's just a place to hang while my waking body rests. I look out the window I'm leaning against, wondering when time will be up.

    Pulled from my thoughts by his footsteps, I turn to look. He's walking over to me then kisses me hard. I can feel how much he loves me, is in love with me. I'm in love with him too, tho it's not the waking me. Sadly this isn't a real world. It's A world, but it's not real. The waking me can't love in these realms. I want this realm and the waking realm. Continuity. One person, one mind, one love. Enough with the compartmentalization.

    Surprisingly he's aware of this. He acknowledges my desire to have him in both worlds but he hasn't found a method to transcend his love into the waking.

    I half-smile at him, I know that he knows and he knows that I know. So until then, it is what it is.

    Time's up.


    Templar Compound

    by Belle on 03-03-2014 at 05:30 PM
    K and I are at the beach, in the ocean but near the shore. We're talking when I notice about 20 backpacks floating in the water nearby. I look at K, she looks at me, we're both thinking the same thing.


    She grabs one. They're unchanged by the water. She wants to take one. I'm not big on stealing and decide to ask somebody about the bags. Somebody says it's fine to take. K is trying to pick one out for me, asking what I want. One is pink on pink, another blue and pink. She holds up a pink one. Pink isn't really my thing. I tell her to grab the white one since she's now swimming in the middle of the bags.

    In the middle of this a group of . . . templars? arrive and stand on the beach. They're wearing a sort of greenish uniform with some hard shell padding in the usual places (knees, elbows, etc). They call me over. I get out to see what they want. I'm immediately handcuffed and told that I'm under arrest.


    I look at K for some sort of help with making the mental connect. I thought I was kosher with the templars, we had an arrangement. Judging by the shocked expression on her face, it's clear she has no clue what going on. I tell her not to do anything, let me figure out what's going on first. I'm not sure if she heard me as it was said telepathically.

    We arrive at a templar compound and I'm being overseen by one of their higher profile men. There was somewhat of a trial but not really. Judge, jury, and executioner was one person. I'm about to be escorted to my new long term home when I decide this bullshit.

    As we're walking, the man is smug about my future. His gait as he's walking and the fact that he leaves a lot of room between us shows me he doesn't consider me a threat. Using this I decide to stray a bit further back, begin to clean up the room we're in, organizing things, making it aesthetically pleasing.

    A woman who carries herself with more than enough self confidence walks into the room. She's very pleased with the new look.

    My thought process was, in a cell I'll be limited with options. I need to keep out of a cell and to do that, I need to appeal to somebody with power. This woman offered an out.

    My escort seemed decently impressed too. In the middle of this pause, news arrives of an impending attack. People get busy, woman leaves, man is left to escort me to the cell again, but since their resources are preoccupied I make a move.

    I slip out from the handcuffs and make a run for it. He tries to stop me but I evade his attempts to get a grip on me. The attack has begun and he leaves me to respond.

    At the border of the compound there are two templars, young, they don't even look like real templars due to their humanity showing through. It doesn't take me long to convince them that I'm just visiting a friend in the compound and due to the attack, thought it best to leave.

    They let me pass the border and soon after I've acquired a vehicle. Finally making it to a very massive highway, I feel a sense of relief. I get my bearings, figuring out where I am. I can't tell really, cities are beneath me and up ahead I can make out storm clouds. I take a closer look and it's a very large storm, almost a hurricane?

    Driving straight into it I decide that would offer the best cover. Once I've entered the city I ditch the car and head inside. I head through a parking garage when I hear loud voices talking, they sound like they're looking for somebody. Not taking any chances I decide to leave. I find sort of like an elevator room and pass through one door.

    "I think she's over here!" I hear one of them say.

    Once I'm in the room, I head to the opposite side of the it, create another door. Pass through that door. Then another door, and another, and another. That should slow them down at least a little.

    I still hear them but it's a maze of doors. I take off in another direction and after a brief run I finally approach a wall.

    A door forms.

    I open the door and walk in, closing it as I catch my breath. My eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, there's just a faint glow in the center.

    A man is standing under the glow and I feel a sense of relief with a mild case of terror. It dawns on me that the one person I seem to trust has no army and no allegiance.



    by Belle on 03-02-2014 at 05:09 PM
    Less sleep and no agenda.

    1. Swimming in the ocean with another ocean dweller. We both have fins instead of legs. We're laughing until I realize a third finned ocean dweller is above the water and tied with rope. The two of us under the surface consider untying the third but a man arrives and uses the third to track me and the other. Something about her tears falling into the water made things difficult for us. We had to avoid the tears but the tears also seemed to prevent us from leaving the immediate area, creating a sort of hurricane boundary we couldn't pass.

    2. It's night out and I walk out of an office in a questionable building in a questionable neighborhood. I see two people who work for the property owner, they approach me. One of them is helpful the other is more of a body guard and informs me the boss is using my office and I'll need to stay out until he's finished.

    I'm annoyed. How long will business take and how long will I be forced to linger outside? I walk into the office and notice the boss sitting there, large heavy set man, crime boss.

    After greeting him I go back outside. Guess they were telling the truth. Well, fuck. Now what to do with myself.

    3. Deciding to go play in a gym, I find some old teammates. As I attempt to make a layup the ball deflates. I fall and then get up and swap the ball out with one that has air. A man stops me and tells me I can't do that. I ask him why not. He says we already have too many of theirs that we're using. I'm confused. It's a gym. We're using two. Seriously? This doesn't make any sense and I take the ball anyway and pass it to a teammate. I stare at him and wait for him to say something.

    A game is about to begin when our team is informed we aren't allowed to play. There's an issue with our uniforms and some overall prejudice with our team. Personally I don't care too much, if they're really this much of an asshole it's not worth it. Yet I can see the starting five players becoming worked up. This is their life, this is where they've placed their self-value. . . in the game of basketball. I might not care but they do.

    I go and talk to a couple of referees to figure out exactly what the issue is. Turns out they didn't want to play us. We're too skilled of a team. That's a bullshit reason but whatever, it's their gym so we leave.

    One of the girls needs a ride. I hang back and try to make a few calls. Seems I've lost my car.

    $300 Prize

    by Belle on 03-01-2014 at 04:31 PM
    The three of us were able to meet up at what we're using as a Home base. Next objective we wanted to try was talking to the people there, since we all recalled at least 6 or 7 additional people with us who we didn't intend to see.

    1. Almost tantric like coitus with man I love but don't actually know.

    2. WG is with her sister (?) and I'm tagging alone. They both seem to want to color their hair.. and pick up boxes to do that.

    3. There's an event, I'm trailing behind Wg and her sister when I had to fall behind. I finished and caught up with them but they're turning a corner. I consider catching up and at least saying 'goodbye' before I head off on my own. Yet they seem pretty immersed in their conversation that I decide not to.

    4. As soon as I turn around, the coitus-tantric-sex man reappears behind me. He pulls out paper and has a confused expression on his face. We figure out that he won a prize. It was covertly placed into his jacket pocket (black tie-ish event). The paper had three red letters on a white rectangular shaped paper. T-I-F I think. Never figured out what that meant.

    5. I work with him to to claim the prize, he doesn't know what he should do. I speak to a nearby event staff to get the info with claiming the prize. There was a sequencing of events and not much time left to get it done. I place the guy in a nearby line to buy some ticket (buying a second ticket for something was the first step). There was one or two things left, we got to the last part and we're near train tracks now. He scratches off part of the ticket to reveal the even larger prize and he doesn't win it. I don't even think he wanted to win it, lol.

    6. He's done and laying on the ground now, facing toward the sky. Laughing, I tell him to go claim the prize. It's still $300 which he seemed to be able to use. That and the contest itself was the big deal, not the prize.

    7. We get to the area for him to claim the prize and I notice there's a man in a pink ballerina outfit sitting on his knees, he's also wearing a goofy smile. Turns out there are two men who are having a discreet discussion underneath the man in the tutu. I peek under because it's strange and notice a waaaaay too revealing set of pink undergarments and quickly remove myself.

    8. I go back to the man who won the prize, he looks at me with such a playful smile as he tells me he didn't want the prize.

    9. I return to Home base and find a small room inside. I'm trying to fix something, it almost looks like a toilet but for some reason it had a really weird shape to it (heh, maybe a fountain?) There was a porcelain part and a wicker top part. NH shows up and tries to help me, but he's moreso not helping.

    Home Base - 1st Experience

    by Belle on 02-28-2014 at 04:44 PM
    A couple friends and I are working on a shared dreaming project. One which involves a still standing Castle in Europe and using it as a home base.

    1. Visiting a place near a body of water. Looked like our Home Castle, yet different in certain ways. I never went inside, but there was water surrounding the property, clear water, fresh (didn't look like the pictures we viewed.) On the edges of the water had a lot of plants and vegetation, it actually could have passed for a luxury hotel. I'm with others. We board a medium sized water vessel with a group of people and visited a nearby island. Sen (?) and I went swimming underwater, think Wg was nearby too. I watched as someone transformed themselves into a barracuda type fish. Other fish swam away, haha. Then I changed too. Shortly after the island adventure I'm standing in front of a woman with another man. She tells him that it's too bad he's not taller with blonde hair. Odd.

    2. When we were done we went back to the Castle. I was running around searching for something. Forgot what. Eventually I find a puppy and recall floods in. I realize I was at the Castle earlier in dreaming and now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the recall (lol), thinking that none of this will be remembered (LOL). I'm also either trying to get a message from the puppy or I'm trying to give it a message for Wg and Sen. It was small, mostly white with brown spots.

    3. Some point along the night I was in Egypt. There was a ceremony but also a disruption. I vaguely recall racing through corridors trying to escape something (come to think of it, that may have been the caves.)

    4. Then at another point I'm driving and manage to crash about three vehicles, moving from one to the next. When I crashed the third I realized perhaps driving isn't the best thing for me to be doing. I seem to be having a bad string of luck with cars/motorcycles. The final vehicle I crash I'm able to move with my mind to get it out of the way of other traffic (I was in a one-lane area of a very busy highway.)

    5. I'm on a stretch of road and climb into the back of a parked truck. There's something inside I'm going after. I find it, it's a clear large vial/jar. I read the label on it, it's a lethal virus (can't recall the name.) I'm careful as I open it, vapor streams from the opening. I hold my breath, thinking that might help. I remove the lid completely, invert it, insert a long tube then replace the lid. Hop out and run back to a waiting car (think Sen was driving).

    6. I make my way inside a nearby university/Castle? I talk to a few people, then a male professor, then I find an Indian woman sitting in a large open room on the steps. I sit down near her and we speak respectfully. (Felt like the Priestess). She's heavy-set, older, tan skin (first time I've seen her in human form, usually it's whispy ethereal forms.) She shows me something, she takes a piece of what looks like coal and ingests it. It enters her body and I can see the reaction in her, smoke begins pouring from skin, it's eating her flesh from the looks of it. I'm concerned at this point, standing up about to try and assist, when she stands up and then shits out the piece of coal. Her body returns to the prior healthy appearance and she smiles at me. Again, I think this was another lesson for me but again, the lesson is difficult to grasp. A woman of very few, if any, words.
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