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    My first lucid dream (from ages ago)

    by bengreenmusic on 08-09-2011 at 05:10 PM
    It's been ages since I've been on here or thought about LDing, but I feel that I should sort my life out and get back into it. So here's my account of my first ever lucid dream that I had quite a while ago. I don't have my physical dream journal with me so this is just a rough interpretation from memory, which is pretty accurate I think.

    I was dreaming that I was in my kitchen having breakfast with my dad and brother, but I got handed a cardboard box, similar to a shoebox and I put it on my head. When said box was placed over my head I could see an image of a landscape quite clearly.

    After surveying the image I noticed that everything in the foreground had the characteristics of being in the background, but everything in the background had the characteristics of being in the foreground...something to do with focusing and stuff, it would probably make loads more sense dreaming haha.

    After having this moment of realisation, I thought to myself, I MUST BE DREAMING, upon which I got very excited and whipped the box off my head. I performed a few standard RC's and confirmed that I was in fact dreaming. Knowing that because this was my first, it wouldn't last very long I struggled to calm myself in order to prolong the dream.

    I ended up looking at yoghurt pots and then closing my eyes and changing the text in a half RC, half lucid fun kind of way. Unfortunately the dream slipped away pretty quickly after that, but it was awesome while it lasted.

    Onwards for more lucid adventures hopefully!

    Romeo and Juliet

    by bengreenmusic on 07-28-2010 at 08:31 PM
    I dreamed that I was going to see a production of Romeo and Juliet, which was completely different to the original. I was in the dressing room with a male friend (can't remember who or they were indistinguished) and we were fighting with bright pink plate spinning sticks, the ones that clowns use. Another friend was actually acting in the play, I can't really remember who it was but I have a feeling they were female. Some older people were sitting down in the dressing room discussing the play and for some reason some of the background music from House was playing. I commented on the music to someone, but his reply was really disjointed and strange.

    I feel like such an idiot for not questioning really strange things in my dreams and becoming lucid haha.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Strange College

    by bengreenmusic on 07-27-2010 at 09:57 AM
    Well this is my first dream journal entry, I'm not going to use names, instead I will use abbreviations for privacy related reasons, so if you see just a letter or two that's someone I know in real life.

    I dreamed that I was back in college (I'm British, so college, not university, I don't really know what the American counterpart is) studying Archaeology, even though I finished college at the beginning of the summer.

    A relatively attractive blonde girl asked my name in my Archaeology class and I awkwardly showed her by pointing to it on a laminated sheet of names on the wall, for some reason I didn't ask hers. Me, E and her were the only people in the class, so we went to an early lunch where me and E saw M leave a room with a big white furry coat.

    I then had an ICT/Computer lesson in a new large room with a new bald male teacher. He was examining a popular music essay of mine and S and J were in my class as well as JF. I talked with J about Macs and PCs but ended up comparing them to rice, or something strange like that.

    We then went for lunch and I looked in my bag and found a lunchbox which I thought I had eaten in a lucid dream but still had food in (note that I haven't actually attained a lucid dream yet so I don't know where that came from). I then went out and saw JF and some of his friends and J and I acted strange and ate rice/cereal bars but got them everywhere. The new teacher sat on a radiator behinds us and I didn't notice him till they mentioned him.

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