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    the voice

    by Benisking22 on 07-16-2013 at 10:26 PM
    Ok so I was having an afternoon nap after work when I started to hear voices and this person spoke saying the words ''sirians and Atlantis''

    I do not know what this means but it seems important I looked online and it seems to be existent what are your thoughts. And it was like I was still awake but I could hear voices.
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    alternative universe

    by Benisking22 on 07-10-2013 at 08:45 PM
    Hi is it possible to astral travel to the far reaches of the universe or to another universe I had a strange experience once like a out if body like I was dead we'll not dead but like I was something else in a far away place I saw a white light and I was floating above the earth there was a path and lots of gates
    I went through some and it took me to the first spot I was in then I saw this other gate I went through it it was like a twilight zone but lots of white light I felt warm it was like telepathy but was like my soul absorbed lots of knowledge like no end of it and I was in this place like red sky I was on this beach with this temple like colloercium and beyond I saw golden buildings sandy yellow in colour and paths roads there was hovering cars and people dress in weird clothes this person said to me where have I been like Asif I have been there before and said I had gone a long time and I went to explore and this white light came again strangely I woke up but this feeling I had was amazing and it was with me for ten mins at least then it vanished I wanted to be there forever it was like people there had a common ground like they was all connected with each other and everything was fine it wasn't like this world at all.

    Dream i had very intressting

    by Benisking22 on 10-23-2012 at 08:48 PM
    Hi I'm new to this but had a really strange dream last night about a circle of swords or daggers stuck in the ground around me and chanting then they all light up red and I end up in this place very different to here like some kind of alternative reality everything was made of this sandstone yellow and emerald anyway I fell in love with a woman there dark brown hair we had a walk and she showed me the place it was also like isle of white with beaches attached but also with palm trees ect it was beutiful then I get captured by these people but manage to escape I made friends in this place as well so the woman I loved in this dream visited me along with my friends said she would wait for me but Iamaged to escape and get out but for some reason I was in there 5 year somehow but was onli in there 15 min this place I was sent to was magical I find my friends and the woman I loved

    but then somehow I was sent back to this place in my dream but only with my friends and I try to get back by my friends performing the same thing again with the swords or daggers around me as I lay down it did work an everything went red around me and my concouis going away from the present world but all of a sudden this old lady in the background started mocking me and even my friends lost concentration reali sad reali because I grew fond of this place in my dream I'd just like to know what it's all about I have these dreams that don't make sense nothing to do with what I thought about or saw and they come when I don't expect it And I went back to sleep this morning and I had the same dream but I was in a museum and i saw a strange book with strange artifacts in such as a big gold box with a face on it and I asked a man about it there and I shown him how it's done with the swords in the ground in a circle an he said he knows what that is and then I woke up because my phone was ringing.

    oh and i forgot i kinda woke up but i wasnt i saw a grey figure over my bed i shot up half way out of bed but then woke up to find myself still laying down.

    Updated 10-23-2012 at 10:04 PM by Benisking22

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