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      There you go bennettb6, nice avatar! :-)

      Now get to dreaming!
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      Thanks man! I guess I need to change it back then. :-)
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    Upsetting party

    by bennettb6 on 07-22-2012 at 12:44 AM
    Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

    Me and my friend A are at some in someones backyard. I'm smoking a cigar but big pieces of ash keep breaking off and somehow getting stuck in my mouth. Gross.

    I give the cigar to A who smokes it in one massive inhale. He somehow smokes the entire thing in one massive inhale and immediately starts throwing up. He's not looking too good, he becomes kinda pale and people start fucking with him. While I'm not looking he gets taken away and I walk around the back yard looking for him with an overcoming feeling of dread.

    I find him at the volleyball net, the people who were fucking with him have him hog tied. They pick him up and they throw him over the net to try to play using him as the ball but he just lands on his side. I'm enraged upon seeing this and scream "WHO DID THIS?! OR ALL YOU ALL TOO FUCKING PUSSY TO GODDAMN ADMIT IT?!" I then realize how stupid this sounded, but hey, I was in the moment.

    Everyone sits there in silence. Alex is now sitting in the corner and looks fine. He leaves the party. One of the volleyball guys says "Well, i know -I- dont want to admit it." That's all I remember.

    Funny Quote

    by bennettb6 on 07-19-2012 at 01:01 AM
    Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

    Random funny short memory from a dream. I was in the game Diablo III and going through tons of long spiralling pathways trying to find my way in this deep underground celestial looking place. Then I take a town portal and in town someone is talking to the Scoundrel character. They ask him if he touches children, to which he replies, "Hey, I WORK for a living!" As opposed to, you know, a career pedophile.

    The Wall

    by bennettb6 on 07-11-2012 at 04:42 AM
    Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

    EMT training has been wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule. But I passed out from 5-9:30 as soon as I got back today.

    I remember one very short lucid. I was in what looked like a bedroom and it occurred to me that I was probably dreaming. Didn't bother to stabilize or anything, just immediately tried to walk through a wall.

    Bonk. Failed. Tried again a few times. Nothing. Lost lucidity. Herp derp.

    Later, had another dream where I was at my high school. I was outside the building and at the corner of a wall was some little chamber that was supposed to be used for sleeping. It was this little box about the size of an oven with a control panel on the front. I pushed a few buttons and decided that I wanted to sleep for a couple weeks. I then squished myself into the box and turned the lights off. I tried repeatedly to get into a comfortable position, putting blankets under my head as opposed to laying it on the metal floor of the box. This slowly transitioned into me waking up and realizing I was tossing and turning in bed

    Updated 07-11-2012 at 04:44 AM by bennettb6


    Taking flight: Not one but THREE lucids!

    by bennettb6 on 06-14-2012 at 08:51 PM
    Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

    So last night was not only my first lucid since my return to DV, but rather my first THREE lucids in a long time and my first time flying!

    Unfortunately my recall is crap because I had several non lucids afterwards. But I do remember a few of the best parts.

    I was walking on the boardwalk with my friend G and something just kinda made me realize that things weren't quite normal. Somehow the physical reality checks never do much for me, I can just kinda sense that I'm in a dream because I won't remember how I got there.

    Immediately I become very excited and try to remind myself not to lose it. However, I can't contain myself as I run out the door of an arcade on the boardwalk cheering and leap over the side rail hoping to fly. I fall facefirst into the sand, which is surprisingly painless. While lying there I think, "I am going to make this happen if its the last thing I do!" I roll over in the sand and slowly reverse gravity and starting floating upwards while still lying down. Before I know it im in superman pose, levitating in the air. I begin to move forwards, faster and faster, until I'm soaring over the ocean and within a few seconds end up over top of some large grassy area with a bunch of stonehenge like structures and a surrounding village. Unfortunately I start to drop (while still flying forwards at full speed) and slam into the ground despite my efforts to stay up.

    Knocked out, I wake up, and think, "That was such an awesome dream!" G is standing above me, he asks if I'm okay. It doesn't occur to me that this is a FA. I end up in the hospital I work at and it hits me again. I think, "well, I already flew, how about sex this time?" I proceed to get it on with a gorgeous co-worker, S. All I remember about the sex is that it was amazing and vivid.

    I don't remember what happened after that, I think I lost lucidity. However, I regained it again later while still in the hospital. I think "what else can I screw around with?"

    I remember an old conversation about what it's like inside a pokeball. I decide to try and go in one. First I realize I need to find someone with pokeballs, because I'm not too good at conjuring things in lucids.

    I look around the hospital for Ash from Pokemon. I ask a secretary where he's at and they point to a room. I walk in and he looks like a burnt out old version of Ash. His hat is on the floor and he has a few pokeballs. I ask him about what it's like inside one, he says there is no mystical land in there or anything, the pokemon literally just gets crammed into the ball. He then shows me a bigger ball meant to hold some dragon pokemon and says "the wings go here" etc. I decide against getting captured.

    Lastly, I decided that since this dream was lasting so long that i should go on an ambulance call since I'm going to be an EMT soon. Somehow I end up taking a few of my best friends on the call, though I can't remember how we handled it. However, I do remember at the end of it laughing about how I got my very prude friend M his first kiss and the first "girl to ever grab his junk." I then remember sitting there in my lucid counting up my various adventures, completely satisfied with my awesome dreaming experience. I need this to happen again.

    I really want to remember what happened before bed and what led to this awesome lucid. Before bed I ate a mexican casserole at work, then a lot of greek yogurt and some almonds. I've heard nuts are good for vivid dreams, maybe that was it. Slept for about 8 hours but got woken up at 7 by T. Pretty sure the lucid was before 7, hence the terrible recall.

    Regardless, I think my lucids are going to get a lot more frequent from here on out. Wherever I went today, I couldn't stop thinking about flying and how I'd love to fly around my town. One day

    Updated 06-14-2012 at 09:00 PM by bennettb6


    Fred Flintstone Style

    by bennettb6 on 06-12-2012 at 04:12 PM
    Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

    Tonight I got to take my car onto the beach and run around Fred Flintstone style. It was kinda funny, my car just became really light and suddenly it felt like a big inflatable raft attached to me, with my feet going through the floor.

    Then I'm back driving on the streets of this ocean town. I watch a tiny little triangular shaped car turn into my lane and then take a turn into a storm drain and fall in. For some reason I find this very funny.

    There's a gorgeous blonde girl in the seat next to me who seems to be ignoring me. But as she gets up to go to the back seat for something, she brushes her ass against me and gives me a naughty smile.

    Dream warps around a bit, and I find myself back on the beach wondering where she went. She sends me a text flirting with me.

    I wake up feeling like I have to do something all morning. Then I remember that I wanted to text her back. Then I remembered that she wasn't real. Oh well, my girl wouldn't be very happy with that anyway :p

    Updated 06-14-2012 at 08:59 PM by bennettb6