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    I read a page on a forum that referenced this site.


    My site: Free Raptor Games

    Dream Goals:Have a lucid dream(Check),Transform into something(I transformed someone else into something),Meet my DG,Have a WILD(Somewhat accomplished),Have a DILD(Check),Split myself into a light and dark personality and fight my dark self

    The greatest pleasure in life is doing the impossible, what people say you cannot do.


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    Lucid DCs.

    by Betropper on 08-26-2011 at 02:53 AM
    (Too tired to underline lucidity and ect.)

    I was in some sort of church meeting that had beds like the sleeping bag I was sleeping in lined up in rows. They invited us to a mandatory dinner and prayer. I had had a burger dinner before during the dream that I sort of remembered, but I was still hungry. I walked into the room where they ate and saw that it looked like my church's meeting center except filled with food. I also saw the foods on it were all assorted muffins. One of my friends told me while I was in line that they were trying to hide the food with some nonsense word. I shrugged and went to eat. I met a girl in the dream with long brown hair and while we we talking she suddenly left. The person that was talking said a prayer, but made everything he said relate to roaches. He asked us to not be murdered by roaches and things like that. I got weirded out and decided to look for the girl. Around this point I realized this was a dream. I used a trick I had devised and used my lucidity to grant myself the power to do anything. It worked, and I had perfect dream control. I teleported to the girl. She had a briefcase and was running from some agents. I quickly made lightning shoot from the sky and incinerate them. For some reason she had a floating Scrabble piece in front of her. It looked like a Z. My older brother had decided to follow me and asked me why I created that piece. I said I did not, and got angry. Something had happened before in the dream to give me a reason to be angry. I swiftly flew next to the girl and asked her what she was doing. She somehow overcame me and I teleported in front of her. It repeated for a couple times. I noticed every time I teleported I left a clock stuck on a number behind me that ticked progressively backwards. I asked if she knew what they were. She sand looked up at me and said that was the clock to the end of the world, and that my lucidity was making her job worse. She opened the briefcase and poked a button on her watch. A message came up in hologram form. She had to get the briefcase to their headquarters to use it's blueprints to help delay the end of the world. It turned off and she put emphasis on the 'delay' part, and that no matter what it would come. I took her briefcase and told her she was an idiot, she should have talked to me first. I opened it and instantly created an army of the robot prototypes that were inside it, fully ready though. She shook her head at me and said that all dreams have to end sometime. The end was only delayed by me becoming lucid and her devising a plan to keep me occupied, and that I had just ruined it by ending it so quickly. The dream faded. I had a false awakening in which my brothers were in a spaceship outside, but it only lasted a couple of seconds.
    memorable , lucid

    The Flying Pack and the Rancor

    by Betropper on 06-25-2011 at 09:58 PM
    I had just finished school and some friends asked me if I would go to their house for a 'day party'. I didn't know what that meant, but I said yes. They took me to their house, but on the inside, it was vast and infinite in all directions. He said he heard I liked Minecraft and designed a day party like it. I was too shocked to say anything, but he gave me a stone pickaxe. I went up some stairs someone built and found a chest. I saw a pair of wings in them and a backpack. I crafted the backpack with something else in there, a powered rail. It created a powered backpack. I had an idea, and put the pair of wings in the backpack. I said "Backpack, fly" and the wings came out. Instantly I was caught up in the wind and flew in the air. Strangely, the ground looked like I was looking in the air. I dived down and tried to swoop back up. My swoop let me land safely on the ground. I was somewhere in an arena with a strange giant tan monster in it with me that resembled a rancor. I was very scared at first. It rammed into me and sent me flying into a secret cave. In it were different suits of armor that allowed me to do different skills. I picked one that said "jet armor". Strangely enough, though, it was some weird robes and two lightsabers as well as a pistol. I charged the beast but the sabers did nothing. I deducted they were only for blocking. I held the blaster as well as a saber in one hand and a saber held backwards in the other. I jumped out of the way the next time he charged. I was suddenly floating. I shoot a couple times before falling. I landed and repeated the technique. One I used the sabers to block a charge and turn him around. It was mostly fragments for the most part, though.

    The Moon Cube and the Easter Dance

    by Betropper on 05-24-2011 at 12:57 PM
    Non-Dream Dream Lucid Fragments

    This one was my longest so far, but I only remember select parts.

    I was in the parking lot next to my school. I noticed that I did't remember how I got there. I became lucid and suddenly was the Avatar. I shrugged and rolled with it. Katara ran past me, but I didn't follow her. I was too buisy looking in the sky. The moon was turning into a Weighted Storage Cube from portal, but covered in blue repulsion gel. I remembered the advanced task from Dream Veiws and tried to crash it into the earth. It did, but the cube just fell to the floor, the size of a normal cube. I laughed and tried to summon a portal gun to pick it up. It didn't work. I just kicked it back into the sky and it turned back into the moon. I looked around the school and saw a strange competition behind the school. (I'm remembering more and more of this part though, so I might post the rest) I don't remember much of what happened next, only that I lost lucidity and met a few of my friends in the dream world. I do remember that after an easter like event, I saw people running back and forth on acceleration gel. Then they started dancing and a Justin Beiber song played. I hated it, but for some reason everyone was forcibly dancing. The dream ended after a few verses.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Garfeild, Girlfriend, and Ghasts

    by Betropper on 05-23-2011 at 12:45 PM
    Non-dream Dream Lucid Fragments
    Heh, another part lucid, although it was strangely dark.

    I was in a bigger and more sinister version of my house, in my living room to be exact. I looked around and noticed the darkness was only around me. I looked down at myself and I was a strange ghast-like creature. I had some strange looking pistol gun as well. There was creepy music playing that was the creepyest thing I had ever heard. I tried to remind myself that I was probably the only thing to fear in this house and looked around. I went upstairs and explored. I heard a door banging. I opened it and saw a scared Odie and Garfeild. I thought it strange, but shrugged it off. I asked them what they were doing in my house and they said it was theirs. I told them they had nothing to fear and lead them outside. I then noticed that there was a 1st person style format. A button in the corner said Menu. I willed it to open and saw a skills map. The first said that in order to gain other skills, I had to possess someone. It also said that I would die unless this happened before daylight. I thought about it and decided that I would posess Garfield. As soon as Odie turned around I tried to do so. But the second I tried the dream shifted. Everywhere I looked there were dark creatures. I willed the dream to change. Then I thought, "Wait, I just said dream, right? This is a dream!" And then with more force I changed the surrounding. I was in my living room again but it was a bit lighter. I went past my kitchen and to my dining room. My brother and a girl I like were there. I said to myself that she must like me in order to be here (passive control) and so would follow me. I walked upstairs and found I was right. I went to my TV and tested if it worked. It didn't. The girl took went to take a shower and I attempted to turn into a dragon. I only got the claws. I lost lucidity after a couple of tries. I had a false awakening and for the rest of the dream I did all the things I normally did to pack for school.

    Updated 05-23-2011 at 09:20 PM by Betropper

    lucid , nightmare , false awakening , dream fragment

    First REAL Lucid Dream

    by Betropper on 05-21-2011 at 01:13 PM
    Well, although I said that my last lucid was a REAL lucid, I'm looking over it and I think it was only a semi lucid.

    I was in a strange world and me and my friends were battling a dragon of some sort. I threw a fireball at him and then realized I had never played anything like this. I became lucid. I rubbed my hands together and the landscape changed. It became a parking lot that I vaugely remember from somewhere else. I saw a few DCs around. For a minute I just looked around, IT WAS SO VIVID! I laughed and plugged my nose. I could breathe through it! I then tried to fly. I didn't but instead jumped really high over and over. I walked up to a DC and told him that he was a Yoshi, the first thing that came to mind. He just shrugged and turned into one. He tried to eat me though, so I turned him back. Then one of the people from my school jumped up to me and said that this was his dream. We decided to battle for control of it. I rubbed my hands and jumped. For a while we just jumped and tried to throw fireballs at each other. I landed and started up a kamehameha. Just as I let it go the dream ended.

    I remember having a false awakening in there somewhere, but I don't remember exactly where.