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    by bigbudf92 on 12-03-2015 at 03:24 AM
    I've been doing some work. I'm in a large scientific facility. There are a couple of girls nearby. An announcement is made on the speakers - it is clearly a warning as the two girls start running towards the exit.

    I follow them, wondering what the warning is for - it seems the facility has been working on a physics problem and the core has encountered an infinite...

    I assume there will be an explosion due to overload, but what happens is much worse: suddenly, all I can see, feel and hear is a loop of the last half-second. Again and again the loop repeats.

    It dawns on me that everyone in the facility has been caught in an infinite time-loop. The loop continues... I start to worry...

    Then I wake up. I feel awful. I think about the fact that there are worse things than death...
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Pub Assault

    by bigbudf92 on 01-15-2015 at 09:05 PM
    I'm in a pub talking to a dude about the same age as me. At one point he says to me "he's gonna get assaulted" referring to the older guy sitting beside him, who doesn't hear. I'm like "umm.. Ok..." - I don't know why he's threatening to assault the older guy. Then the young dude, who I notice has tanned skin, walks away. I start talking to the older dude - I notice he has an English accent. We talk for a while and I start getting fed up listening to him... Then the young dude appears behind him and elbows the old dude in the back of the head!

    My friends and I decide now would probably be a good time to leave the pub... I walk past the young guy on the way out and fist-pump him to pretend I don't have a problem with what he just did (as I don't want to be assaulted as well...)

    Then I'm rollerskating away from the pub and it's a sunny day.

    At some point during this dream, after the assult, maybe even after the rollerskating, the young dude got ridiculed for being an asshole.

    [This dream brings to light a problem I feel I have which could be turned into a virtuous quality: when such matters as what happened in the pub happen in real life, I don't tend to say anything about it or proactively respond to prevent harm to anyone. This is clearly a subconcious act of self-preservation, but it makes me feel there are times where I should speak up...]

    Strange Stuff...

    by bigbudf92 on 01-10-2015 at 05:38 PM
    I've gone into a supermarket to buy a hairclip - my hair is super long and thick like a lion's mane. I feel like it actually looks really good on me! I also feel like I'm in a foreign country. I make some kind of joke to the cashier girl. I also want something to eat - the girl suggests some milk. I think, how can I have something to eat if I have milk? She seems to be suggesting milk is food...

    Anyway, it's time to pay and I realise I have only my UK credit card so it won't work in this country...
    She says no problem, she'll sort me out.

    She sets me up with a bedroom under the shop to stay in while I'm in the country since I haven't any money to pay for a room somewhere else.

    I find myself walking around inside a large complex. I have no shoes on - the girl said I need to go downstairs to get some. I realise now that downstairs is a shopping centre - she meant for me to buy shoes, but how can I when I can't remember where I put my wallet? (Now the reason I can't buy things seems to be because I haven't got my wallet.)

    The girl falls in love with some douchebag. People are giving me advice about it, saying maybe her and I will be just friends! This doesn't make any sense to me because I didn't feel anything for the girl, so being friends was totally fine with me.

    Then the girl has to take her flights out of the country - if she doesn't, she'll never have enough money to pay her debts off.

    The people in the room (3 girls, 3 guys including me) are telling me this: she stole a shop so she wouldn't have to get her flights but could still pay off her debts and stay with the douchebag she was in love with. Everyone is flabbergasted by her stupidity seeing as the dude is a douche.

    One of the girls starts talking about her feelings; the other 2 guys in the room immediately turn away from her and start talking, as though they are too good for this "girl-talk". I notice this and feel obliged to turn my head towards her, quite close actually, and listen carefully to what she has to say...

    I am fighting some boss now - I think it's the douchebag, but he's also got something to do with Jesus. His only attack is to try suck me into his suction pad like a hoover. I counter this move a number of times by casting my spell at him every time he's about to do it.
    I beat him, however he then cheats by keeping the suction pad right beside me and making it bigger and bigger whilst backing me into a wall. I get sucked in, now in a 3rd person view. The boss then flies off with me inside, over a building...

    But of course, being Snake from Metal Gear Solid, I escape - I roll out of the flying hoover thing onto the roof, to which I exclaim to my brother: "Well it's Snake, OF COURSE he escaped! Hahaha!".

    I find myself in a bonus level - clones of Snake appear and attempt to destroy him. They glitch and twitch in such a way that makes me feel a bit uneasy about them, but Snake has no problem in dealing with them.

    I wake up.

    Damn Dark Dreams... (SSILD)

    by bigbudf92 on 01-06-2015 at 07:15 PM
    [Been lazy with the dreams recently as a lot of alcohol has been forced down my neck over the festive period by kind relatives. I tried an SSILD last night with some success]

    I hear music which I know is coming straight from my brain so I get out of bed and perform a reality check. Gah, it's one of those dreams where my room is dark and I don't feel like I have much control. I perform a little hop in the air and rub my hands together to try and gain some stability. Then I recall what ThreeCat suggested to me to just not worry about the darkness and it will tend to get lighter. This works to an extent, but I grow impatient and imagine the Moon and the Sun fast-forwarding in their paths across the sky. I see the light changing through my curtains - it appears they are obeying my thoughts, however they end up going a full cycle and stop with the moon back in the sky; still dark. I move to the window. There is someone standing with me. They have a watch on - I make a motion with my hand, trying to make the watch hands move clockwise, but to no avail. I lose control and wake up soon after that

    The Theatre/Pub Quiz

    by bigbudf92 on 12-30-2014 at 09:21 PM
    I find myself in some place which feels like a theatre, but also feels like a pub quiz. I look at two guys with empty pint glasses and wonder if they enjoyed them.

    I wish to walk down an aisle, but there is a group of girls in the way - the best they could do to allow me past was to form a knee height barrier between me and the direction I wanted to go - I made a joke saying "Ah, I'll just go for the old......" referring to what the maneuver I was about to perform would be called if it had a name (e.g. "Ah, I'll just go for the old backflip then shall I?). The girls laughed, and I felt pretty good about the joke - then I performed the maneuver, grabbing the tops of the chairs on either side of me and swinging my legs back then forward, releasing my grip on the chairs to fling myself over the barrier.

    Then I went down to Gregg's which was all the way down at the bottom of the theatre. I'm feeling pretty hungry so I buy a tuna roll and a sausage roll, to which the Gregg's boy says "whoa, that's a lot of meat, man!" I wonder if he's right - should I eat less meat?

    Then I see my friend Robert sitting down nearby, smoking a joint. I know he works in the theatre, and I know one of his workmates has just seen him smoking and has run off to tell on him. I feel like the workmate is gay (not making fun of him, I mean I can sense he is an actual homosexual). Robert says he's annoyed because they always smoke here and don't get caught and he carries on smoking despite his imminent bollocking.

    I hear people shouting and turn my head to see who it is, expecting to see Robert's colleague but instead see one of the girls from earlier shouting. At this point I realise their quiz team name was "Nuuuuh... All on the 1st date"