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    I'm BiscuitHappyz, I think digital watches a a pretty neat idea, I can juggle assorted fragrances, and I enjoy getting into sword fights with aliens on top of airplanes.
    If you are an alien looking for a sword fight on top of an airplane, let me know.
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    Aliens, ESP, time travel, animation, video games
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    I wanted to know how to control my dreams so I looked it up on Google, and found this site.



    'Worse case scenario? We all die. If we're all dead, who gives a fuck? Not us, cause we're dead.'


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    by BiscuitHappyz on 02-05-2012 at 09:32 PM
    I was in some sort of training complex for all sorts of stuff. How to shoot a gun, how to use a sword, how to drive some fancy type of vehicle, etc. It was outside, and extended to a low, gray, brick wall. In the background, people where driving fancy vehicles that looked like a mix between a jeep and a golf cart, and was made for one person. Others were fencing with very nice looking swords, ranging from rapiers to katanas. Some people were kneeling and shooting automatic weapons at bags of flour.

    I was in a line to be assigned to one of these activities. People in front of me were being handed guns and swords and whatnot from a military looking man with a clipboard. He was obviously some sort of marshal, though I was not sure that this was a military complex. Worried, I felt around my head, and found with much jolliness that I did not have a buzz cut, and at the moment, that convinced me that I was not actually in the presence of the military.

    When I reached the marshal looking fellow, the looked me up and down briefly. His eyes stayed on my left hand for a moment. I looked down at it to notice, for the first time, that I was holding a pair of scissors, with a shiny blades at an angle from the black scissor-handle-doodad. I looked at the man in front of me. He pointed to my right and grunted. He then walked grudgingly elsewhere, as I was the end of the line.

    I found a group of six or seven other people, one of them an adult man with black hair and a coat, an instructor of sorts. The other five were the same group of people more or less than my age that seem to follow me around on the weekends. ( :O )

    If I remember correctly, there were three men including me (But not the instructor) , and three women, and all of us had scissors with black scissor-handle-doodads, but not all with shiny angled blades.

    The instructor instructed us, though I do not remember any specific thing he said. We seemed to be a group of elite scissor ninjas, and proceeded to go through drills such as scissor tai-chi, scissor dueling, and snipping at the necks of training androids with fake flesh. At the end of the training, I twirled the scissors around my index finger, feeling rather pleased with my skills in scissory. Then I woke up, and felt disappointed with the tiny blunt scissors I got in kindergarten.
    memorable , non-lucid

    A Polite Lucid Rampage

    by BiscuitHappyz on 02-04-2012 at 08:19 PM
    I was watching curious George. I was George, apparently. Me and my chaperone walked into a bowling alley in what seemed to be some sort of square or park in an urban town.

    I was now myself. My chaperone turned into some scruffy convict-looking type wearing black and brown. We were sitting at a table inside of the bowling alley. He was looking at screen, it looked like a GPS on an iPad-like device. I was watching a red pulsing dot on the screen, over his shoulder. It was getting increasingly closer to our location.

    "Fuckers' trackin' us," My scruffy companion announced. They're tracking us? Seems more like the other way around.

    "Come on, we might be able to delay 'em." He says.

    I followed him out the door. It was evening now, and there was a man waiting for us on a long motorbike with some sort of cabin, it was like a cross between a mine cart and a motorcycle. He forced us in, and drove off, with a strange respect for the road laws, even though he looked like a gangster.

    "Best paying job yet," The driver commented. "CIA paid me six hundred million to get you guys, eh?"

    Half way to my house, I was transitioned to a van with my family in it. We were still going the same way.

    One long wait at a light later, we arrived at my house, with a government van behind us. We parked in the driveway, and my eyes rose to the sky, full of stars and still red from sunset. There was something weird about it. There seemed to be a giant planet in it. What planet, I wondered. I examined what I could see out of the windshield. It was earth, I noticed. I could just barely make out Mexico.

    I considered Earth for a moment. A bit odd, I thought. Is this a dream? No, it cant be... Oh, wait, except it is!
    I realized, and with the energy of sudden full lucidity, I burst out of the car door and ran around in my family's yard with my brother and father. I came across a mound of dirt that was not there in waking life, under a fully leafed tree, though it was winter.

    "Anchor dream," I cheered. My father snickered at this. I looked around the yard.

    I decided to run out into the road and talk to some DCs. It was suddenly morning. I saw several friends from my school roaming the streets. They didn't live here. I met a friend near a tree.

    "Hey, guess what?" I said.
    "I'm in a dream! But not in your head, my own, so it doesn't matter that I'm telling you this!" I laughed.
    They rolled their eyes.
    "Anchor dream!" I yelled at them. I then ran off down the road.

    The dream shifted into me standing in a line of students somewhere in the second level of my school. I was still lucid. I threw the assorted objects I had in my hand aside into assorted machinery, nobody cared but the guy behind me, be cause he was trying to steal some of it. I stood in line for a while until I figured something out.

    "Oh wait," I said. "Screw this. Anchor dream." I walked out of the line, around some machinery, and into the next room. A teacher had given me papers as I passed, I threw those aside, too. I scattered all over the left side of the next room, which was only storage. I proceeded.

    This room had three teachers trying to stop me inside. They were maneuvering around a pile of boxes.

    "Is there somebody you need to see?" One of them asked, still trying to get to me.
    "Nope," I pushed past them.

    I now came into a similar, but larger room. It had large windows for me to jump through, but before I could reach them I awoke suddenly, too awake to DEILD, but I felt satisfied.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Bombs at School Induce Lulz

    by BiscuitHappyz on 02-04-2012 at 08:14 PM
    I was at school, and everyone was gathered in the cafeteria. There were criminals holding the school for ransom. It was gloomy outside, dark rainclouds were gathered above the school, but withholding their rain.

    At some point a layer of roof slid away, revealing another identical layer, but with a bomb attached to it. Somehow, I went up to the ceiling twenty feet above me to examine it. Nobody cared. It was all black; even the wires. The actual bomb was just a black, rectangular box. I went back down. Still, nobody cared.

    One teacher that I vaguely remember seeing ever so often in the hallway approached me. I can't remember anything about them.

    He or she said something along the lines of, "Sneak outside, and alert a super-assassin-marine-with-amazing-skills about whats going on. And take these guns." He or she gave me five different types of guns. I noticed in them an SMG and a sniper longer than I was tall, for some reason decorated with desert camouflage. I managed to take them all, and casually went out the cafeteria door, carrying them with me. The marine-soldier-mabob was leaning against the corner of the cafeteria, equally casually. He was also, for some reason, wearing desert camo. I helped him get his gear on, and as I was doing this, I realized with amusement that the sniper was taller than him, too. I wondered why he would need a sniper.

    Once we were done with that, he went back in. I took shelter behind a random pile of rubble I found. I saw students and administrators looking through the window at me with confusion. I gestured for them to be quiet. After a while, the door opened, and the criminals, I saw, were put into potato sacks, two to a bag, and had to hop out with the marine thingamadoodad. They still didn't seem to care, and were glad to hop out. Then everybody lived happily ever after, the end.

    Dragons and Road Trips, but not at the ame time

    by BiscuitHappyz on 02-04-2012 at 08:10 PM
    They're not at the ame time, but not at the same time, either. Also, massive DJ post wave incoming.

    Fragment one:

    It was daytime, and I seemed to be traveling on a highway, in a car either empty of full of people I didn't recognize. I was in the back. We, or I, was on a highway surrounded by pine trees. The light outside suggested that it was noon, I cant remember whether or not it was cloudy. I, or we, were driving under a suspension bridge, far to big for the highway. I remember thinking, 'I need to remember to have a lucid dream tonight.' My subconscious comes up with the most obnoxious irony.

    Fragment two:

    I was dreaming that I was in Skyrim, nothing new there. I was in a completely white town, almost at the top of a mountain. If you have seen Skyrim, you could probably imagine what it looks like.

    It looked like Dawnstar, but with a different layout. The village was then attacked by the Shatterer form Guild Wars 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUVLclPDCBE). Geez, I'm a nerd.

    Anyway, I dealt with that, I can't remember many details, but I won.
    Then another lame-looking dragon I didn't recognize with grayish skin attacked the just the village chapel, so I went in, and somehow dealt with it. It may have flown off.

    Then I walked around the town and did some stuff, talking to people who didn't seem to notice two giant dragons attacking their town. Typical game AI, I suppose.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Mission Success?

    by BiscuitHappyz on 11-28-2011 at 01:58 AM
    Lame internet connection + Little recall = (Super-duper) x inactivity regarding (DJn>1n)

    Fragment 1:

    I was talking with two of my friends from school in no solid setting. Angles were curved, I remember purple smoke, and people did not seem to have bodies. I was explaining to the floating head of a friend who is a massive pony-hater and massive Minecraft-lover that Notch had recently stated that he was a brony.Wait, I thought, it's Sunday, and this is a dream, so it doesn't matter if I tell them. Oh, well, I'll do it anyway. Then everybody attacked me.

    Fragment 2:

    I was part of the crew of a crashed alien ship. The ship consisted of black hull and glowing green tubes and antennae, composed into a rough tube shape. Me and two other survivors were sitting in a completely black room, which, on any other ship, would have served as a cargo hold, as it was the room that had the ramp outside. No airlock, I thought it was worth noting. The oldest of us was at a completely black counter, making omlettes. The youngest was at a completely black table, doing nothing. I decided to go outside and search for firewood.

    There was a cut, and I was a hundred meters up a hill from the crash site. The landscape was mostly flat other than the hill I was on, and the vegetation was only dead-looking, thorny, bush-sized plants. They surrounded the crash site, anything too close to it got incinerated. The sky was limited to a dome around the crater and the plants surrounding it. There was dark blue and stars outside of the dome. I climbed for several seconds, then the dream ended.

    Fragment 3:

    This was certainly part of an epic full dream. Shame I can't remember it.

    I was on an anvil-shaped airship going at unrealistically high speeds with a girl about my age. She was blonde, and her hair was braided into a single tail. She was a wearing black, that seemed to be a theme in my dreams tonight. I didn't recognize her. I was wearing black, too. I also wore aviator goggles. We were either dealing with or being pirates.

    We were standing on an outdoors catwalk going in a loop. She acknowledged my presence briefly and then glided off into the globe of grey clouds speedily passing us. My view followed her circling the bottom of the airship. her suit had dark yellow wings under the arms, like those of a flying squirrel. As she flew, she threw away the rapier she previously held and it passed us in a blink. She traded it out with a cutlass take from a copper statue on one of the ends of the ship.

    She reached the front of the bottom of the ship and sliced two guards in one swing and flew, cutlass first, into the window. My view transitioned inside of the ship, watching the glass shatter in slow motion. She fell once she was in, and recovered with a roll. Suddenly, I joined her in the room.

    In the corner, she picked up some trinkets and put them a bag. She smiled stood up, and we moved out of the window. Mission success, it seems. The dream ended.