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    1. Spritual dreamer...as in.. I think there is more to dreams than just it all being an internal creation of the mind, i believe that there can be external forces or energies which can interact with us in the dreamworld.
    2. hope i am having a nice day ? well yea and wats a spiritual dreamer ?
    3. ok were in the same connection then i think i can talk to you about this
    4. Also should let you know... i'm a spiritual dreamer, hope you are having a nice day.
    5. Well i'm a big fan on welcoming new people and love the beyond dreaming section,i'm interested in induction techniques and like to hear bout peoples adventures,and opinions and view points, interested in sleep patterns and relaxation and focusing techniques etc.
    6. I ONLY KNOW DEAD A LITTLE YOU KNOW (CAPS OFF) we only had one discussion but ill want to know you better though ? what threads in this forum iinterests you most ? what subforum ?
    7. Well. I like your avatar and you are a friend of dead and dead is a friend of mine, and if you are a friend of dead then you must have common ground which means that you must have silmilarities to dead which means we will get along which is why I wanted to add you as a friend, sorry if that is a lame excuse
    8. xcuse me what made you make a friend request toward me ?
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