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    Operation Métro (Non-lucid)

    by BlakeE45 on 02-20-2012 at 10:56 PM
    Yesterday, I played BF3 all day up until I went to bed - about 14 hours. Nearly all of that day consisted of me playing on Metro, leveling up my Support class as well as Medic.

    The dream started by the stairs, and apparently I was on RU team because I was gunning down the US with my M429. Below is a picture of the weapon for refrence (except I have the extended mag, foregrip, and the Holographic optics on it):
    It seemed like I had unlimited ammo, and that the trigger was stuck on because I never stopped shooting at the seemingly infinite supply of US troops. I probably killed like 200 people. After awhile, I kept seeing these red things in the corners of my vision, and ran like hell to avoid them, because of course they're grenade warnings.

    After awhile, the dream seemed to alter itself after almost fading away. Instead of looking down the stairway on the level, I was looking up (thus I was on the US team), and must have been a medic because I saw tons of revive symbols. Being the good Medic I am (), I decided to whip out my defibrillators and start going revive-happy on my teammates. Keep in mind I am still running like hell every few seconds from the red circular grenade warnings.

    Anyway, after awhile, must have decided I was invincible, because I whipped out my MK3A1 (aka Jackhammer) and charged up the stairs. Below is a picture of the weapon for reference:
    I have the extended mag and the same scope I have on the M429 on this gun; the Holographic one. In the dream, it seemed like I had infinite ammo once more, because as I ran up the stairs with my explosive frag rounds people started blowing up like I was playing Unreal Tournament 3. Bullets kept hitting me and bouncing off. The feeling would be comparable to being hit with a paintball through a pillow.

    I just kept pushing what seemed like a hundred of the RU team back with explosions until we got like... I'd say 3/4 of the way to base A, then my Dad woke me up to go to the Dentist.

    False Awakening Galore & At the Moon-base finally!

    by BlakeE45 on 10-29-2010 at 05:05 PM
    I had like 5 LDs last night, technically one due to the fact they all happened because of false awakenings

    This is how it went:

    First, I actually woke up, I was cold so I pulled up another blanket, rolled over, and went to sleep again.

    Then I had a false awakening, I did a reality check, and became lucid. I don't remember exactly what I did for this dream but I know I got up, opened the door of my room, and was thinking of what I what I should do with my lucid. I decided that I should go to the moon base, and so I went back into my room to look out my window and…

    False awakening! I said "Damnit!" But decided to do a reality check to see if I actually had woken and discovered I hadn't. I then got back up to my open window, and flew out of it (there is a screen in the window). I flew up in the sky but there seemed to be a limit of how high I could fly, it was like 3000ft or so. So I decided to teleport myself to the moon, because at the time it seemed easier. So I spun around in the air thinking about a lunar surface and started to find the scenario forming around me and…

    False awakening! Once again I was like "Damnit!", I got lucky that my dream self once again decided to do a reality check, and I became lucid again. I got out of my bed, and told myself that when I open my door again, I would see the moon. And so I opened my door, visualizing the lunar surface beyond it, opened the door, and found it! Once I stepped on the surface, I looked around and discovered that the door that I entered this place had disappeared. But I didn't care, I flew around, looking for the moon base. However, I couldn't find it for awhile, and then I turned around. It was there, and it looked a lot different than I expected it to. But I didn't care, I flew above it, looking down inside of it. I saw these weird creatures that I can only describe as Dragonflight from WoW. The creatures were guarding this long hallway which lead to the entrance, manning turrets. I flew down to them and they told me to go away, because I didn't have a pass or something to get in. At this point I was loosing lucidity for some reason, I told them something along the lines of, "Oh, ok. Sorry!" And I began to fly back down the wide hallway, but the I became fully lucid again. There was another one of the Dragonflight, except he came up to talk to me, and his figure turned into a man, I don't remember any specific details about his appearance though. He asked me if I wanted a pass to get in, and I said that I would love to be able to go into there. He then took out this thing that looked like a single-hole puncher, and grabbed the front of my shirt, and attached something to the front, on the inside of the shirt. He said there ya go, and walked off. I continued to walk in the direction that I was and I glanced down at the tag which was put on me. It was an ID, with a bunch of statistics on it, but I didn't bother to look at any long enough to remember because the data kept changing as I was attempted to read it. At this point the dream started to fade, and I lost lucidity.

    False awakening! I got up, did a RC, became lucid, and I didn't do anything! WTF? I laid back down and went to sleep.

    False awakening! I didn't do a RC this time, I felt really sleepy. I told myself that I need to write down this amazing dream so I could show it to Raven and everyone else in the Skype conversation. I went to go get the spiral notebook that I keep to write down my dreams and I found it to be full, with no pages to write in, I was like that’s weird, I thought that half of this was still empty. I went to go on my computer to write it in Word. I also remember typing a message in the Skype conversation saying something like, "I had an awesome dream I can't wait to tell you guys tomorrow." I then began to write down the dreams that I just did in the text above and as I did so, the dream started to fade away.

    This cycle went on for awhile, I'd have FA's and then become lucid but spend the LD either just walking around my house, simply enjoying the fact that I was lucid, or I would try to write down my dreams in the dream. Which doesn't seem like the best use of time.

    Stuck in China & My Old School

    by BlakeE45 on 08-07-2010 at 04:15 PM
    I had two abstract dreams yesterday.

    Stuck in China:

    The streets are very dirty, and very crowded with people walking through. I had no money with me at all. I walk around for awhile and find a restaurant on a street corner. For some reason I go in and order the most expensive thing on the menu. After eating it, I had no way of paying for it. I spent the rest of the dream running around attempting to find a way to pay for the food. More towards the end of the dream, I saw an open door with a sign that I couldn't read, so for some reason, I went inside. There was this rather large ginger lady that said she was the owner of the shop. She also said it was a tattoo parlor and that her name was Britney Spears!

    My Old School:

    I was at my old school for some reason, and it was the last day of school there. My logic in the dream was that I was there to say Hi to all of my old friends that I have not seen in a long time. So, after school lets out kids are running out of the school rejoicing that it was the last day. I saw a lot of my friends that I haven't seen in years, I called there name and they didn't even look at me, like they didn't recognize me, or couldn't hear me. Then some kid tried to steal my Zune out of my pocket, and when I looked over he vanished. It was a strange dream, I kept trying to talk to people but no one seemed to be able to hear me, or see me. I was ignored by everyone, WTF!?

    My recall is getting better, I remembered lots of details about these two dreams, very long, very detailed.

    Recall= 5 Dreams

    by BlakeE45 on 08-06-2010 at 04:59 PM
    I had pretty good recall last night... just no lucids.

    Dream 1:

    I had a dream that my dad entered into a contest to win two Alienware M15x and won. I remember being really excited but asked him why he did that (We both already have an M11x IWL). I also remember feeling the texture of the sides of the computer, etc...

    Dream 2 (**Possibly Shared**):

    This dream was quite strange... I was captured by terrorists and they put me into this training camp for some reason. They put me into this place where there was other people my age, and we all had pistols. We were instructed to shoot at each other, I shot all the rounds in my clip, and then I got shot in the head with a bullet. Apparently, the bullet must of not gone through my skull for some reason. (My Dream Self must have a thick skull ) Anyway, after that happened in the dream I was thinking, "Oh shit, I got shot in the head! But why didn't it kill me?" I SHOULD of done a reality check after that, but no... I didn't. The next thing I remember seeing is my dad for some reason walking around talking to terrorists. After that, my attention was dragged back to the instructor, who gave me another clip of ammo for my pistol, he then instructed us to shoot at each other. I again, depleted my clip, and got shot in the head. I remember a slomo shot just for like 1 second of the bullet coming towards me. I got knocked over this time, but it still didn't kill me. The last thing that I remember about this dream is my dad doing something to my head which raised the blood pressure to cause the bullets to pop out of my skull the way that they entered. When he did this in the dream I lost my vision for a second, and felt pressure in my head. Next I felt the bullets pop out and clatter to the ground while feeling warm blood trickle down my face.

    Dream 3 (**Possibly Shared**):

    I had a dream where I was playing Halo with my best friend IWL. He is Mynden on these forums. IWL, he has only beat me like 2-3 times ever, and this didn't change in the dream . The first thing that happened was apparently we were playing Reach because I kept assassinating him the way that you do in Reach. The dream didn't feel like you were playing Halo, more of actually being your person. So for awhile that's all we did, talk smack, and I kept killing him. Anyway after awhile something happened that scared me and him, there was a strange dot on my radar in game, it wasn't a solid dot like usual, it was a swirly, non solid dot that was red, signifying it was hostile. In the dream, I asked Mynden if he saw that same thing and he said he did. I used my radar to find where this thing was, and I found it. When it saw me it started to run away, down into a place I have never seen in any Halo map. There was this gravity lift that was a purplish color, built into a wall, the ghostly thing went down into it, and I followed. When I got into the gravity lift, I looked down, and there was this big black entity that had a bunch of black spheres inside of it. I got the idea that the spheres were spirits. I reached down and tried to grab one of the spheres inside of the entity, but I couldn't. The next thing I remember is the dream setting changing, the gravity lift was still there, Mynden was gone, and the entity was still there. But below us was an ocean, and a base that was under attack in the ocean. It seemed like every time someone died in the battle below us another black sphere would go inside of the entity. I floated down from the place and went to the ground. I was completely ignored in the battle for some reason, and the last thing I remember from the dream is a nuclear, or some massive, explosion going off into the base while I was right next to it, probably ending this entire battle by killing everyone.

    These next two dreams are really fragmented.

    Dream 4:

    Before going to bed, I was talking to someone that I Role Play with on World of Warcraft about possibly attempting to induce a dream where I was my troll character or was with both of our troll characters (Our chars are sisters). The reason for this is to see what we could develop out our characters from my dream state. As for the dream, I don't really remember anything about it other than I was either my character, or I was with my character doing something.

    Dream 5:

    This dream is the most vague of all of the dreams I recalled last night, and it's probably because I have spent so much energy remember all of the other ones, because I had a good idea of all of these dreams the moment after I had them, but not so much when I went to go write them down. Now that I go to write down this dream... I honestly do not remember it anymore.

    Updated 08-06-2010 at 05:01 PM by BlakeE45

    non-lucid , memorable

    Steam Train, Meditation Experiences

    by BlakeE45 on 08-01-2010 at 05:05 PM

    I did some guided meditation towards learning about some of your past lives (Props to MoSh for that!) and I had one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had.

    I learned a lot about what I thought was a "other" existence, but is actually a past life unfolding slowly to me.


    The dream was probably partially caused by the visualizations that were done during the meditation.

    I was on a train boarding platform, the kind that you would be on right before getting on an old style steam train. The train was in the station, behind me. I do not remember what the weather was like at the time of the dream. I remember arguing about politics for some reason with a random person, I then got on the train, and found my seat. The train starts to roll out of the station, and I remember no more of the dream.
    non-lucid , memorable