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    1. Dream Goals:
      [ ] Meet my DreamGuide
      [ ] Dance to Pachelbel Canon in D Major in Medieval England
      [ ] Sit on a stone bench in the Secret Garden at night looking up into the full moon to Moonlight Sonata
      [ ] Be a part of Twilight to Bella's Lullaby
      [ ] Visit Skyrim
      [ ] Visit Dream World Academy
      [ ] Fly over beautiful mountains, forests, lakes, canyons, oceans, etc.
      [ ] Dance in a gazebo in the middle of a beautiful forest at sunset with S
      [ ] Visit a huge art museum and admire the beautiful artwork my mind comes up with, as well as jump into the paintings
      [ ] Watch a gladiatorial battle, and possibly partake in one
      [ ] Be a tribute in the next annual Hunger Games
      [ ] Visit a futuristic city similiar to the one in Tron
      [ ] Party at a wild house party
      [ ] Meet Luke and Jackie
      [ ] Live a day in the Romantic Middle Ages and watch a Joust
      [ ] Visit Hogwarts
      [ ] Go skydiving
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    Frustrating Dreams...

    by BonMotGuy on 07-09-2012 at 05:55 PM
    (I kept waking up and falling asleep and waking up and falling asleep. So there are many many dream fragments that I probably forgot. And I think that I kept redreaming certain parts. So one fragments has multiple endings lol. I remembered it before, but of course i procrastinated in writing this, so I hope I will remember as I write what I remember right now.)

    Yay! I remember the part I forgot already haha..ok so I was in my old school. Idk why but almost every night I've been dreaming about the school or the teachers in it. For like 3 nights so far, I've dreamt of telling off the principal because I disliked her so much. Anyway, I remember having to take SAT's or something in the building, but of course the room assignments were all weird. I was the only person unable to find the room to take my test in. I kept running past all the classrooms triple-checking the room number and the people inside, assuming that I would be with people with the same first letter of their last name. But I could not find the room and I was unbelievably frustrated because these were the SAT's!! And I saw that the teachers were doing all these introduction speeches and I didn't want to miss out. Okay so here's where it gets confusing because I guess I kept waking up and redreaming solutions to my problem. One ending to the dream was that I walked into a classroom, and it suddenly turned third person. My friends were sitting in the desks about to take the test. The teacher came up to be and announced that since I was dragonborn (from playing Skyrim the night before) my test is so much easier..All I had to do was write down the letters they told me. Unfortunately I got an 8/10 because the touch screen that I wrote my answers on glitched.. :/ ...I remember my friends freaking out cause that was so unfair. Okay, so the next solution was that a teacher found me freaking out not able to find the classroom and told me that my classroom was in a totally different building in some old falling-apart basement...so that was a weird place to take a test. Third solution, I went to my best friend's mom, who is a teacher in this school, and asked her where the room was. She pointed it out to me, but i still couldn't find it..The rooms were numbered so strangely, like "Room 7 1/2 QP" I had no idea...so she just tried to help me find it but we couldn't...and finally the last solution was that the principal found me and I went off on her once again;D. I really have no idea why I've been having these dreams lately haha...

    Next dream was awesome because I met Selena GomezD So I was in this huge room with a bunch of people and these funky "rock climbing walls" although they werent rock climbing walls but just a bunch of junk stuck on a wall or even statues that people were climbing.. So we were watching all these people climbing these things. Selena Gomez was climbing this huge flower-like structure, but I don't think she made it up all the way. The next one was this man and his friend were climbing a way with a bunch of house-hold items stuck to it. Apparently they were masters at this and very famous. My perspective switched to one of them and I was climbing the wall with a bit of trouble lol. Next thing I remember (and this is probably out of order because I don't remember transitioning to these places) is being out in an open field. The field sloped with many hills, and there was a forest surrounding it. A group of my friends and I were sitting around huge rocks (like from Stonehenge). I forgot what we were doing, but we were just goofing around and playing and hanging out. Then the scene changed to my house and I walked to my parents bathroom to find my best friend singing. She closed the door cause she hates it when I listen to her sing. Then the scene changes to a train. I was sitting in one of the seats with all my friends and some other people I knew in the dream. Selena Gomez sat in front of me and we were holding hands. I remember thinking to myself that I couldn't believe I was friends with Selena Gomez, but it felt like we've been friends. The ride was crazy as people were jumping around everywhere. Selena started singing and I sang along with some of my friends. Then somebody made me get up and start sweeping the floors with two other people because the floors were FILTHY. And that is all I remember Kinda boring.

    Dream Guide

    by BonMotGuy on 07-08-2012 at 06:17 PM
    I may have met my dream guide last night...not really sure. But it was definitely something different. I was standing on the street in front of my house at night. There was a huge crowd of people around me. They were all anxiously talking and awaiting a ceremony to begin. A man or woman, I can't remember, got up before the crowd and read the names of the top 3 runners in each school. These lucky runners would go on to compete in a really intense competition (felt sorta like Hunger Games, but everyone wanted to be picked.) So of course my school was last to be called, and so was my name. So I was really excited and I went to go get the thing that showed that I had won. So I walk to the side of the podium where they announced the winners. There was a cart with a woman standing behind it and some girls crowding around looking into the cart. Inside the cart were stuffed animals (all the same animal, but different colors). They all had our names on them, so I was looking for mine. We were confused as the stuffed animals with the girls names on them seemed more for guys and vice versa haha. Next to me was a blonde girl of about the same age as me. She was with her baby sister looking for her stuffed animal because she too won. Her blonde hair flowed past her shoulder blades and looked as though she had gotten it done because it was so perfect. I wanted to meet her, so I said something like, "Wow, I cannot believe I actually won. I didn't think I was one of the top 3 in my school." She smiled, still staring down into the cart, but responded. From there, I don't know what happened immediately after, but we appeared somewhere else, but now we knew each other very well, to the point that we may have been dating. She stood next to me and rested her head beneath my chin onto my shoulder. She never said anything, but we sorta communicated mentally. I could just feel as though she was nervous about something, but she felt safe with me. I remember at this point, I became every so slightly lucid. I didn't have a miraculous revelation or do reality checks, I just knew. I figured since it was a dream, I might try to kiss her to see how it felt, but when I leaned in, I don't remember what happened after. Maybe the dream shot me away or something. My recall of it is a bit foggy, but here are some other things I remember. This was the first DC that I have formally introduced myself to and that was someone I do not actually know in RL. The first DC that I've felt a connection with (and had a sorta telepathic communication with.) She had either blue or green eyes. They weren't very dark or very light, but I remember they were very deep. Her name may have possibly been Allison or Abigail, not really sure. May have just been day residue. And in my later dreams, although she did not play a major role, I remember seeing glimpses of her in crowds and such, and remembering her.

    Terrible Dream Recall Today

    by BonMotGuy on 03-18-2012 at 04:18 PM
    I remember being in this big cafeteria, and I ran to the women selling food and I was surprised that I was the first one there because they were selling whole lobsters to those first. So, I got my lobster. I remember this cafeteria becoming just this wrecked room full of piles of dirt. I randomly got lucid at one point. I started puking for some reason; not very much though. And my friend was waiting in her car in front of me. (That is all I remember about being lucid.)
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    (From March 17th)

    by BonMotGuy on 03-18-2012 at 04:14 PM
    I was on a huge cliff and these wierd thug/monster people were surrounding me. I decided to jump off the cliff and landed in the river below. I clung to a rock and as I am struggling to hold on, one of the thug monster things that looked like a bear jumped down. I tried to hide behind a rock, but it found me and started attacking me.

    Bunch of Nonlucids

    by BonMotGuy on 03-17-2012 at 02:31 AM
    Dream Fragment
    I was in this room and these three appeared on a stage and started performing something. I remember thinking that I had imagined them and allowed everyone in the audience to admire my imagination.

    Almost late for chemistry
    My friends an I we're going to chemistry. I remember we had two minutes until the class started. I remember that my dream self apparently knew the way. The place we were at faintly resembled my school, so I most likely assumed that I was at my RL school, I knew which hallways to take, but the class never showed up. I basically went through the same 2 hallways somehow about 5 times. I knew this was weird. But I was too worried about being late to Chemistry because I knew that getting lost is no excuse for being late after you've apparently gone to the school for a while. We went running back from we're we came and at this point the school resembled nothing of my current school. When we were entering into the main building, which I thought we were already in, our Chemistry teacher came walking with us with her books and started talking and laughing with my friends. I should have known it was a dream because my friends from my old school were coming to my chemistry class and talking to my teacher whom they do not know. For some reason by the time I got to chemistry class, I had a clone. But the clone that was apparently of me was really of my friend. I found this to be strange since I knew before that it had been a clone of me. Another weird that I am just realizing is that this particular friend is not in my chemistry class.

    Weird Rides
    I went into this very strange room. I will attempt to explain it from what I remember. The room had a sort of circular/hexagonal shape and had black walls. There was this bing screen that ran across the entire wall, totally encircling the room. The floors had things on it and possibly drains. In the center of the room is a chair. There were a bunch of girls in the room and they told me to sit on the chair. They gave me these weird glasses/goggle things and turned the contraption on. The chair lifted up and the screen that circled the room lit up and was playing something. Because I was wearing these glasses, the video playing on the screen seemed to become 3D and it felt like I was inside of it. But the thing kept breaking and the chair would movie in all directions. I almost fell off of it onto the floor. When I got off, I was in my parents' bathroom and there was a chair in the middle, but these two guys were standing around. They told me to sit and started massaging my shoulders. They were saying things. But I do not remember any of the conversation.

    Sports and Sangria
    I was in the music room with a bunch if my friends and this woman i have never met before. I was sitting in the table nearest the fire exit and was watching as the woman drew on the board explaining different games that we were going to play. When we finished wring the rules, moved to the table directly in front of the blackboard. I won the first game. The next game went like this: she crumbles a piece of paper or something and stuck a straw or pencil into it. The point of the game is to flick the straw causing the ball to fly over to one of the two people in front if you. They must then flick the straw sending the ball flying again. The person to miss loses. We were in tables of four. Michael was in front of me on my left. He flicked it to me and I flicked it to the person in front of me and won twice. Te scene changed, however we were in the same room. It was basketball tryouts and all these kids from my old school were coming. They started flooding into the room. Then the room changed into thegym and we were playing a weird variation of basketball. My dreamself knew that I had taken a break from this and was just returning, so I could not play too hard. We were given specific spots around the basket and all we do is shoot. I went to this room somewhere and Nick and his dream family was there. I kissed his mom and shook hands with his dad and went and drank sangria. The sangria was amazing! It had a bunch of different flavors in one!

    Alien invasion
    I was in my house and someone shouts that there is a hovercraft outside. So I run out. It is nighttime and I see this very small spaceship thinking floating around my house. It could have been someone's remote controlled airplane, that is how small it was. I watch as it floats around my house. There were these weird pellet thing in the shape of skinny footballs. There are being sent out of the spaceship and spread across the lawn. I picked one up and intolerance it in half.
    non-lucid , dream fragment