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    I am bound.

    by bound on 07-26-2012 at 07:22 PM
    A nightmare I saw over and over again for about a month when I was young. I kept returning to the same points to see it all happen all over again and again. Parts in my story signify the "checkpoints" the story started from at different times.

    I stood there gazing upon the campground. It was dark and cold, I could almost feel the whistling breeze coming from beyond. Almost no stars were to be seen at the night sky, it was cloudy and treetops were covering the sky. Campground was set in a large pit located in middle of the woods. Branches could be heard cracking deeper in the woods. Slowly I walked towards the center of the campground. Seven tents had been set up and a campfire in middle of them. The fire was out but you could still see little smoke coming out from the ashes. Ashes were spread around the place by wind a little bit.

    Non-lucid: first part
    A big slam could be heard behind me not too far away, right at the end of the campground. Startled by the sound I turned around, seeing a small yellow entrance. It was a bomb shelter and the door was open, light shined out from inside. A big slam was heard again, followed by a scream of a girl. Friend of mine appeared to be standing behind me by my right side. "I'm afraid, don't leave me alone." - she said. We were petrified. There it was again a big slam, but now it came just by the door, like it was closing in on the entrance. I started to walk directly at the door. A persons foot and a metal pipes end could be seen just behind a corner inside the shelter. With haste a school age boy turned into the view. The boy was wearing dirty and bloody white t-shirt, shorts, sneakers and a clown mask. I stopped frightened. Behind him there was a dark figure.

    Non-lucid: part two
    The boy was angry at me, I cannot understand a word he says to me. He started slamming the metal pipe to the walls making a terrible noise. A monsterous shout was heard under us, at the end of the bomb shelter. Dark figure was to be seen more clearly now, it was my very own mother, just standing there, like in a trance.

    Non-lucid: part three
    Boy shouts me with anger: GO AWAY! He begins to run downstairs, accidentally pushing my mother down the stairs. The shouts echo could still be heard. I attempt to catch the boy, as I pass my mother in the stairs she fades away. Stairs were shaped as a spiral downwards. At the end of the stairs there was a doorway to a long hallway. An invisible monster, shaped mostly like a man starts walking at from the other end of the hallway. It could only be seen as if it was covered in blood or water (changed between dreams). It starts running at me, catching me and throwing me to the end wall of the hallway.

    Before lucid dream I had just seen part three of the nightmare. I wanted them to stop so I concentrated on nothing but the fact that I wanted to change how it all ends.

    Lucid: final part - Final part takes place right after part two.
    Boy begins to shout at me more clearly, but I don't care what he says, I've heard it all before, I knew how it would end. I grab the boy by his shirt stopping him from running away. Right that moment I can see my mother fade away, but this time she was still standing still, unhurt.

    It began to clear to me. I was dreaming, I was unbound. Everything started to speed up, the room began to smudge around me as if it was moving back and forwards too quick. I look back at the boy just to see nothing but air, he had faded away. I hit the wall as if the world had flipped around me.

    I wake up right after. Knowing what just happened.

    Never had the same nightmare since.

    What I've studied from this site it is somewhat normal to get too excited at the first lucid dreams, I'm pretty sure this is what happened to me also.

    It has been a pleasure to write this down after so many years. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
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