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    1. Happy Birthday.
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      Happy birthday again ! Spooky how time goes by
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      Oooh happy birthday!
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      Thanks man!
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      Hey Box, I'll reply to the rest of your PM when I have time, but have you tried Zoth's Mental Map Recall method? Just take out the space:
      htt p://www.dreamviews.com/dream-signs-recall/136753-mmr-mental-map-recall-whole-new-way-recalling-journaling-your-dreams.html
      That might suit you better, or perhaps voice recording your journal entries instead of writing?
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      I keep them in a box next to the Christmas ornaments. Want one?
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      Hi hi, ofc I'm not down, I still keep browsing threads every now and then and learning more about LDing ~ though I'm much more less active
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    Spring competition 2024 / Days 4 - 12th

    by Box77 on 04-14-2024 at 04:03 PM
    Day 4

    Fragments as dictated to voice recorder

    Ö/The closed door and I cannot get back into my place/Ö

    Ö/The theme about <incomprehensible> from day before got into the dream/Ö

    Ö/I see guys are wearing suits from 60ís~70ís/Ö

    While WBTB Iím able to remember more details about the dreams while drifting back into dreamland. In that moment I think to myself that I will remember about those details. Then I get lost back into some other dream and forget them all

    Day 5


    Ö/Iím collecting flags or something similar and putting them on sort of wooden towers. Itís a very Assassins Creed like sequence. Itís day. Iím in a big country house. Thereís a lot of people around. Thereís a wooden structure in the middle of a yard. I climb to put the flag on the top. Iím wandering around. Thereís an Asian fat guy wearing only white trousers. Heís about to take a shower. I wonder how is he doing to get hot water if his heating system is off. I want to take a shower too, I think I might use his shower and let people blame him for using the heater because of it should be off/Ö

    Ö/Iím getting to the side of Uís house in the middle of a field. Itís all covered under snow, it gets to my knees [competition theme related]I have to pick a bike that lays to the side of the road next to the house. S and N are already on their way. I have to hurry to get where they are. Iím in a hurry and distracted playing with a small purple/pink doll of gum. Itís like a key hanger. I have to be careful not to let some of its small parts fall on the snow, they might get lost there, itís very deep/Ö

    Ö/Sh brought some started joints and puts them on the table. He gives me one as I ask for a present. His girlfriend gets into the room. I cover the stuff with a shirt and pretend Iím folding clothing. She asks for a jacket that I see close to my right. I say I have no idea where is it and choose to ignore her/Ö

    Ö/I get out of one of my recurrent graveyards and turn to the left heading back to my grand parents house. I see two guys talking. I wear my headphones and try to play some music with my mp3 player. Itís not working and it starts getting more and more complicated as I try to connect the headphones with the player, I stop paying attention to the place/Ö

    Itís a recurrent dreamscape

    Day 6

    Ö/Iím taking part of some kind of Muppet Show sequence. I see Animal with a big monster bird standing on his arm in front of me. He gets scared the hell out of a dove that is standing on my back/Ö

    Days 7 - 8

    *Black Out*

    Day 9


    Ö/Iím in the first place I rented. I see ER and we have a nice talk on the bed, Iím glad to meet her again. She lays first then I lay too close that she starts feeling uncomfortable. I try to explain her about somebody I know who reminds me to her. I pay too much attention on her body. Iím visiting for short. I didnít set all of the stuff for the transport. There are two beds and one of my closets. Thereíre other friends from school CaMa is there and we let some Legos on the bed. RU comes around with somebody else, it has something to deal with black metal or music.
    While Iím going downstairs to do something I meet the old woman who leases the house. Sheís angry because of some plants where hidden under the stairs. Sheís complaining about it because of the plants will rot and stink the whole place. I try to explain I wasnít that person. She goes on arguing telling if itís like that then she will have to get a new tenant. I donít care/Ö

    Ö/Some other people is waiting outside of the room on the roof. They want to get in to make some reparations on the water pipes/Ö

    Ö/Thereís some celebration day around. I see there are new stores on the street. A lot of things have changed. I try to find which was the small store I knew. Itís confusing, I want to buy something, may be a Coca-Cola. Somebody says that the people from this house buy their Cokes in a small store and points somewhere between two big business. Iím bit nervous about talking with new people. Thereís some integration with the sellers/Ö

    Ö/The doors of the house that lead to the garage are partially opened to let light come in, otherwise itís impossible to see something. The lady had covered all of the open spots, I donít find something I put on an empty oil barrel/Ö

    At this moment other dreams get mixed while recalling, itís another recurrent dreamscape. I tend to dream on the times before the last move so far. Sometimes Iím in a hurry or about to miss the flight

    Day 10

    I was playing Assassins Creed with one of my daughters the whole night just dreamed more smashed sequences of the game

    Day 11

    *Black Out*

    Day 12


    Ö/Iím near a Main Street I used to walk very often during my school days. I see big trucks [competition theme related] crashing with each other. A white one loses control and crashes straight against the wall of a house that cuts the street. Iím arranging sort of cassettes close to the street, near a park of my childhood. Somebody comes and asks for help, The driver got hurt we must help! He says, I have to stop what Iím doing/Ö

    Day 13 - 14

    *Black Out*

    Spring Competition 2024

    by Box77 on 04-01-2024 at 07:42 PM
    Night 3

    Fragment 1:

    Ö/Thereís something about a game thatís taking place that look like football-soccer although with different rules. Thereís no ball. Iím not sure if Iím taking part of it or just expecting on the side. Iím immerse into collecting stuff or looking for it. Thereís something about a shaving foam bottle/Ö

    I shortly wake up to dictate the notes to the voice recorder. I pressed pause for short periods as I try to recall more details. The last pause was too long and I was already falling asleep. I had to look for the recorder that got lost between the blankets. After that one last note I went back to sleep while trying to remember more details of the previous dream


    NL fragments:

    Ö/Iím setting up a game board. Now the soccer-like game looks more like a game board and the players now are only action figures. Now I see thereís stuff arranged on different points of the field. Thereís some military vehicles as well. Some of the players sit in an office on one side of the board like it was a special feature/Ö

    Ö/I see R working around with his writing board on his hand. The place is gray and he moves slow. I feel uncomfortable seeing his expression. He acts like something is not right and goes somewhere else. Heís wearing a pale light brown pullover/Ö

    I was about to ignore this detail because of R is a recurrent DC that shows up every now and then at my dream work place

    Ö/I see the shadows of trees falling down against the sunlight. Itís like a machine is cutting them down while I move along the highway. Iím heading to the sunset with the sun slightly to the right side of the horizon/Ö

    Ö/There's something about meeting a girl Iím just looking for/Ö

    Spring Competition 2024

    by Box77 on 03-31-2024 at 10:50 PM
    Night 2


    Ö/weíre sitting on the table, possibly having dinner or some. Itís night and itís a very narrow place. The table looks like theirs but smaller. Iím sitting in front of J, E sits to her right. Iím telling some story about somebody else who I think itís J. I get confused because if that personís name was J. I donít remember whatís Jís name then. Itís an embarrassing situation. I feel very confused/Ö


    NL fragments

    Ö/itís a known dreamscape inside a sort of school. To this side, the rooms are connected to each other with a door on the corner. Every room has only two doors except for the last one that has only one. Itís more than five rooms in a row. We get to the last one with a group of friends from school. I see JG, W and O among others. Weíre sitting on the places. The classroom is dark. Somebody comes to tell us we must leave for some reason. Possibly the same reparations that are taking place at home in WL. Maybe itís was just the time to close the school because itís late. Not sure about it. This dreamland has a lot of branches around and inside this school. Everybody starts picking their jackets hanging on the chairs and stuff put all around. We are in a hurry/Ö

    Ö/weíre traveling around the city like we were on a roller coaster. We make a big open turn to the left. I start talking using a friendís particular voice accent, making fun of it. I realize I donít know much about him since long ago. I turn to my right to ask E what happened with CH. He clarifies CH has gone to sleep. He couldnít go along with his illnesses, operations and stuff. I get uncomfortable knowing many people from that time of my life is gone. It feels weird to know heís gone/Ö

    Ö/the same works that are taking place at my place in WL and get more complicated. I see one of the guys carrying a Tupperware that I specially interacted with the day before, filled with electronics or some similar stuff/Ö

    There were some other details of this last fragment that I was recalling before I noticed I wasnít using the voice recorder. Lost them :/

    Winter competition 2024 - Nights 5-8 (10-13.01.2024)

    by Box77 on 01-14-2024 at 07:00 PM
    Night 5 -10.01-


    Night 6 -11.01-

    Ö/immerse into work activity. We get a task to work in couples. Each one becomes a contract to work with. One of my kids is t doing something there/Ö

    Ö/I see my English neighbor has cut her hair. She looks angry. Her mother is around while sheís sweeping the street next to a small park in front of her place. I ask her if sheís angry for something because of her face expression. She goes mad and we start discussing about something. Her mother gets something like a stroke but not really, I think to myself ďItís because of her advanced ageĒ and somebody has to call emergency. I donít have a phone at hand. My neighbor goes dancing on a stage while her mother waits for help somewhere else. Thereís a festival show taking place on the second floor of the house surrounding the park which now is on its yard. The dreamscape then fuses into my grandparents house where thereís much more activity than usual/Ö

    Ö/Iím going with somebody to a known place, she turns into S. Thereís a couple of buildings joined with a bridge around. Itís recent dreamscape. I notice Iím not wearing any jacket. I see a jacket hanging inside a room. It looks like a Kindergarten dressing room when we get in. I turn to see we have nothing to do there. We better go now but trying not to be noticed by the parents who are playing with their kids in the front yard of the place. One of them throws a black plane with a gadget. They follow its flight. I turn to see it looks like a raven figure. It gets stuck on the roof, they laugh because it looked like the bird landed by itself/Ö

    Ö/There's somebody saying that the police is searching random houses by tricking the people somehow to catch drug dealers. They notice because of a mark left on their lips by the use of a pipe/Ö

    Ö/Itís an apparent that mixes with one of my childhood classrooms. Itís white. Iím not sure who owns this place, possibly S. N went out to meet her friends. I go to the corridor to do something. When I turn to get in again I see a piece of paper on the upper left corner. It looks like it was part of a bigger picture and was left behind by the former owner. It depicts a an Asian dragon similar to some I drew long ago for a design project. I want to take a picture to compare with mine. I turn to look for my phone and turn on the camera app. Then I cannot find the piece of paper. It takes a while to find it again. Thereís a second corner of a picture but less visible/Ö

    Night 7 -12.01-

    Ö/We are with S on my dadís bed. Itís a mixture of places again. We see some small insects popping out of her blankets. I slap the first one out with my finger. The second one jumps on my voice recorder when I put it close. Then I bring it to the window. A centipede now comes out of the mattress. Itís disgusting and she wants it out of here. I thought she was going to start a show but she didnít/Ö

    Ö/I see a reel of a beauty contest. The winner is carrying a white dress and turns to receive the price. She has a huge red spot on her butts, itís an embarrassing situation/Ö

    Ö/I see something I did on a list on paper. Has something to do with music and some explanations. I don get to see what Iím trying to show with the arrow I drew to the right side of the list. Iím trying to figure out what I wanted to say. There are some Chinese characters somewhere. Iím at work. The list has YouTube links on it and I can see a short clip telling in documentary mode saying something and that the guitar player didnít mind, then again something about the bass player and that he didnít mind neither while the video shows a very raw zoom in and out of their instruments. I hear a techno song fragment singing ďI wanna be an AngelĒ/Ö

    Night 8 -13.01-

    Ö/itís sort of big auto repair shop. Thereís a lot of junk. The place is dirty with low illumination. Some corners are very dark. Thereíre different levels of the junk/Ö

    Ö/again my grandparents house. Something about some lists and Google maps is not showing the actual position but you may use a reference to locate it/Ö

    Ö/Iím shopping somewhere when I turn to see a big wall of peanut packages. Thereís somebody saying we can have them for breakfast. I think theyíre a snack for cheat talk or something like that. I see the cutlery must be organized, itís random set on the box/Ö

    Ö/some family recent stuff waiting to be done and more stress of work/Ö

    I lost many of the fragments dictating them on the back of my mind with the voice recorder on pauseÖ

    Updated 01-14-2024 at 07:21 PM by Box77

    side notes , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Winter Competion 2024 - Nights 1 - 4 (06-09.01.2024)

    by Box77 on 01-10-2024 at 07:32 PM
    Night 1:

    Dream fragment: Ö/Iím standing on my way home from work at a park. I see wagons from my work coming right where I am. I arrange some stuff on them and let them turn to my left and let them move along the street/Ö

    Night 2&3:

    No recall

    Night 4:

    Dream fragment: Ö/Iím traveling in a bus that has white tables on some seats disposed in zig-zag. Some people are complaining because of the asymmetrical distribution of the seats with tables. I see nothing wrong with that disposition, it must be that way/Ö
    non-lucid , dream fragment