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    Old Friends

    by britt on 09-22-2019 at 07:05 PM
    Entry #3
    09/22/2019 @ 5:25 am

    Walking around my old neighborhood with an old friend of mine, Eve. I then find myself walking down a street alone at night, along this walk I see Jahkubb from a distance, he and his friend are throwing a ball back and forth. "hi" I say and he responds "hey!" with a grin on his face, then I start walking towards the red and black slides that are steep and higher than slides I would see in waking life. Climbing atop of it my old friends Rebecca and Eve appear at the top and we all slide down together.

    dream #2 - 8:35 am

    On a train, two ladies come to sit at the table so I move my things out of the way to make room. The train conductor announces "Next stop Cliff hill." Grabbing my things quickly so I won't miss the stop. I try to get off the train but the doors close too fast making me miss the stop. I wait for the next stop to get off. Once I am off the train I see my brother as I walk out of the train station. He is across the street talking to someone.

    At a school gathering, not sure what school I am at and I do not recognize anyone. Placing my pursue down where the backpacks are and wandering around the room observing all the people. Thinking in my head what if someone steals money from my purse urging to go check my bag and I think someone took some of my money and only seeing a 20$ bill left. Freaking out and running to the security guard that is sitting on the table to tell him someone stole my money. He starts massaging my shoulders and even cracks my spine leaving me more relaxed. I start to ask myself if someone were to steal money out of my purse why wouldn't they just take all of it instead of leaving a 20$ bill, this leads me to believe that no one actually took the money and I was just feeling paranoid.

    I am sitting on a bus with an old friend of mine Danielle S., she is doing my hair and we talking about our zodiac signs, she tells me she is a libra and I tell her " this whole time I thought you were a Scorpio".
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    A Pleasant Surprise

    by britt on 09-22-2019 at 06:31 PM
    Entry #2
    09/21/2019 @ 3:45 am

    In a house with Danielle and some other random girl, the house has two separate rooms. Danielle seems to be occupied with her phone, so I decide to get to know this other girl. Come to find out that she is too crazy and overbearing to me so, I distance myself from her by going into the other room and locking the door shut. She tries to let herself in but I just stand by the door holding the door shut so she can't break the door open. After tensions cool down, I finally leave the room to check on Danielle. She appears to be laying on the bed texting people while the other girl has cooled down. I mention how there are more comfy beds downstairs in the basement. We all walk down there to claim our beds. Alyxa and Kayla come over to hang out with a few other chicks who I've never seen before, and Jared (Kayla's boyfriend). Everyone seems cool just chilling on the couch. Jared is the only one who seems very tense and very concerned with Kayla. He pulls out a baggie of cocaine and offers it to us, but no one accepts any.

    next dream scene......

    I am holding a basket of items walking behind my old apartment building I grew up in. I see Zippy talking to someone, and wanting to avoid him so, I start walking faster but it is too late, he starts walking towards me. I tell him "I don't have time to talk and I have to be somewhere." Walking through the fence where the boards got kicked down leading me to the back of the strip mall, Zippy stops me again and says " I know you are busy but this is serious !" He goes on about the world ending so I stop to listen to what he has to say. Standing on top of the garbage behind the Stop N Go convenience store and he's sitting on top of the fence directly across from me. While he keeps talking I look down the other way and I see Ashton Kutcher wearing a baby blue t-shirt and some guy in a green shirt standing below me. I feel so excited and it was so unexpected that he is here, I immediately jump down from the garbage to give Ashton a big and long hug, in this moment I feel love, joy, and warm energy radiating through my body. Now, I am running back inside the apartment building thinking to myself that I gotta tell Alyxa who I just saw. Once I reach the second-floor balcony that is two balconies from the one I lived at trying to climb the ledge to cross over the other balcony to get to mine but halfway there I decide not too and go back to the balcony I was at and that is where the dream ends.
    non-lucid , memorable

    A Bunch of Dream Fragments

    by britt on 09-20-2019 at 10:31 PM
    DJ Entry # 1
    Morning of 09/20/2019 @ 2:20 am

    - Playing hide and seek at my old apartment that I grew up in, and some zombie looking girl is the one who is seeking. She is at the top floor of the building counting, while Patricia (Childhood Friend) and I quickly run down the stairs to the back of the building. Staying my distance away from her because I feel threatened by her because she looks deranged or I feel she might kill me. Running to Annie's backyard, I hide behind her giant flower pot, where she isn't able to find me.

    -Jahkubb, Julijah, and Jordell are in this dream, we are all hanging out in a location that I am unfamiliar with. Jahkubb and I are sitting on the benches at the bottom of a hill, there are people all around just walking along the path. A female who looks homeless with raggedy hair and wearing torn up clothes is looking at me intensely, so I offer her my seat. She gladly accepts with a smile on her face. As Jahkubb and I are walking up the hill, the homeless lady stops me and hands over a grey knitted scarf. It has holes in it and looks very dirty but I accept it anyway and continue walking up the hill. Next, I appear to be sitting down in a house at the top of the hill with Jahkubb, Julijah, and Jordell passing around a cigarette. ( I forget the dialogue of the dream as it is faint and minimal.)

    -On what seems to be a plane or a train, some male has a distraught look on his face and expresses his want to commit suicide, fearing that he also might want to kill us all, I try to calm him down and he reassures me that he won't commit suicide but continues to have a nervous breakdown and collapses to the floor. I reach for him and hug him while everyone is standing around us with a look of concern.

    -Sitting along a path with two other students involved in some group project for school. We have a giant piece of paper and a whiteboard marker to use. I'm not too sure what Dan (gr.12 teacher) wants us to do with it.

    -Taking public transit bus, not knowing where I am or where I am going, just going where ever the bus takes me and observing the landscapes as it goes by. I get off at an unknown location and start walking along the shore taking in the water observing the people. It is a nice sunny day with light blue and orange skies with a little bit of cloud cover.

    Updated 09-20-2019 at 10:33 PM by britt

    non-lucid , dream fragment