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    I'm a pretty even-minded person, an average teenager living in the United States. I found out about lucid dreaming a few years ago, and have been practicing on and off ever since. Right now I'm doing a 90 day project and I hope to stay dedicated to lucid dreaming until I can lucid dream every night. :D
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    Lucid dreaming!
    Full time student.
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    10 Oct. 2010

    by Brooooook on 10-10-2010 at 11:05 PM
    This dream was actually pretty vivid at some parts. I was standing on the western "coast" of Michigan. There was a fortress, somewhat like an old Greek structure with the white pillars and such. We were standing on the cement, looking out over the churning waves while we waited for someone. After a few moments, a large group of people arrived, and joined myself and the large crowd around me. When I turned around, I saw a person whose features I can't really remember, but I got the vibe from them that they were the pastor of the church in this dream, and everyone around me was from my church and other churches in the area or across the lake.

    There were a large group of old Viking-type ships tied to the edge of the platform, in which people had arrived. They were from the people who had crossed the lake to get to the ceremony which we were going to perform. The wind was harsh, and whipped against our faces. It wasn't uncomfortably cold but it wasn't warm either. It was like autumn weather. I can't remember what sort of clothes I was wearing, though. A group of people who I knew showed up. They were the people who I met on a mission trip over the summer, and they're from Minnesota. I was smiling and so glad that they were there.

    --- Scenery Change ---

    This dream was linked to the last dream, but not until the very end. It began that I was running down a street, in a vacant city. There was nobody visible. The street was made of cobblestone. Heaps of snow were lumped on the edges of the road, and I had a frantic feeling, as if I were searching for something, desperately. The edge of competition was sharp in the back of my mind as I raced down the somewhat narrow road. Solid buildings towered on each side of me, like I was in an alley that was significantly wider than usual. I reached the end of the street, and turned onto a much wider road, perpendicular to the street I was on. It opened out to the "ocean," full of dark, crashing waves.

    Lying in the snow was a huge diamond - made of ice. It must've been three inches in diameter. I lunged forward, feeling as if I had finally found what I was looking for. It was the answer to the puzzle I was trying to solve. Just then, someone else appeared from what seemed like nowhere - maybe from around the corner, too. She was wearing tennis shoes, but that's all I can remember. The sound of her shoes against the ground was the crunch of ice and snow buckling under her weight. I was about five feet away when she reached the diamond and snatched it up.

    I didn't stop; I kept running, trying to catch up with her so I could take it. I reached her, and started to hit her; she hit me back, and, being somewhat bigger than me, I decided it wasn't worth it and backed away. She ran, off to complete the contest. My thoughts were now even more panicked. What would I do? There were two hours left of the contest, and I had to find the biggest diamond, or I would lose. I can't recall what the stakes were, but they seemed huge and important. I turned around, looking for a diamond...

    To my left, I saw a huge snowbank, full of crispy pieces of ice as it is in the very earliest stages of Spring when the snow begins to melt and then re-freezes. I bolted toward it and started to root around, shifting the blocks of ice when I suddenly spotted an even larger ice diamond than the other girl had found. It was about five inches in diameter. Instantly, my hands were on it. It was cold, and felt like glass. Its shape was perfect, not a flaw on it. Just moments later, I turned around, and my jaw dropped as I saw, and realized, something. There was a clock on the wall - and the glass over it was definitely made of the substance I was looking for. I realized that this would win the contest for me, hands down.

    I picked up a rock, threw it at the clock. The sound of cracking glass splintered through the crisp winter air. I picked up another. Threw it again. The glass fell down to me, and I caught it in my hands unflinchingly. I turned, and I started to run as fast as I could. And the end of the wide road was a boat, like the Viking boats from the last dream. It was big, and someone was waiting for me in it - the man hosting the contest. He was young, in his early twenties, with short blond hair and striking blue eyes. He had a kind face, and was smiling slightly in encouragement as I raced in what seemed like slow motion towards the boat. I could hear the sound of my shoes gripping the pavement underneath me, the sound of small patches of ice crunching occasionally when I crossed them, and I reached the end of the road. I braced myself as I prepared to leap. I gripped the glass from the clock in one hand, and the free hand found the edge of the boat. I vaulted myself up and onto the boat, the waves crashing against its wooden sides, and the dream ended as my feet touched the deck with a hollow thump.

    2 Oct. 2010

    by Brooooook on 10-06-2010 at 10:26 PM
    I was in my biology room, listening to a teacher instruct us as to how the tryouts for the school floor hockey team would be arranged. I don't quite remember what he said, but he explained that the changing rooms were on the right (which is where the closet is in the actual room). There was a piece of tape dividing half of the room, and the left half was team red and the right was team blue. We would be scrimmaging to decide who made the real team. To my dismay, I noticed that my ex (S) was there. Recently, he spoke to me and we got in a huge fight, so it's not a real surprise he was there. We were dismissed to the changing rooms, where we put on full-body suits that were red or blue and prepared to start the game. Each team would divide into offense and defense, and we'd have one person trying to score goals. The plan changed so that we would not be scrimmaging against each other per se but rather competing to get the best score without opposition. I did my best to pretend that my ex didn't exist, and started to play the game. We were playing with a small rubber ball, and I used my stick to pass it up to our goal-scorer. This continued for the rest of the game (for the sake of boredom, I won't go into details). My biology teacher called a halt and switched up our teams. I was put on the red team with the rest of the relatively good players, but I didn't notice when he put me on the team. I was wondering which team I was on, and he went into the hallway so I followed him to ask. He told me "I put you on the red team, you must have missed it when I made the hand gesture pointing you that way." So I went to the changing room and struggled to switch into a red suit, only to go out and find my team wearing orange and already playing. I quickly realized that the suit was reversible and it was orange on the other side. Then, that portion ended, and my ex approached me and started to argue with me to tell me we should stay friends and keep talking to each other. I can't remember the exact conversation, but he wasn't acting like himself at all. He was pleading with me. We were dismissed from the tryouts and told to leave, so I did. At the end of the hallway was the staircase and two door-like portals. I went onto the staircase and watched people go into the portals (girls in the left portal boys in the right) riding motorcycles which were small and quite quiet, but sounding like they needed a good tune-up. I followed into one, and found myself on an escalator that went down into a store in a mall. The dream ended.

    2 Oct. 2010

    by Brooooook on 10-06-2010 at 10:26 PM
    The dream began in some expensive looking home. The premise was that I was getting married, to an overly large person who in hindsight I can't recall whether they were a girl or a boy. I was marrying them for their money. (Apparently in my dreams, I am a gold digger.) They were extremely obese, and the dream progressed to the point where we were 'married.' The ceremony never actually took place in the dream, but I remember the partner unbuttoning their shirt (looked like the buttons were fit to burst anyway) and revealing their plenty of fat rolls. The dream ended here. Luckily for my innocence.


    I think this dream was linked to the last one somehow. I remember ending up in a bathtub with someone else, who seemed obese enough to be the person in the last dream. They insisted to let them 'take care of' me. I was completely naked. The rest of the dream was extremely creepy. >.<


    I think this dream was linked to the last one somehow. I remember ending up in a bathtub with someone else, who seemed obese enough to be the person in the last dream. They insisted to let them 'take care of' me. I was completely naked. The rest of the dream was extremely creepy. >.<

    * This was a night of weird, sexual dreams, and so I just grouped them all together.

    28 Sep. 2010

    by Brooooook on 10-06-2010 at 10:24 PM
    I think this dream was actually the first one I had in the night, but the chronological order of my dreams is usually slightly askew so I don't really mind. My brother, my dad and I were looking for new houses. We had found one, and were inside it, looking around. Suddenly, I saw a small kitten, hiding behind a small shelf that seemed to hold a TV. It was black. The kitten was an orange tabby, and looked to be a month or two old. I picked it up and started to stroke it, then carried it out of the room to show my brother and dad. They naturally went "Awww!" when they saw it. (This dream is a little bit foggy...I did sleep for a really long time and considering it was probably the first, that does make sense.) There was something about another house down the hill. Then, I took the kitten outside and found another one, identical to it. Both kittens started to play on the other side of a hedge, and I went back inside. My brother and dad stood there and the next thing I knew, my brother shot one of the kittens with a BB-gun, and it collapsed dead. I was shocked, and stared at him, before he picked up the gun to shoot the second one too. Then the dream ended.

    28 Sep. 2010

    by Brooooook on 10-06-2010 at 10:24 PM
    In this dream, there was some sort of fraternity. Someone was narrating, as if it was their story, like people sometimes do in movies where they tell a short portion then let the film tell the rest of the story. Myself and a small group of other girls were crammed naked into a public shower, from an aerial view. Then, it panned out, and then came back to just me standing by myself in the corner trying to get enough warm water. It panned out again, and suddenly there was a huge crowd of people. Everyone was trying to make their way to the double doors (glass) in a large room, waiting for some sort of starting signal. The signal went off, and everyone raced down the hallway. Everyone was looking for something, which would be redeemable for a scholarship. The first person to return with it would get a full ride. I needed it, but they said that if anyone waited for ten extra seconds, we would be able to fly... So I waited. I was watching the clock anxiously, and the second (pun not intended) they rang the second bell I leaped forward. I started to fly; I could feel wings flapping, the feel of wind rushing through my feathers. It was quite vivid as I flew down the hallway, but after I reached the end of it, I glided to the ground and started to sprint, then leaped upward again to fly once more. It seemed like I couldn't stay up for very long, which I now attribute to the size of my rather small wings. The only other person who stayed behind was pulling ahead of me, and suddenly they found the object. They grabbed it, and then the dream skipped and we were back in the crowded room. He was deemed the winner of the challenge and the scholarship. Dream ended.