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    Goat Milking, Fight At School, Strange Class

    by buzz170 on 12-22-2010 at 12:33 AM
    I haven't been posting entries lately due to little available time so time for some catch up.
    This is from the night of 11-25-10.

    Goat Milking

    I was alone in a barn. The inside of the barn was painted red. I estimate the stall that I was in to be ~4 ft. by 6.5 ft. I was sitting on a bale of hay milking a goat.

    Fight At School

    School let out in 6th hour instead of 7th. I texted Hannah and told her that she could come wait at my house, because they said the buses weren't going to run. Andrew and Phillip walked home with me. Hannah said she was just going to wait at school, but I could go meet her if I wanted to. When we walked through the hall connecting the 3rd and 4th buildings there was a recreational football team getting trophies. My grandpaw came, but I'm not sure why. He didn't stay long. Tanner was on my computer when I got home. Some girl was also in the computer room (that we don't really have) with Tanner. (We also only have one computer). There was also a 3rd computer, but noone was using it. Andrew, Phillip, and I went to the kitchen. I ate chocolate covered pretzels. They saw Trevor outside by the school, so they ran out there. Andrew, Phillip, and Aaron (who came from across the street) wanted to fight Trevor. Aaron fought him first. Aaron took his shirt off to fight. Trevor was wearing a brown muscle shirt. Aaron had a piece of pipe that he hit Trevor with. Trevor grabbed the pipe and threw it. Mr. B t,he assistant principal from school, was watching from the bus ramp. Someone standing in the neighbor's yard kept throwing baseballs to Trevor, then Trevor would throw them at Aaron. By this time Mr. B was standing in the neighbor's yard watching, and laughing. When Mr. B got there everyone started to walk away, but once we realized he wasn't breaking it up we all came back. While we were walking away Trevor said, "Why's everyone leaving so soon?" (that was the only dialogue I can recall) I was standing by the fence for my yard and the field next to my house. There were two trashcans right there. I was leaning on one of them.

    Strange Class

    Mr. Dean was the teacher (Coach Hildebrant was observing), in reality he teaches Chemistry and Physics. In my dream we were in an English class. The class consisted of everyone from my Civics class. Mr. Dean is usually a nice, layed back teacher, but in this dream the office wouldn't even buzz his room in fear of upsetting him. One of my classmates had to check out so they made an announcement for the entire school instead of having to listen to him complain. The classroom was made of glass walls. The desks were locked together in pairs, using some type of heavy-duty clips, with the desks facing one another. He gave us an assignment to read a story out of our textbooks. All I know is that it took place in Birmingham... Apparently I forgot to read it (which added realism to the dream). Colby told me that I could copy his paper. Someone tried to drink something in class. Mr. Dean got mad, he said that teachers can't eat either. I said, "No offense, but if y'all want to eat then y'all can eat anytime y'all want. That's not right." At this point someone threw coke everywhere. It was either CJ, DJ, or Ty. A substitute teacher arrived moments later and Mr. Dean left.

    Giants, School, Wal-Mart, Roaches, Car Making Noises, Gas station

    by buzz170 on 11-24-2010 at 04:23 PM
    Me and either four or two other people were being held captive by two giants. I can't really recall how many other people but the numbers four and two stand out for some reason. The place where we were was on some house on top of a large, jagged hill. There was a single road that lead to it and there were cliffs on all the other sides. It was nighttime in the dream. The giants were cyclops. There were planning on eating us. We were in a simple room, which had floors and walls that were similar to an old castle's. I remember something about a glass buble/dome. I overheard the giants talking and they said something in the nature of us not being normal.

    School Weirdness

    There was something making noise upstairs before I went to school, we checked all the cabinets and drawers that aren't really in my parents' room. I think my room was also being haunted. I thought I was missing Coach Riley's class everyday, but then I realized that I had that class last year and was through with it . I kept forgetting school stuff. I apparently kept missing or not receiving assignments and knowing nothing about them. I was going to school at the freshman campus instead of the main. One of my friends apparently had a stalker that made voodoo dolls of him and sold them on the internet. She was from Japan. All of this came across my mind at lunch, I don't remember anything else about school. After lunch I went home. There were alot of rats under our house, but I could see them, it was like x-ray vision. We set up sticky traps all around the hole they used to get under it.


    I was in Wal-Mart with a couple of friends. KV was there checking out at the register. I acted like I was cutting infront of her and the cashier yelled at me, but KV and I just laughed about it. After I paid for my stuff I continued to walk around. DD, my friend from when we were little, kept following me around. I went to the fish section. In the fish section I helped out some lady. She was very thankful and gave me $20. I can't remember what it was that I did, but I think it was originally intended as a joke.

    Roaches (Fragment)

    There were alot of roaches in my room. I remember spraying chemicals to try and kill them. In my dream there was a MythBusters episode on where they set up little devices that were the size of a dime, but square. The roaches would walk over these and be burned alive. I tried to get some of these for my room, but couldn't find any.

    Car Noises

    My mom and I were in the car. We were in a parking garage. My mom was driving. It was night time. I was eating a Snickers Bar. The car wouldn't start, but it was making clown noises. The car was off, but its headlights came on. The strange noises caused me to become lucid. I couldn't hold it.

    Gas Station

    We went to the gas station. I don't know who was driving but I was in the passenger seat. I put change in the gas pump, which was on the driver's side. The vehicle was a kind of truck, it was burnt red on the top half of the truck and a white or a silver color on the bottom half. I told the driver to move it our a little. I took the nozzle off the pump and the machine said "Out of Order". I woke up after that.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Coral Reef Swimming Pool

    by buzz170 on 11-23-2010 at 07:21 PM
    Our swimming pool was filled with fish, there were two sharks, some worm like fish that were similar to star fish. You couls pull them apart and they would grow the other half back, but it was in a matter of seconds not like in real life. There were also a few stingrays and alot of little fish that we were catching with our hands. In the dream it was me, my dad, my Uncle Randy, his son Little Randy, my girlfriend Alanea, and my friend Hannah. My grandmaw was also there but she wouldn't swim. She was just sitting on the wooden deck by our pool, but it hasn't been there for nearly seven years. Everyone else was swimming and we could breathe underwater. I was careful to avoid the sharks and stingrays. Later on at some point in the dream the pool became larger but I never noticed. The Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayer(?) was there and was being interviewed. She was on a blow up whale float and the camera crew and interviewer were floatin on something else, but I can't recall what.

    Giant Worm (Fragment)

    by buzz170 on 11-22-2010 at 04:39 PM
    There was a dark road, with woods on either side. There was a path broken through the woods. Some park rangers came to investigate the path. They found a giant worm. The worm told them something else did it. The rangers left. As soon as they left two gigantic snakes came and killed the worm.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Gears of War?

    by buzz170 on 11-22-2010 at 04:34 PM
    The world was based kind of like Gears of War. We knew that we were in a game, but we sill played as if we were in real danger. We had weapons very similar to those in Gears. We traveled in little boats that were first loaded onto helicopters. The choppers dropped the boats off in some ocean, that was experiencing rough seas. There were hundreds of boats, with two people per boat. My girlfriend and I were in the same boat. We had to paddle to some fortess type thing. There were people on the walls with turrent guns.

    Inside the fortress there were alot of creatures to fight. There was one monster I focues on in particular. He was very similar to the forest trolls from Fable. The only way to kill him was to shoot these orbs that were located on his joints, just like in Fable. I was having trouble killing him, so I found my girlfriend to help me fight him. Even though it was a fortress on the outside, once we got inside and started fighting the place seemed to become a mansion. I used furniture constantly to roll behind and avoid being killed. I also remember some type of serpent there. It was gigantic.

    I found my little cousin in the mansion fighting. I made him go find on experienced warrior and stay by him. I woke up in mid combat with the forest troll.

    Somewhere throughout the dream I remember someone make a comment about an old friend of mine. They said that they wished he was there, because he just got the job done and didn't worry about points.