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      Where art thou

      Hope everything's okay
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      Man where dafaq you been?
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      Happy (few days late ) Birthday Caenis!!!

      ^^ Not quite as cute as paigey's duck cake, but it will have to do. My so incredibly bad for missing your birthday.

      Love, Ophelia
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      That's your duck, the white one. The purple one is mine. And the green frog in the back is RareCola. Not his frog. Him.

      Hahaha <3
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      Cool thank u
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      Hey I want some homework lol never though I would say that. But yea check out my work book my recall is not so great recently and I'm on a huge dry spell!!!!!! Help "please an thank u"
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      Congrats on your work in DV! You are doing awesome job answering posts in Introduction zone also.
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      Love your avatar!
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      Oh thanks, I wanted to join it from the moment I first saw it, but it was closed.
      I hope it'll be helpful
      Thanks again for wanting to let me know
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      Same thing as mikeac. Awesome picture.
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    Nth short lucid

    by Caenis on 11-08-2012 at 08:20 PM
    I don't remember anything before I became lucid. I just remember performing my nose plug twice, and then losing vision after the second nose plug. I started spinning with my arms stretched out, but then became immensely dizzy and blinked once or twice, then woke up.

    Father's baby lucid

    by Caenis on 08-11-2012 at 06:46 AM
    I was at some family function with my father and sister. Maybe golf, something about a wedding. Then I was in a car, discussing banks and the price of food with my family. My dad expressed that he was tired.

    The dream jumps to a house. My sister and I hear that our father just had a baby. We're extremely confused, and discuss the possibilities: perhaps our mother had had a female ejaculation, and the egg happened to land in his penis? There was an image with that too. That was a very strange image. My dad came out of his bedroom and explained to us that he did not give birth to a baby. He merely found the baby in a plastic bag. My grandmother laments over the fact that the baby is not European.

    My sister and I talk in the second floor hallway, and then we hear someone talking on the first floor. It was a woman, and she seemed to be talking on a cell phone, describing how she had just broken into our house. My sister and I exchanged glances and fled into our respective bedrooms and locking the doors, hoping she'd choose to leave.

    I decided to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and started talking to a friend of mine. I suddenly realized that the baby thing was really ridiculous. I think there was a second thing that tipped me off, but I don't remember.

    I performed the nose plug and became lucid. I stared at my hands very briefly, and then quickly remembered that I wanted to try CALD. There was a girl in front of me. I called out to her, "Sith!" I might have been floating, I remember reaching my arm out to her.

    I woke up. I suspect I either became lucid at the end of my REM cycle, or I got too excited.

    Zombie encounter at the store

    by Caenis on 08-04-2012 at 08:34 AM
    I was either traveling to China with my father, or already in China. I was in a store looking for a suitcase with a few dudes, then they were replaced by my crush, Jade. One of the suitcases had some glass compartments, and I thought, “they’d be perfect for storing food, even ice cream!”

    I saw that my dad had tried to call me on my phone, but my phone didn’t have service anymore. I asked to borrow Jade’s phone, and when I started pressing buttons, the phone was beeping. Jade grabbed the phone from me, hurriedly putting the phone on silent so we wouldn’t be heard. I urged her to hurry up, as people started to gather in the room we were in; they made me uneasy. Some of those people were missing limbs, or were smeared with blood.

    Just imagine the blood is a darker shade, closer to purple.

    Suddenly all of the merchandise in the room was gone, and there was just a circle of chairs. One man sat in a chair and started sharing a zombie story. Jade got excited and wanted to join.

    “Jade, don’t, we have to go.”

    “Caenis, you have to do what I say!” Good to know she's demanding even in my dreams. Jade sat down next to the man sharing the story, and quickly began sharing her own zombie story.

    I watched the crowd of bloodied and dazed people grow. Anxious, I abandoned Jade, making my way to the front of the store. The front of the store was dark, most of the lights had gone out. There weren’t any more humans, crowds of zombies passed me by. I peered in a room where a human corpse was sitting in a chair, with a severed zombie head on top of his. His head was crushed beneath the zombie head.

    I found the exit and wandered the streets. Zombies and humans ran chaotically through the city. Zombie blood sprayed my right cheek. I wiped it off and decided that I wouldn’t turn into a zombie from coming in contact with the blood. I observed a few zombies get struck by lightning, and thought it fitting that even nature was trying to retaliate against the zombies.

    I found a nice couple to travel with, and we walked to a Georgian city. We stopped in front of a large, elevated building. I looked up and muttered “No….” It was a train station. Though there were no zombies on the streets of Georgia, I knew zombies would pour out of that train station. People and zombies alike streamed out of the train station, and lightning struck the building causing an explosion.

    My hand was torn or bitten off. Determined to not become a zombie, the couple and I suddenly appeared in a room. They amputated part of my arm in hopes that the zombie infection would not spread. “Cauterize the wound” the woman declared while stretching and cutting my skin. My skin was peach-colored and transparent.

    Updated 08-04-2012 at 11:35 PM by Caenis

    memorable , non-lucid , nightmare

    Two Short LDs - 7/19/12

    by Caenis on 07-30-2012 at 02:35 AM
    1. I used the nose plug RC out of habit, and realized I was dreaming. I stared at the ground, I was in my old house. I noticed the dream was becoming more vivid and clear when I was examining the carpet. While staring at the ground trying to stabilize, I decided to crawl on the ground. Then I woke up.

    2. Later that morning, I got lucid again! I didn’t RC this time, I think I realized I was dreaming as soon as I was in the dream. It was already relatively stable. There were plastic bags on my hands, so I thought, “I’m dreaming. I should be able to rip these bags off!” So I tore the bag on my left hand, then my right. I looked at the bag on my left hand, and it had grown. There was a much smaller hole in the left bag than what I made. The bag on the right hand was completely undamaged. I gave up and stared at my hands to stabilize. There were tiny air bubbles all over my palms, as if the gloves were filled with water. I might have tried to get the gloves off again, and then I lost lucidity.

    DV IRC turns lucid

    by Caenis on 07-13-2012 at 12:50 PM
    I was in DV IRC, I started talking about Katamari. I saw only the text and a sort of screen, nothing else. As my thoughts became more focused on Katamari, the theme song started playing in my head or in the dream itself. I suddenly heard my father and a friend of mine talking downstairs. I was confused, why would my friend be at my house so early in the morning?

    I used the nose plug RC four times to be absolutely certain I was dreaming, my friend's voice sounded so clear and real. Once I was satisfied, my next thought was: I need to stabilize. I remembered that visualizing stabilization doesn't work if I'm dreaming, so I moved my hands and started rubbing them together.

    That friction felt too real. I RCed again, and I was awake. I had rubbed my real hands together.