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      Your avatar. Favorite. Character. Absolute FAVORITE.
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      I have only an inkling of what you are talking about. Can't remember what thread you were referring to though lol
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      I see you have changed your avatar...
      It's really good...and actually better than you posing as a nuts guy ...no offense
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      lol you sent me a message for that? Let me know when you gain control over your clicking deficiency.
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      ohhoooooo lol
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      Well my K/D is 1.17, but I ain't even mad. My k/d doesn't matter to me, as long as I have fun. It's only a guideline for how the game went. If I went 40/2, thats a great game. If I went 2/15, thats bad. But if I went 5/15 and got say 5 tomahawk headshots in a row, or blew up 7 tanks to win the game, then thats a good game.

      Which do you want most? A good k/d, or lucid dreams, and a good k/d? You can have both. Just focus on your body and play, you don't need to listen to everything and look around you.

      Just don't lose yourself in the game.
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      *notices avatar*

      Does this mean you've embraced the magic of friendship?

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      haha cool! Drizzt would be extremly difficult for anyone to defeat also, hes so badass. But a very goodly dark elf where as sorin looks kinda evil hahaha
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      Yea Drizzt does look a lot like sorin! What is he from?
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      Nah it's ok, I was just trying to get the thread back on topic.
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    June 26th, 2011 - Pillows

    by Caretaker on 06-26-2011 at 01:48 PM
    Awake - Dream - Lucid

    I woke up in my bed and instantly knew something was wrong. It was in a bed we didn't have, in a room I don't sleep in, and at my house. I knew I was at Johns so something didn't seem right. I did a nose plug RC and could breath. At first I was like, "Wait, am I dreaming". Then did it again and could tell I was breathing though... nothing that time. I even looked at my hands to make sure to notice that on my left hand, my third finger was missing. I honestly wasn't freaked out because that meant I was dreaming for sure. I started feeling absolutely everything to stabilize my dream. Then I proceeded to go outside to fly... ish. I could actually feel my own skepticism and was trying to tell myself, "You're dreaming, you just have to believe this will work". It didn't, haha. I then tried a different technique. I grabbed hold on a tree branch and started doing kind of a rubber band effect. Pull the tree down then use the weight to pull me up. I was getting higher and higher till John came out in the front yard and told me to rake leafs with my sister. I then noticed that there was dozens of bags of leafs everywhere. I wanted to try gliding since the tree thing wasn't working. I went out into the street but I was thinking, "Hey, when you don't take off this cement is going to hurt". I turned back to where all the leafs were and tried to transform them into pillows. It worked, slowly but it worked. John looked really surprised when I told him all the bags of leafs were now pillows. I was about to try to glide and was moving pillows when I realized that I might want to start with something a little easier. Driving! I have never cared for it but in a dream, why not give it a shot to try something new. I went inside while thinking of "I Give It All" by Rise Against. It was playing on the radio once I went back inside and I thought, "Yea, I knew that would happen". Erik was sitting at the table doing I don't know what. I think a Jigsaw. I was asking him where his keys were and he gave me a very vague response, "Oh there over there". I couldn't find them so I went to the backroom to ask my sister.

    The dream fades in an instant and I open my actual eyes to John saying, "It's time to get up and help move some of these boxes". I told him, "I really wish you wouldn't have done that because I just had my first dream where I knew it was a dream". I'm typing this up literally seconds after this all happened because my mind is on fire with excitement.

    Updated 06-26-2011 at 02:06 PM by Caretaker


    June 25th, 2011 - Teams of Death

    by Caretaker on 06-26-2011 at 04:30 AM
    Awake - Dream - Lucid

    I remember being very tired throughout most of the day. I was trying my hardest to stay awake most of the night but finally clocked out around 10PM.

    This dream was very random. It starts with me and a few friends (vague images of people I knew but couldn't make out). We were stranded when out Van ran out of gas and we had to stop at some little gas shop in the middle of no where. The whole time we were driving till then, there was a really bitchy lady next to us that wouldn't stop complaining. Anyways, once we were getting gas or whatever, I walked into a dark lobby after setting down my HDTV. Andrew was there with a key-chain flashlight and said, "look whose here". I turned to see the bitch that wouldn't shut up from before. Surprisingly, it was Cameron Diaz is a very sexy white tank-top. We didn't really talk to her. Instead, we went around to the corner of the building where a dim light hallway was at. It was the entrance to a Rodeo and Karaoke bar. At the entrance, there was a lady who looked nervous to go in. From what I know, she was a big time country singer that had something traumatic happen to her. This was the first time she was back in the bar to sing for people and everyone was cheering. I recall giving her some words of encouragement because I made a plan to help 7 people that night (like 7lbs w/ Will Smith).

    The dream gets really, really foggy and jumps scenes from here. I just recall bits of it that we were on teams and on some type of death race. I was destroying people with a RPG when I got side-swiped from a car and knocked off a big bridge. I was hanging from a steel beam, waiting for my teammate below to help me. There were more detailed parts where the teams were conversing and I like a spectator to them talking but I don't remember the exact things they were doing.

    No fucking idea. I think the teams part might be because of Borderlands and Cameron Diaz because of the movie Bad Teacher but that's the best I can think of.

    I woke up abruptly at 2:30AM due to my sister talking loudly to my mom about needing a pillow. I was about to fall back asleep when I had t o pee. When I got done in the bathroom, my sister was back on the computer using Facebook at 3AM. The light from our PC shines on my face so when she finally got off, I was wide awake. I tried to convince myself that I wasn't and laid there for a good couple hours trying to WILD or fall back asleep before I finally got up at 5AM.

    June 24th, 2011 - Ghosts

    by Caretaker on 06-26-2011 at 04:17 AM
    Awake - Dream - Lucid

    I had been up for a long ass time after getting little sleep. I was laying in the backroom, watching my brother play Grand Chase from the couch. I knew he was trying to get a new character and I was waiting for him to finish before I was going to do my daily (it resets at 2AM). As I was watching him, I faded into a short dream.

    I was with my older brother and we were doing some type of mission. We came into a graveyard that had large cement pipes strewn about. I rounded a corner and got knocked down by some kind of monster that looked like a Wraith (HoMM) + Dementor (HP). I was yelling for Erik, "Get this guy off me, I'm down". Erik come in from the right side and was gunning it down when it got hit with it's attack and was transforming into a opaque gray vision of the monster. It was stretching it's skeleton hand out to me when I realized I had dozed off on the couch waiting for Tony. I was trying to get the monster off of me but I couldn't move my arm. I knew it was because my arm was actually laying next to me and figured out that it was numb because I had it laying underneath my leg. I finally managed to open my eyes to see Tony was just going to sleep. So, I jumped on the computer, did my dailies, then went back to bed.

    I think the whole setting reminded me of Borderlands. Erik and I had been playing it pretty hard the last few days and were close to beating it. The way the dream was, it was almost exactly how it would be if the game was real

    I was surprising on how I was fading in and out of the dream like that while knowing where I actually was. It wasn't very long but I think it's a sign that I'm starting to realize when I'm dreaming. This short, 2 minute dream gives me high hopes that I'm closer than ever to achieving my first LD.

    June 22nd, 2011 - Neverending Argument

    by Caretaker on 06-26-2011 at 04:07 AM
    Awake - Dream - Lucid

    I woke up at 7AM after trying to WILD for what seemed like all night. Once I got up, I knew I was still way too tired so I thought why not try to WILD now? First, I moved to the back bedroom now that it was empty for the morning and laid down. A quick realization set in that I wasn't going to get far because my mind was on hyperdrive. I was thinking of a million different things at once and I couldn't stop my mind from thinking. I gave up and get some cereal then a soda to kick start my body to the level my mind was at. After being up 7 hours and doing all my daily things for Grand Chase, I let Tony get on to do his. I knew I wasn't going to last for more than a minute and crashed nearly instantly.

    This entire dream takes place as mostly a conversation or me describing something. I'm not sure what the hell the topic was on but I was mostly arguing with my grandma. She was on a fiery rampage about chores and how no one was helping her. I was getting extremely frustrated so I went into the bedroom. For some reason, the bedroom was twice as big, Tony was in it, and we had bunk-beds. I was telling Tony to watch out because Mamaw (the name we have for our grandma) was on a hurricane path of bitching. I moved the bed to the side (which was now a normal bed again) and laid down for a second before she came in after me. She started getting in my face about the bed not being made up right. I was trying hard to explain how it didn't matter because the sheets were tore up (which I don't see how that changes it). Tony was trying to explain it to her as well but she wasn't listening. My Aunt was in the doorway trying to to make us help our grandma as well. Suddenly, it's like I was at a presentation and I was comparing my grandma to types of sharks. My mom was listening to the explanation as well as a few other people that were in the audience. It was weird because the people in the audience were all Native American. We were kind of underwater but not at the same thing. I was showing the sharks on some kind of electronic canvas that was animated. There were about 12 different types of sharks that I was showing. The last shark was being compared to a strange type of cactus + venus fly trap type plant. Instead of being on the screen like the rest, this thing was on the ground next to me. I was telling everyone how it had enough crushing power that it could take out a whole wall of a building in seconds. While I was explaining, one of the children dropped her little toy train into the plant and I was screaming, "No don't touch it, you'll have your hand crushed". She only replied with a very innocent, "It no hurt". I reached into it's mouth and pulled out the toy and noticed that it indeed didn't hurt. Then it was like I was pulled out of the dream through my eyes, as if I was watching that dream instead of being in it. I was in my kitchen now, making a contraption. It was an inverted pyramid of lego blocks that had a small opening near the bottom. At that opening I had a small test tube full of cement. My plan was to copy the way the plant worked and compact all my trash into small cement cubes. I was testing out it would work when the first tube of cement fell into the trash can. I groaned and lifted it to pour it out over the sink then rinse it out. That's where the dream ends.

    I know the beginning of the dream was about what was going on in waking life. My grandma has been nagging us non-stop the last few weeks and my mom warned me that she was going to bug me about a job that morning. I have no idea what the rest of it means.

    June 21st, 2011 - Jermey and the Aliens

    by Caretaker on 06-26-2011 at 03:31 AM
    Awake - Dream - Lucid

    I haven't been writing in this for awhile because I haven't been able to recall anything at all. I know I should write my thoughts each night as well but I don't see the need to write that I didn't recall anything. I've been pretty distracted with playing Grand Chase lately. They've added a ton of stuff since Tony and I played a little over a year ago so we were enjoying the new content. I also stopped doing things like drinking Apple Juice (was making me sick), practicing ADA, and questioning reality regularly. I've been a little caught up in the game and I'm going to start trying harder now. I know I can do it.

    I was up watching My Little Pony till 4AM. After forcing myself back awake several times from almost passing out with my iPod in my hand, I went to sleep.

    I'm not sure where I was. It was a small room with around 5 people lounging around in it. I was talking with my buddy Jermey about my other friend, James. I was asking him things like, "Why don't we hang out more" and "What games are you in to now". Jermey was telling me how him and James were bros and I responded, "Yea he told me a couple times". He was telling me how he was bad ass in some new game now. I don't remember the name but it was some kind of hunting game. Then him and I were playing some kind of Alien game together. He was tearing threw the Aliens with an AK74u. We were near the end of the level which was located in a small cave. Inside the cave was some scaffolding on the side for us to get on and aim and a purple Alien ship near the back. We were shooting the cheap out of them before they could even get out of the door. Then out of no where, Jermey paused the game and we had to go kill ants. We were micro sized and had to kill a bunch of ants that were trying to steal all our stuff. They were carrying white chess pieces for some odd reason.

    I'm positive this dream is the collection of thoughts that I have very often. That is, where did all my friends go? I used to have friends over every week and we'd play games together. I was the guy you'd come kick it with if you wanted to play that latest video game before anyone else. Now I literally only have one friend I talk to and I miss the people I used to hang out with.

    Updated 06-26-2011 at 03:40 AM by Caretaker