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    The night I conveened with the Gods... And was one.

    by Cashby on 03-22-2017 at 04:22 AM
    I walk into a room that contains a large bridge. Either side of it was darkness, but only for a while, it eventually ended at a wall, a dark navy blue-ish stone. In the middle of the bridge were men and women in battle armor, all unique, all with their own personal weapons. Their armor was gorgeous. One woman wore maroon, another blue, one green and so on, it was awesome. I look down and see cloth robes worn in a type of roman fashion. Understandable, I am no god nor warrior. I approach them, and one speaks, "We aren't sure what exactly is happening, we just know a war is coming against beings of evil, and we gods lesser to the creator, and those humans who have ascended to god-hood are also here. Thank you for coming"

    I say "But I'm neither? Why am I here?"

    Everyone turns to me in shock, and one screams out in anger "Not only is the strongest of us a living human who ascended, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HE'S A GOD!"

    I guess he was born a god.

    But this is one awesomeeeeeeeeeee dream. I'm a god? And not only that I'm the strongest? No way.

    I say "Well, where's my armor? Why am I just in a basic robe?"

    The woman that spoke first draws out her spear, and jumps back a few feet from me. Then lunges almost faster than I can see and jabs me with the end of the spear. I hear a loud explosion, and feel air behind me get forced even further behind me due to the sheer force of the blow... But the spear didn't even break skin.

    "That's why" She says.

    before I can reply my vision changes. I'm now looking through the eyes of someone else, and they're coming from the other end of the bridge, and I see myself. Not only am I wearing robes, but there is a golden thorn-crown on my head. On my back? A golden Bo staff, beautiful. I take it off my back and do a two spin, and end the spin with a fighting stance. (I find Bo's fascinating, and have even practiced with makeshift ones all my life, practicing the spins and stances)

    My vision changes back to normal, and I see the figure. It is some being made from smoke, and looks mighty. He attempts to speak to us, and I wake up.

    I am seriously [--] this close to recreating a part two of the dream lucidily and actually fight these beings. Cause that was the most badass dream I've had to date.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Possible shared dream? No way that was a DC...

    by Cashby on 03-04-2017 at 12:04 PM
    I awoke in a room with three doors(I have been having WILD's and DEILD's all night, cause I have woken up at least 5 times tonight and have successfully chained together dreams! it was AWESOME. This is the fifth dream.), One huge, like a blast door, the other two were normal. The Blast door had a window on it so I could see out, and it lead to a beach. The two normal doors had windows too, but I couldn't see anything beyond the one to the left, and the right door lead to what looked like an excision concert. Naturally I tried that door immediately lol. But it was locked, and something was preventing me from using powers, immediately making me think it was a shared dream or my dream entity that's been giving me issues. I see no way to open the big door so I try the one on the left and it's open. As it opens it turns into my elementary school cafeteria and I recognize several people from highschool. One moreso, my Ex. I go to investigate her, look at her and decide it's nothing, and fly towards a door behind me to leave. Then she STOPS me mid-air. I've now realized this is most likely a shared dream and I have been pulled into her dream, would explain why I couldn't do certain things. Only thing is, Whoever this was wasn't my Ex. She just used a mirror to change her appearance to LOOK like my ex, but she didn't know how to ACT like my Ex. And unfortunately for this woman I pay attention to women I like... Especially this one. Her mouth gaped as I turned around, and she began walking away. I could tell from her exasperated look and the way she walked it was not who she wanted me to believe it was. Then she fucked up and gave me attitude, a very specific attitude. This woman was not my Ex at all, but someone I've missed for a long time. She sat at a different table in the lunchroom and I sat a few seats down, watching her. She spoke of a few words that only I will know, and then from a sitting position began to pinch the table into an upside down U until it snapped in front of us. She flew off and I followed... And so did DC's. She changes her appearance... She's wearing a black dress now, and it solidifies who I thought it was cause this woman appeared to me before in that same dress... But she wouldn't make eye contact with me now, nor let me see her face. I turn around to close doors behind us to stop the DC's, then I turn around and she's using a door as a teleport and shuts it behind me. As I reach the door and try to follow, I wake up.

    Dreamed of Full Dive Virtual Reality (Like SAO)

    by Cashby on 03-02-2017 at 12:31 PM
    I wasn't lucid for this dream at all, and I can't believe I never thought of doing it lucid!

    I dreamed that me and a group of friends, which were all DC's didn't actually know them, where playing a Full Dive Reality game that was like a futuristic shooter, more like the Crysis series than Halo though. We ran a raid through some sort of high tech terrorist compound, but we were doing it all Splinter Cell like. Until about 10 minutes in we got spotted by a damn camera >.< unfortunately for the terrorists, they didn't have the badass suits that we had, that pretty much made us ninjas, and assisted with accuracy.

    Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you ran across a wall for a few seconds and managed to get a few headshots in.

    After we finished the raid we walked through the exit door and it become like a lobby type area, where cold drinks were waiting for us, nice couch and tv, and we sat and talked about the raid until I woke up.

    My first ever lucid dream.

    by Cashby on 03-01-2017 at 12:56 PM
    I had heard of lucid dreaming at this point and was interested in attempting it, but failed a lot.

    I was 14 years old.

    I was in a mall, random DC's scattered about. I was walking around, just window shopping. The mall had a glass roof, and I could see it was dark outside. Somehow... someway, I realized I was dreaming. Standard DILD. I spoke aloud, "Oh my god, I did it. I'm dreaming." and while I had no control of what was happening, I was excited. Some began to lift me up, and I pass through the glass roof. I continue to ascend until I wake up, and too this day I still think it was a fun show that my mind played out for me, as if it were my ascension to becoming a god of my own realm, right inside my own mind. My own place to have fun and explore new places.

    I'm almost 23 now. And I am strong. And if it weren't for an apparent dream entity sucking my power away not too long ago, I would be participating in the yearly and monthly tasks. I'm new here and loveeeeeee the idea.