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    1. As far as morality, I don't see any difference between LDs and Real Life. God exists everywhere and everytime, so if you are moral while awake, certainly you would want to be moral while asleep! I had to laugh to myself at church last week... we sang "Every Step that I take, Every moment I'm awake, I give my life to You" I told my wife I didn't agree... why limit yourself to just your waking time?" Anyway, that's my take. I am excited to explore the "powers" one can exhibit in LDs... teleportation, walking thru walls, shapeshifting. I think that sounds more exciting than using LDs like a giant porn factory. I feel my Christian walk greatly improved by LDs, and my faith strengthened. Although my Church might not understand LDs yet, I've found it has strengthened my faith.
    2. Sorry Rothgar, I didn't mean to ignore you. What are your thoughts on the subject so far?
    3. I agree with your views on morality and dreams. I too am investigating this. Love to discuss further.
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