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    1. Wow, that's pretty cool! I wish you the best of luck (not that you'll need it) with that. My screamo band is called Stand Well Back. Its funny, we came up with the name literally after we played a gig at a house party we organised. All of us tend to go a little bit mental when playing and ended up causing a few, minor injuries lol.
      I'm working on a lot of solo stuff atm as the band peeps are quite busy atm with work, uni etc. im just playing a few open mic nights, getting myself out there etc. it's scary as hell to do but SO SO SO much fun.
      Haha heavy metal, nice! Its all about having a person that can play keyboard, makes it sound sooo awesome!
    2. Nice! I know what you mean I wish I had time to play every instrument there is. Got a couple projects going on, I'm back and forth between working with a couple hip-hop producers, adding hooks and whatnot with just doing my normal mellow stuff. What's the name of the band? Screamo that's cool, I used to be in a heavy metal band as the singer/keyboardist back in the day lol.
    3. Well i play guitar drums and bass but I'm best at guitar, I like to sing too.
      I play acoustic and slow stuff when I'm by myself. With my band it's screamo. But I'm learning to appreciate the acoustic stuff and really loving it.
      I really want to learn the piano and violin but there just isn't enough time in the day!
      You got any projects going on recently?
    4. Hi BA hair guy, I play indie folk kind of music but also experiment with pop and hip-hop as well. You do music too that's awesome!! What kind/instrument?!?
    5. Hello blue lady
      I read somewhere that you write/play music. Same here! what kind of music do you play?
      Hope your good!
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