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    1. Whoops. I guess that one did go through. Sorry 'bout that... >_<
    2. It's a by-product of being a weirdo, I swear! >_<
      If you're wanting more funny, I'm keeping track of my 100-hour no-sleep dare in... a thread that I can't link to in this reply.
      Meh. It's in the f41 sub-forum: "Sleep and Health".
      Could be funny...
    3. Thanks for the response man.

      I got home late after a technically-nightmared Radio Program and you made me chuckle. When things go wrong it's best to just laugh it off, but it's better if you have something to laugh about, 'n you did it for me . . . I feel much better now . . .
    4. Anytime, man. Lyrics are my thing, and this reality tends to suck. What else could I do? ;D
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