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    1. I told about my attempt to Fredrik and he said that I did wrong, "the attempt ends when you wake up the next morning not in the middle of the night!".
      And he admited that it can be hard to lay still for a long time. But that's the whole thing, and if I give up it just means that I need to pracctise my patience not my way of doing it, because there is no other way of doing it than laying still until the next morning! "I am using this to fall asleep, but I guess the same rule apply to you".

      He is so wise Ok not really it's actually quite obvious, it's just me trying to come up with excuses... I'll keep you updated!
    2. Awesome, I'll be waiting to hear how it goes! Yeah, one of the things that bugs me is that it's hard for me to feel that comfortable in the best position for it, and I haven't really been able to pull this kind of thing off in other positions very well. :T
    3. I didn't succeed with the WILD last night, I lay still for very long but I never come the point where I could no longer feel my body.
      I think that the problem was that I changed my sleeping posture, I am trained now to lay still for a long time, but doesn't mean that I will be relaxed.
      I am doing this every night so I will tell you when I succeed
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