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    Exeter Garden Party 21/07/12

    by chriswannell on 07-21-2012 at 11:59 PM
    Very sketchy dream and cant help feeling there's much I've forgotten but here goes:

    I remember being in Exeter in the back of the neighbours of my grandparents where I used to stay as a kid. I remember the garden was set up for a wedding party with food all around. I found myself walking through the bouncy castle to get into the main part of the garden. I then looked down at my wrist to see that the tattoo of Garfield (just had a tattoo but of a Basque cross done there) had somehow run and bled onto the napkin I held and began worrying whether I should try and get rid of the whole thing or get it touched up to how it was originally.

    I then found myself on the round that runs at the front of these houses walking down the hill. It was at this point I woke up.

    Stainless Steele Rat Lucid 25/05/12

    by chriswannell on 07-21-2012 at 11:56 PM
    This is a lucid dream I had while listening to ‘The Stainless Steele Rat’
    I was in a castle, I could suddenly hear the story playing in my ear at which point when I found I had no ear piece, I realised I was dreaming.
    I could clearly see all the cobbles in the half light and spray of the rain, but on going through a door I still found myself inside the castle. As an experiment I tried flying which turned out as more of a semi controlled floating. At one point I was carrying a woman which was obviously prompted by the story that was playing in the background which I could hear and follow throughout the dream. I found myself going through several doors until one finally led to the outside, at which point I woke up.
    lucid , memorable

    Vampire Hunting and Psychiatric Home - 03/04/12

    by chriswannell on 04-04-2012 at 02:22 PM
    Two dreams from last night
    The first I remember being in a large Petrol Station, I remember looking in the glove compartment and finding about 5 squares of chocolate from a box of chocolates wrapped in polythene. After eating them I decided I needed to go into the garage and get some more. Next thing I remember was being in a sub terranium corridor under the Garage with soneone, we knew were graves above us with vampires in, ready to wakeup. I looked about for any type of stick that could be sharpened into a steak and worrying about those graves where the dead had already decomposed.
    The next dream was very fragmented.
    I was walking arround a country area then led back to my room in a psychiatric residence. Jimmy and Cookie were there (my two cats, though Cookie is now dead in real life) and was worried that they weren't accustomed to their new residence and may wonder off and get lost, I put them in a basket to take them round the area outside, but after a time found that it was too much to carry. Next thing I remember was finding myself back indoors, my cats safely in the room, talking to one of the other residents, not sure what about, but he was writing something. At this point I woke up.

    Slating Olympics 270312

    by chriswannell on 03-27-2012 at 10:49 PM
    This dream was very vivid and memorable, I think it occured in the morning.
    I was in a large building taking part in an ice skating olympic competition. I remember walking through the hallway to the competition area. The rink was a blue plastic type surface, so to help myself I got in and started tryng to plane down the whole surface, but it was obvious that I wouldn't be able to do the whole thing in time, and wondered if planing out the dance route might give me an advantage. At this point I was told I needed to go to. I went and gave my name and details, the man on reception then gave me some papers and coins telling me it was £1000, £800 of which was for the bet.
    I returned to my table by the rink where we stated a formal meal, I was chatting with several of the others on my team when I was introduced to Jo (A friend of my sisters during her school days) and told she was to be my dance partner. I was surprised at this as I thought I was dancing solo, I remember wishing for all this to be over.rockey tournament.
    non-lucid , memorable

    A Couple of memorable dream fragments 120212

    by chriswannell on 02-13-2012 at 02:33 AM
    The first of these was a couple of nights ago on 10th February:
    I remember being on a spaceship heading away from one of many planets, I knew the area was uninhabitable for some reason (black hole, antimatter or something). The next thing I remember was heading back towards the planet, feeling nervouse, with some sort of process in mind to make it habitable.
    The next dream was last night 12 February:
    I felt in a panic as I needed to get something important to a friend or work collegue. I was on the bus heading down the main Leeds road, trying to make sure I had everything only to realise that I'd left without putting any shoes on. Very concerned, I tried to work out if I had enough time or money for buying a pair before we were due to meet up. I decided not to and on turning up had to admit my ommission to which this person said not to worry, he had a pair that would fit. I felt sure they were too small but not wanting to contradict him I put them on, at which point I woke up.
    memorable , dream fragment