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    Dream 08/02/2013: the catapult and the market

    by Ciao600 on 02-17-2013 at 08:19 AM
    Like yesterday: I apply the MILD technique while I repeat the mantras: "I ​​do a reality test" and "I remember the dream." I fall asleep. I wake up to an hour of the night unknown (maybe 5.30) and I try to remember the dream but I can't. I fall asleep again. I wake up and for the second time since I decided to do it I remember the dream, or rather two!

    I'm on the balcony of my house, on the third floor, throwing some objects (perhaps with a makeshift catapult) on the other houses that were in front of me and every time that these objects enter in a chimney a dark smoke emerges from them accompanied by some screams of terror, as if inside the house something burnt. Mindfull of the damage that I was causing I stop it and instead the objects that I was throwing before I put the water balloon with water.

    Suddenly I find myself catapulted into another dream.

    I'm in areally busy market (such as Asian or North African) full of stalls. With me there is my all my family plus all the uncles and cousins. I realize I have in my hands a heavy bunch of keys. I look at my uncle A. (my favorite because although he is 37 he behaves like an irresponsible teenager), I throw the bunch of key in air and take it back to the flight. He immediately understands the game: he must take it from my hand. We run through the market and follow us between people when suddenly slam against my aunt and my uncle takes from me the bunch of keys

    I am very happy with my results: first I didn't remember any dreams and after only 2 days of training I remember already 2!

    PS: please, if I didn't write well anything can you tell it me? Thank you
    non-lucid , memorable

    Ciao600's Dram Journal

    by Ciao600 on 02-15-2013 at 11:35 AM
    Tonight, I tryed again using the MILD technique and repeat the mantras: "I ​​make reality test" and "I remember the dream." I fall asleep. I wake up in the very early (maybe 5:30, I didn't see what time it was) with the feeling that I had to remember the dream but I can't so I get back to sleep repeating the mantra "I remember the dream." So after half an hour I wake up, and after time immemorial, I remember the dream!

    During the night, I'm going back to school, passing in front of his house, meeting N., my old catechist, and her two children who return to school too. Since we live near, they decide to take me for that short stretch of road to my house. So start to walk and in front of the door of my house S., the youngest son of N., say that behind the hedge in front of the building there is my ball. So I'm going to climb over and take it. He follows me. Front of the ball I find one of my old green sweatshirt. I take it and the ball. While I prepare to go back I look up at the palace, and I see a lady from North Africa with a kind of fular on her head. Her son comes out of the front door of the building and looks at me...

    Here the dream stop and I wake up. I take pen and paper and I write all that I remember. Stay awake and half an hour after the alarm rings and I get ready to go to school.