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    First Lucid Dream

    by CloudArchitect on 12-11-2011 at 10:33 AM
    I was at my house, everything seemed a bit darker, it was definitely like a false awakening, because I'd done my first WBTB and lay there for over an hour thinking about lucid dreaming and telling myself I'd have one when I was asleep, "I'm going to fall asleep and be in a lucid dream".

    I was chilling with my house mates, we went upstairs and found that the upstairs was completely different to usual, there was a huge gap in the walls leading to all this stuff, clothes and old artefacts.

    I go through with them, and we all agree we could totally sell all the stuff here.

    Then I remember there was an artefact which had a demon inside of it and it was let out, it was very blue, and something about my room and it being very dark. Me trying to kill the demon and not managing to do it. And then leaving for the outside back garden.

    Then I saw a huge hilly plain. And my dad was standing on a hill, I had been trying to find dreamsigns all the way through and not managing to even though there was obviously a demon there, I just felt scared of the demon and that was enough to make me not question it's existence. The back garden ultra field and my dad sparked questions, and I asked "I'm dreaming aren't I?" to my dad. And he smiled and said 'Yep son'.

    I became lucid, and I had made a plan to survey the dream scene the moment I did, and I looked around. I walked up to the house wall, which was now a mansion. It was so sharp and in focus. I could feel the wind, and the brick on my hand as I rubbed over it, when I got really close up to it it was still ultra sharp, it looked like a HD TV image of it. Slightly pixelly.

    I turn around and look at some trees and realise I can do superpowers and change my environment, so I shouted 'MOVE TREES!!!' and did an open sesame gesture really hard and the trees just moved apart from each other without falling over, they stayed in the ground. During this point I realise I had a very hazy thought process, even though I was lucid. Then I walked over to the demon that was terrorising my friends and said 'DEMON BEGONE!' and clicked my fingers and the demon literally vanished. Then I turned to the sky which was a dark grey overcast and said 'SHOW ME A BLUE SKY' but instead of turning to sunny sky ike I thought it would, it turned to a blue nightsky with loads of stars everywhere. So I shouted 'SHOW ME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET I WILL EVER SEE IN MY LIFE' and it started changing but I started losing lucidity and some guy came up and started talking about a sunset lucidity gauge which I'd gone over so I couldn't have any more and I believed him.

    Then I was punching craters into the floor with half lucid feeling. I was with some other guy who was doing it as well. I don't remember who he was but I just accepted the fact that it was normal. Then a demon came back out again but this time he was more like a joker type, keeping me from getting more lucid again when I was starting to try and go up the levels, and he kept getting in the way. He had black hair, a slit going up for a pupil, dark shadows around his eyes and he looked a bit like a cross between killing joke's singer guy (or the insidious demon that has long hair and scares the woman in her room) and a generic asian face. He was wearing mime clothes.

    I tried to get rid of him but I didn't completely believe in what I was doing and he wouldn't go away and I slipped further back.

    The rest of the dream is mostly hazy but I remember some back story to the demon thing, about a girl and her dying in the huge mansion that had now become my house.

    lucid , dream fragment