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    September 16-19

    by cluelesspug on 09-20-2010 at 05:16 AM
    16-17: I don't remember anything.


    1. I was at my elementary school playground, but it has slight deviations from the real thing, like any dream should. There was a young woman on another playset from me, and she was collecting stray dogs that wondered up the ladder of the set. She then sent them away to be cared for. My dog went up the ladder and she started to take it away. I started screaming at her about her mistake. I saw that she started to cry, but I kept yelling at her. She came down from her playset, and I slide down the slide of mine. She ran up to me and pushed me. I apologized repeatedly. Then I held my hands by my side and told her to punch me in the face. When she went to punch, she stopped just short of my face. She tried again, but once again stopped short of my face. We held hands and walked across the playground together. We talked and I was going to ask her for her number, but I forget my cell phone on the playset. I went back to get my cellphone, but it wasn't there. Then the dream ended.

    2. I was in a huge indoor pool. One of my friends was controlling the water level of the pool. I climbed up a ladder and once I got the top I jumped off into the pool (while it was at its lowest water level). My friend then raised the water level as I was swimming upward. I was like I couldn't ever reach the top. Once I did, there was only a small portion left above the water

    3. My sister and I flew airplanes into the sky where there were a bunch of styrafoam dinosaurs.

    4. I saw something that was moving a blanket. I thought that it was paranormal activity, so I went and quickly grabbed the blanket. I started screaming, but when I screamed no sound came out (I know, classic). Then I thrashed the blanket around in front of me.

    18-19: I had realized that I was dreaming as I felt the dream coming to an end. I don't even know if I was asleep when I realized I was dreaming....it felt like I was asleep. This was by no means a lucid dream, but I did acknoledge that I was dreaming.....kind of.
    lucid , non-lucid

    September 12-15

    by cluelesspug on 09-17-2010 at 02:51 AM
    12-13, 13-14 I remember nothing.


    I was riding a roller coaster in a theme park that had been in a previous dream of mine. It isn't a theme park that I have ever seen in real life, but it has appeared twice in my dreams now. About halfway through the roller coaster ride, I realized that my safety harness wasn't on. There was one more loop in the ride. I help on as tight as I could, and I managed to maintain my grip on the ride. Once the ride arrived at the station where more people get on the ride, our car derailed and was laying across the tracks of the ride.


    I was in a very large bathroom. It looked very pristine. There was lots of candy, and one of my friends, my math teacher, and an obnoxious kid in my math class were in there with me. I remember the obnoxious kid complaining about the workload to the teacher (like he always does in real life). I know that I had two other dreams, but I can't remember enough to even write about.

    Haven't had a lucid dream in......well.......forever.

    September 9-12

    by cluelesspug on 09-13-2010 at 04:41 AM
    September 9-10:

    I was on the upper floor of a two-floor mall. I walked all the way down to the end of the mall, where I saw a dresser with a mirror on it. I looked at the dresser briefly, then when I turned around I was in a small wooden house. I was in there with two other people. One of them opened a closet and a bunch of snakes poured out. I started yelling "Snake worshipper!" as loud as I could over and over. Then the house burst into flames.

    September 10-11:

    I was in the middle of an empty steet. I threw exploding frogs at two naked women......that's all you need to know.

    September 11-12

    I was in a small village with a river than ran past the right side of the village. The village rose up and had three levels of housing. All of the houses looked medieval. Soon, these strange looking creatures began riding on rafts down the river and started to attack me in the village. Don't remember much about the fight, but I won.

    September 6-9

    by cluelesspug on 09-10-2010 at 03:18 AM
    I dont remember anything on 6-7 or 7-8.

    September 8-9:

    1. I was in a forest are and had to run through a wooden obstacle couse that was high up in the trees. There were all kinds of deathttraps along the way. We (me and some people that I know from school) saw the finish line and we were happy, but I knew that it wasn't over yet. As soon as the first person crossed the finish line, anyone else who crossed the finish line exploded. I stopped once I saw someone explode. Soon after this, we were all sitting in a classroom located in a classroom in the trees (the walkway outside the classroom overlooked the obstacle course). I had a biology worksheet with 99 questions on it, I went around asking for help. One girl stopped me and made fun of me for being afriad of the commercial for "The Hills Have Eyes". Then she started talking about how we used to date. (I have never dated this person).

    2. I was in my dad's driveway rubbing my uncle's girlfriend's dog's belly (that's the dog's belly, not my Uncle's belly or his girlfriend's belly ). While I was rubbing its belly, it threw up in my mouth. I went to the sink to clean the vomit out of my mouth.

    September 5-6

    by cluelesspug on 09-06-2010 at 08:55 PM
    1. I was inside a large dark tower. I was in this dream with one of my friends. We got to the top of the tower once, and saw a bunch of people acting out a scene from Final Fantasy. Then we got knocked back down to the bottom of the tower. My friend insisted that we get back to the top, as he is quite obsessed with Final Fantasy games. We tried, but we never got back to the top.

    2. I was in a desert in a ruin area. I dipped my hand in the sand, and when I pulled it out all of the sand on my hand looked shiny.

    3. I was in my dad's driveway. There was a baby pug, and mix between a siamese cat and a pug (to me it looked like a mix between a Persian and a Pug, but that's not what I said it was in my dream). It had huge blue eyes and it was fluffy, but every other feature was that of a pug. I was rubbing the Siamese/Persian/Pug's belly, then I stopped after a few minutes. I went to pet the baby pug, but then the Siamese/Persian/Pug attacked it and they started biting each other.