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    1. Hey, sorry I first saw your message right as I found out the site was hacked...

      Yeah, I have been playing Capoeira for about 6 years. I guess I am really fascinated by the culture surrounding Capoeira and Maculele, but I have never put too much thought into the greater culture of Brazil. How is it living there?
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      Hey, Coelhao! I saw your username and it sounds very Portuguese, so I checked your profile and saw you like capoeira. Are you interested in the Brazilian culture?
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    Leaving Earth

    by Coelhao on 07-15-2012 at 12:09 AM
    I was walking around outside my house and I looked at my shoes which had been cut into pieces. Most of the pieces were gone because I had ate them sometime in recent history. I was a little perplexed by this. Why would I eat my shoes? And how would I go on runs from then on? It slowly came to me that I was dreaming.

    Ok, I am dreaming. I walk into my kitchen and just try to look around, but things are a little strange and flickery. I pick up my passport, which is covered in strange words, and page through it. I go through it backwards and it looks like a strange book. I get to the picture and it is changing faces about 5 people per second. I recognize my friend Grace's image there. Okay that was weird. I go outside an decide to fly. But I really take off this time. Like a rocket! I end up about five to ten thousand feet above ground. There are lakes below, and I feel myself start to stall and return to earth. I face my palms to the ground and decide I can go higher. I take off again, I watch a tree in the distance turn into a dot, then the same happens to the planet. I wake up.

    Strange Lake

    by Coelhao on 01-13-2012 at 03:44 AM
    I am looking out my window at the night sky (over lake superior). I see the lights of a disk shaped craft in the sky. The craft is moving around, and occasionally the lights disassemble and move so fast that they almost teleport to a different section of the sky, then reassemble to form the disk shape. The is another luminous anomaly that resembles a giant helix stretched over the lake like a bridge. I realize that I am dreaming. In the distance a series of underwater explosions come toward me from the craft in the distance. It is like a wall of water several hundred feet tall stomping my way very quickly.

    The lighting gets dim and I almost lose my vision entirely. I regain enough to see the room a bit and phase through the wall. I am now flying and very soon it is a beautiful sunny day with an awesome sky and green grass below. I seem to have a lot of inertia and cannot control my flying a whole lot.

    I start to lose my vision again and stabilize the dream by shaking violently and screaming. This worked! I spot a place to land on a playground but continue past it.

    I start to land very softly but still traveling at a good speed. My bare feet are hitting lava rocks and I can feel it vividly. My flight turns into a moon gravity run and I am flipping, making sure to look to the side so I don't lose my vision. I land and am pretty excited that the dream has lasted this long.

    I try summoning a pet pterosaur. Then things get dark and gloomy again. I hear something large in the forest and I see a large troll like shadow. It scares me and I wake up.

    The poker game

    by Coelhao on 01-13-2012 at 03:08 AM
    This is my first entry here (also my first lucid dream since joining dreamviews). I will probably only post lucid dreams here.

    I am at a baseball game and realize that our seats are taken. We look for new seats, but realize that there are security people watching us and decide to go somewhere else.

    I end up in a dungeon with a Russian mobster boss, that was in charge of the security personnel. At this point I go in and out of 3rd person and 1st person from the mobsters eyes. He is at a table playing poker. Instead of poker chips they have what appears to be pieces of highly valued sushi. The players are detailed reptilians in 3rd person, and are human in 1st person (also in black and white in 1st person). The scene continues as these different viewpoints freely change. The other player thinks he is going to win and goes all in. In a classic movie style play the mafia boss takes all of the other mans money. This is a very high tension scene. The boss proceeds to insult the other man severely.

    At this point in time another figure appears in the room. He is floating and wearing something on his head. The boss flies over to him, removes this headpiece with his own head. I become the boss at this time (in a semi-reptilian form). I am floating and acquire 3 magical objects. A helmet, gloves, and a mask. These give me immunity from harm, great power in general, and the mask allows one to travel between realms. I figure all of this out and decide that I MUST BE DREAMING!

    For some reason really intense dubstep blasts in the background as I phase directly through the floor into a psychedelic red glowing scene which I interpreted as the realm I was just given access too.

    I wake