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    I am back, and worse than ever. for the third time in my life, after taking a year long break, i will return to lucid dreaming to make my dreams, a reality.
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    Lucid dreaming, Programming, Piano, Guitar, Science.
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    Slay dragon[]Visit sun[]Visit Narnia[]Create planet[]Master elements[]Teleport[]Time travel[]


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    No dream - Wednesday 10/02/16 - D15 - 03:00/08:00

    by ConfusingApple on 02-11-2016 at 11:56 AM
    non-dream dream lucid-dream
    i am sorry that there is no dream for today, but i wanted to post this because i wanted to demonstrate just how important a sleeping pattern is. as you can see from the title i only got 5 hours of sleep last night, because i slept over at a friends house, which directly correlates to the number of dreams i can remember. It is, i feel, important to note that you should no seclude your self or stop seeing your friends, bu if you are serious about lucid dreaming, don't go out too often (no more than once or twice a week). But bare in mind, i am still a lucid dreaming noob.
    ~ Thanks for reading
    side notes

    Crappy cola - Tuesday 09/02/16 - D14

    by ConfusingApple on 02-11-2016 at 11:48 AM
    non-dream dream lucid-dream

    I will start of by explaining some things. i am currently in year 10(14 years old for any Americans), but for two years i was in a class called 7/8II(when i was in year 7 and 8). for these two years we had a fixed class(set of people) for every subject. except maths and PE. we also had fixed teachers. also i would just like to state, for anyone who cares, i will start saying how many hours i spent asleep as it will help to show my sleeping pattern and how it correlates to the amount of dreams i remember
    I am sat in a chemistry lesson and my old science teacher, miss Jenkins, is teaching us. she states that today we will be learning how to make Haribo cola bottles:

    we all start getting very excited and shouting . she puts a bag of sugar and jelly on the table. Archy(one of my old friends who was in 7/8II) runs to the front of the class and eats all the jelly and sugar. he smiles shyly and his face goes red. he pulls his trousers down and starts pooing cola bottles, one at a time. we all start laughing and my friend Ben runs to the front and begins catching all of the bottles as they fall. Archy begins danging like a chicken and ben continues to catch them. When bens hands are full he decides he will sell them. so i go and take his place catching them. this continues for a while.
    So yeah... a very strange dream. i am sorry it seemed a bit short but it was actually quite a long dream, i just stated the most notable things that happened.
    ~thank you for reading

    Primary grammar - Monday 08/02/16 D13

    by ConfusingApple on 02-10-2016 at 08:31 PM
    non-dream dream lucid-dream
    I am in my primary school yard, playing football with everyone from my secondary school. i accidentally kick the ball, I score and for some reason everyone laughs at me. I go and sit against a fence (that isn't actually there) i begin talking to my friends about stuff and drugs. i say i have tried drugs(I haven't) they say that i haven't. we look at the guy building a giant house/barn next to the school yard(it is in the middle of the school grounds) He is moving super quickly and is currently building the house. i say he must be on crack and everyone laughs like it was the funnest joke in the world. Me, Ben and some fat kid go and climb over the wall and sit next to the house that is being built. we begin talking and then Ben says he has to go. at first i think it will be awkward with just this other person to talk to but it turns out it is even more fun than before. i suggest that we play "Garry's mod", so we do. we appear in the "excess_islands" map, it appears as if we are in the game. the person has turned into will.(i have the memory of playing this game with Jacob, which is a thing i actually did(in real life))i tell will to go into this haunted house. we walk in, will turns around and sees a disgusting disfigured manikin that wasn't there before, he screams and scares me. We continue walking around the house, and he asks me why i was scared, i say its because he screamed and i am sat in the pitch black, suddenly i am no longer in the game, only looking at it on a laptop that is on my lap. i look around and am sat in the complete darkness, the only light is from the laptop screen, but it is not illuminating the darkness. i am too afraid to turn on the light and leave my computer. i look back at the PC and i am in the game again. me and will see the manikins again(there is a second one this time) Will screams and we both run out of the house(i would go into more detail about what the house looked like, but it is quite boring. just your average cartoon haunted, run down house) we run and the second manikin appears in the river in front of us, i vault it and will vanishes. i run into the building complex. i begin hearing a Russian speaking, i do not know who he is, but he is stood on a roof top and begins throwing fire balls at me. i run across a street and duck into cover again. i see Jacob(the same Jacob as before)and he asks me how i got here. before i can answer he tells me i have to leave and it is dangerous. i refuse and begin planning on killing him, when he turns his back i attack but it barley takes any of his health, he quickly backs off, i keep attacking but he just stands still. i can see his health bar slowly draining. we hear a nuke being primed by the Russian. Red lights begin flashing and we hear a count down. THREE. TWO.Then i wake up

    lucid police - Monday 08/02/16 - D12 - First-Lucid

    by ConfusingApple on 02-08-2016 at 08:37 PM
    non-dream dream lucid-dream

    I will start by saying, this is not my first lucid dream, but it is my first since i restarted lucid dreaming. it was in fact quite underwhelming, because i was barely conscious, but it is always nice to see progress

    I am sat on my settee watching a blank TV screen, think this is weird so i look at my hands, my right hand is normal but my left is very short and deformed, i get a strange fuzzy feeling and realize i am loosing consciousness. i stumble up to the fire and lean against it. i stabilize the dream a bit but everything is still very blurry and i am not thinking straight. i walk up the steps out of the living room and studdenly i am running super fast down a field. i reach the bottom of the field that is located bellow my house. it is strange because my neighbors house is at the bottom of the field when it should be at the top. i see police swarming the place and get scared, i try to hide but they see me and point there guns at me, i get scared and loose consciousness. Then there is some strange reality show (in the same location i am currently in) about the worlds richest child(like Richie rich, but she is a little girl of around the age of 8)she has a giant bouncy castle set up that has restracting pistons that allow the castle to turn into a giant table football game while kids are inside, she also has a bouncy castle(that size of an actual castle, filled with furniture)she comes over to me and asks to be my friend, i accept.

    Zombie apocalypse

    by ConfusingApple on 02-07-2016 at 04:14 PM
    Time slept: 11:00 - 08:30 (9:30 hours sleep)
    Date: Saturday 06/02/16
    blue = non-lucid/red = lucid

    Zombie dinner - (vividness: reasonable)

    I am in my house, eating dinner with my family, my brother is up stairs in his room and my dog is stood at the top of the stairs(she is afraid to go down them). i see a zombie stood at the top of the stairs so i alert my parents and begin packing bags so we can run, they don't seem too bothered. i shoot a arrow at the zombie and kill it. i see more coming from the direction of my brothers room. my mum grabs a mini bag out of my hand and shoves many arrows in. she grabs a bow and starts shooting them nonchalantly, i see my brother being carried away by a zombie. i know that if they get him we are doomed, i suddenly appear on the balcony and vault over the zombie, stabbing him in the head. i grab my brother and vault over the banister. i grab my dog also. i finish packing and we leave.

    Zombie mountain - (vividness: low)

    I am on top of a ruined mountain village, surrounded by dead zombies. blood has mingled with the snow to create a horrifically beautiful sight,my family are all here. a old man comes and tells me there is something i will want to see. he takes my to a ruined shack, a little away from the village. in it are 3 middle aged men slouched against the wall. i think they are dead by one of them opens his eyes, they are yellow. i find out that he got bit by a zombie yet still retained his consciousness.

    Retro zombie - (vividness: quite high)

    it is a retro game with a top down view like Pokemon, i am a retro character and i see my self in this top down view. i am running across a mountain pass from some zombies. i reach the end of the mountain, there is a little boy and girl holding a teddy bear, a message flashes up. i don't read it, and assume it means choose who i want to take with me. i choose the little boy. my character pushes him off a cliff and the little girl walks forward. a message says that i got the answer correct and that the little boy was the zombie. i begrudgingly accept and we turn to walk back up the mountain pass.

    School trip - (vividness: average)

    i am on a plane, on a school trip but all the school is separated onto two different planes. we land for a quick stop. i got off my plane and go onto the other one to talk to the people there. i sit on the wing and begin talking to some of them. then the plane starts to talk off, but the teachers are still on the ground, they shout at me nonchalantly to get off the wing seats and get into the plane(there is no run way but some how we fly over the airport). i do so and go and sit next to a friend. we both laugh at something.