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    That's So Violent!

    by contingency on 09-09-2012 at 09:28 PM
    Out of all the dreams i remembered from this morning/last night, this one was the most memorable.

    Me and my best friend were walking down the street in my home town. She was drunk, in a club outfit, and carrying her heels. Which was weird, because that's something she would do in the city our college is in because where the night scene is, you can only walk. But anyway..

    We walked to this one neighborhood to buy some weed. As we were walking down the street, i saw three guys walking towards us. They were all wearing hoodies with the draw-strings pulled really tight and were wearing rain boots. She started walking towards some house, i figured she was just trying to avoid them. But that's where she was actually going to buy the weed..

    She knocked on the door and some guy opened it. There were pit bulls and pit bull puppies in the door way. Some of the puppies ran out and were trying to bite and scratch me. I just stood there, swiping them away with my foot as i waited for her to come back out. She stormed out some time later and i could tell she was upset. I asked what happened, and she told me some guy called her a "sexy little bitch". She kept walking and explaining how he said it and how mad she was. I just walked with her and listened. But you know how drunk people can be, after the anger was gone, she got all emotional and shit. She even started talking about how society degrades women and said "That's so violent!". She was right.

    She started crying and telling me how degraded she felt and everything. As she was saying all that, the sun came up. It was dark in the beginning of the dream, but now it was light outside. I kept trying to console her and calm her down as we walked down the street. Then some other girl appeared and was trying to help me calm her down. I couldn't see her face or remember what she looked like, but i could tell it was our friend Ryan.

    We ended up walking by a cop and my best friend was so hysterical she fell down. The cop saw it and laughed because she knew she was drunk. I noticed, and tried to talk to him and explain she just went through some shit, etc, etc. He blew me off..fuckin' pig. He got out and started talking to us about a bunch of bullshit. Then he said something to me in Latin. But i don't remember what it was.

    He got back in his car, blocked the road, then made her do a drunk test. I looked at Ryan and said..."and what's why i stick to weed"
    non-lucid , memorable


    by contingency on 09-09-2012 at 08:56 PM
    I was at my university; as usual, but for some reason, my parents and sister were there. My parents kept wanting us to hang out around the school, go to the arcade and shit -_- . That was the only time i saw them in the dream. It faded into me going to the bathroom in one of the classroom buildings. My friend from back home: John, walked in. Then some girl came in right after him. They were talking about gaming and us linking up to hang out later or something. Then the dream faded again..

    Land of the Real

    by contingency on 09-09-2012 at 08:51 PM
    I was hanging out with my sister and our cousin at first in some house. Then us and the rest of our family went shopping. When we were done we got checked out...outside...at the exit of the parking lot. When we went to get in the car and drive away, my family disappeared and it was only me and some other guy in the car. He was driving. We ended up crashing in a bad accident.

    I didn't realize it at first, but i was dead. I went into some afterlife or reincarnation. Me and some girl were running around the city looking for food and trying to figure out what was going on/where we were. I didn't know who she really was though.

    The dream faded again and came back again, this time i was in bed with the girl i was with. We were just laying together. She did this thing where she grabbed my hand and put it on her belly as if she wanted me to rub it. That's when it clicked in my mind, "she" was my girlfriend. I knew it was her because my girl always does that, and her vibrations were just like hers.

    Then i woke up..

    Drumline Debacle

    by contingency on 08-29-2012 at 02:07 PM
    The dream started inside a basketball gym. I quickly recognized i was at a high school drumline competition. I was with my old drum line that i was the captain of in high school. We were just there as alumni, spectating. For some reason i was off by myself at one time, and i was just standing against a wall. There was a girl sitting next to where i was standing. We made eye contact, but i didn't start flirting or anything, because i have a girlfriend anyway lol. She started to get up and as she did, she sounded like she was gonna ask me if i wanted to go get something to eat. But by the time she stood up, she realized how much taller than me she was. The girl was like 6'8 or something. She laughed and said some form of "never mind" in an awkward "i'm so embarrassed" kind of way. But we both just laughed it off because we knew why.

    This girl at a table close to where we were sitting noticed what had happened. She gave me a dirty look and called me an asshole. I walked over and told her what happened and told her that she needed to mind her business. She had the look of defeat on her face, like she knew she was out of line. I guess she thought that i was laughing at the tall girl for whatever reason.

    I walked away and stood back where i was before, but right before i got comfortable, some guy comes walkin' up to me. I knew he was mad just by his body language. The first thing i thought was: "that was his girlfriend, he saw me tell her to mind her business. He probably wants to fight me.". But instead, this asshole says i don't look like a high school student and that he needs to see I.D. That's when it clicked in my head who he was. He was this guy i went to high school with for about a year. He was in the percussion ensemble in class, but he wasn't good enough to be on the drum line. And as i remember, he was pretty immature. I told him i wasn't in high school, that i was in college and i was just here watching. But at this point he already pissed me off with his tone of voice. He was acting like he was a cop or something, when in reality, he was just some high school kid with a few weight lifting classes. We argued back and forth for a while, then i finally showed him my ID so he'd shut the fuck up. He gave some smart remark and then walked off yelling that he was "THE PROBLEM AROUND HERE!" as if he'd just won a fist fight in the cafeteria in front of his crush.

    I went outside to cool off because i was pretty mad. My homie came outside to see what had happened, and by that time i was just laughing it off. Then the dream faded.


    by contingency on 08-28-2012 at 08:36 PM

    The song we were listening to was saying something about "going high", or "go high", something like that. I was dancing to it, and as i was dancing to it, i imagined myself going "higher". The image i visualized was myself upright floating and rising. The weird part was the fact that there was nothing else i saw except myself. Everything else that was around me was just blackness, as if i was in a black hole. If that makes sense.

    After a while, i couldn't really see my physical body. The "higher" i went, the more my body started to fade into this glowing white/blueish light of energy. My body was in the shape of a Y, with my arms outstretched.

    Similar to this, except everything around my body was black instead of illuminated.

    When the song was ending and i tried to "come down", i had trouble remembering who i was. All i could see was my body of energy(which i assumed was my non physical body, my soul) levitating. I literally had trouble remembering who i was and what my physical body looked like. That triggered in my mind, and i felt like i was experiencing something more than just a day dream. It was almost like i was having an OBE, or i had seen my astral body..

    Eventually i "remembered" who i was and i snapped out of the vision. When i realized what i saw i was kind of tripped out, and i just sat and thought about it..

    Updated 05-10-2016 at 01:59 AM by contingency

    lucid , memorable