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    Dogs and tarantula

    by Coyote1313 on 11-18-2012 at 04:03 PM
    I'm driving my old truck down a county road. I'm on my way to town but I need to turn back because the cab of my truck is full of shoeboxes. the boxes are full of new shoes.
    When I reach home, my house is turned into a small Victorian.
    There are a number of tiny *dachshund dogs small enough to fit in the Pom of your hand.
    They are eating bratwurst someone has left laying around.
    There is one of these small dogs on the back seat of my car.*
    I remember thinking they will all get sick and vomit.
    I go inside the house and look out the window.*
    I see a old circus coach the kind that would carry a Lion.
    My long dead dog a husky is inside the coach.
    He gets out of the coach but he has to walk backwards.
    My dead dog calls me on a cellphone, to warn me that my enemies are coming to kill me.
    My enemies arrive and take the cell phone away from my dog.
    They taunt**me over the cell phone.
    I grab a samurai sword and go out to meet my enemies.
    My enemies keep morphing back-and-forth from *male to female.
    However they are no one I know.
    I meet them on a grassy knoll surrounded by a White fence and possibly some gravestones.
    Next I'm looking at some mice on the ground. These mice are half covered in tree bark and each mouse has one or two acorns growing out of its back.
    I watch as a large brown tarantula*spider attacks and kills the mice.*
    Before the tarantula can eat the mice I hit the ground with a hammer and scare the spider away.
    Then I am looking at the same tarantula on the wall of my house it attacks and kills a smaller gray spider. Before it can eat the smaller spider the smaller spider turns into a switch blade knife.*
    I decide I want the knife, so I *scare the tarantula away a second time.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Lucid dreaming attempt

    by Coyote1313 on 11-10-2012 at 09:07 PM
    Dream journal entry,
    Last night I experimented with*lucid dreaming for the first time,
    *After not having**done so for several years.
    I do however become aware that I'm dreaming quite frequently.
    I usually don't pay any attention and go back into unconscious dreaming.
    Last night *I made an attempt to stay conscious and exert my will*in the dream.
    However all attempts ultimately failed.
    Each time I would say" I'm going to stay conscious" within a few seconds I would wake up.
    After the third or fourth attempt,*I realized what was waking me up.
    It was the sound of me snoring!*

    Remembering being born

    by Coyote1313 on 11-08-2012 at 03:40 AM
    Hello Jman,
    I had a *very similar experience to yours.
    The imagery was almost the same.
    I was at a *peyote ceremony on an Native American reservation in the southwest.
    I felt sick, so I needed to go outside of the lodge*and get some air.
    I remember throwing a stick to a dog for a long time.
    I came back inside later and fell asleep.
    And I had a similar dream to yours.
    I can remember coming down the birth canal and the flash of white light at the end.
    Then it Was followed by a kaleidoscope of colors.
    Probably my eyes where not able to focus, just after birth.
    Upon awakening I didn't realize initially what the dream was.
    It took me a few minutes to puzzle it out.
    These guys that say you're having a false memory or it's just fantasy, maybe correct?
    I would not Put much stock in what they say though, they don't have any facts to back up their assertions.
    Their opinions are also at odds with a number of schools of psychotherapy.
    I have worked with horses and I can tell you that they remember just about everything that ever happened to them in their entire life.
    I spoke with *guys that train elephants and they will tell you that elephants remember everything.
    I'm Sure you heard the old adage "elephants*never forget?"
    I know these animals brain structure are different than humans, but It demonstrates that it's physically possible for an organic brain to remember just about everything.

    Why are people trying to kill me?

    by Coyote1313 on 11-05-2012 at 07:45 PM
    Why are people trying to kill me?
    Last night, I had three dreams in a row where people are trying to kill me.
    In the first dream there*was a posse of assassins hunting me.
    I trick them for a while by joining the posse and hunting myself.
    After they kill the number of the wrong people, by process of elimination*they discovered me.
    I escaped from the posse. But fell into the hands of two Chinese women.*
    They *were dressed in traditional Chinese garb and had a golden revolver.
    I woke up wall I was struggling with them.
    In the *second dream a woman, supposedly my girlfriend. Was trying to entice me over the telephone to come to an abandoned house.*
    Where a group of thugs were waiting to kill me with Bats, knives and clubs.
    In the last dream, I live in a rural area and a car drove up to my house.
    I thought they maybe lost so*I went outside to give them directions.
    It was a lone driver sitting behind the wheel.
    I could see him raise a satchel,*from it he drew an automatic pistol.
    I ran back to the house and retrieved *my revolver and hid behind a wall.
    Then I woke up.

    Dream of horse and bull can anyone shed some light for me?

    by Coyote1313 on 11-05-2012 at 07:44 PM
    *Irish son of three hounds, protector of travelers and friend of shoemakers.
    I would very much like to thank you for the time you took to construct this insightful interpretation of my dream.
    In many respects you hit the nail right on the head.
    I thoroughly agree that the arena does represent the self and the foreign country is representing a journey into*the unconscious.
    I don't know why didn't see this but thank you very much.
    I think your interpretation of the red bull and sorrel horse as the First Charka is very interesting. Along with the color gray and the horses leg left being twisted being associated with kundalini.
    This is very significant because I began practicing kundalini yoga again this month after not doing so for 35 years.
    I've spent the last six months doing vinyasa yoga. Only now have I started *pranayama.
    Im still a little puzzled by the meaning of the half-size friends and the blood into wine.
    The half-size friends in gray are definitely something undeveloped but what?
    I forgot to mention that the woman in Black was a character of seen many times and dreams in the past.
    In this instance she was quite upset with me for bringing the half-size friends to the arena where they were killed and lost.
    The Christian overtones of the blood into the wine body of Christ, are definitely apparent.
    But what is the meaning in this specific instance?
    Again thank you very much you been a really big help.