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      SAO is definitely up there! It is a common dream place for me as well. I have been to aincrad 20+ times. My favorite... hard to pick definitely, my favorite universe might be naruto or hunter X Hunter (I like the fighting systems). Story wise might be FMA brotherhood, death note, clannad, air, or kanon. Favorite Manga is easy though! Tsubasa reservoir chronicles! The anime is very bleh, but the manga is so good. I cry every time
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      Hey! I see that you put "otaku" in your title, what are some of your favorite anime and manga?
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    I am an otaku and a gamer. I just graduated from a difficult technical highscool-esque school in Austria.
    don't judge me for the skype name I made that account about 10 years ago QwQ
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    manga, anime and games.. lots of them owo.. drawing stuff.. playing the piano
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    probably google also the podcast



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    blurry LD

    by CursedSeraphim on 08-27-2015 at 07:25 PM
    Lucid Dream:
    I am not sure anymore about where I was in the dream I think it was in a plains area
    I become lucid by simply remembering the possibilty of this being a dream and it is immediately obvious to me that it is
    so i don't even do an RC which I should have done because it would have awarded points for Sensei's challenge
    the thought of reaching self awareness comes to mind
    I think about how this dream is all part of me and how nothing inside of it is real or relevant in order to gain control
    didn't work out well enough though
    I hover and fly around a bit and everything becomes blurry and the dream fades

    I should have rubbed my hands together and focussed a bit more
    also doing RCs would have kept me in the dream as well as focussing on my senses

    1 non lucid dream:
    I once again have to learn for my graduation exams (which I just finished IRL) - this basically is a dream sign not that I have had any success in getting dream signs to raise my awareness
    together with people from my class I am in 2 sort of bunker/vault buildings
    I go up one of the bunkers and find 3 weapons that are very familiar to me because I remember them from another dream
    there is 1 sort of sniper rifle I think, one assault rifle and one sub machine gun
    I think about taking the assault rifle because I remember it being very effective
    and that is about the end of the dream
    lucid , non-lucid

    seeing dead grandpa at a japanese restaurant makes me become lucid

    by CursedSeraphim on 08-19-2015 at 04:01 PM
    after doing a WBTB at 3:40 this time with more of a mnemonics attempt instead of SSILD:

    1 non lucid dream about chocolate cereal:
    I think I'm home alone
    getting some milk from the fridge
    see some chocolate stuff in there
    one package contains some chocolate cereal with lots of vitamins for babies
    it looks really tasty and theres no baby around in this family who would need it so I decide to try it
    I head up to the 3rd floor(a.e.) / 2nd floor(b.e.) where I eat a bowl of milk and these chocolate cereal
    they taste declicous and I am somehow in a very calm mood

    1 lucid dream:
    I am in the streets of a japanese city at night
    I am walking around with some friends - I don't recall who they were exactly
    something about racing cars happens I think maybe some of us drive them I don't recall this part very well
    theres this weird sort of open mall building
    there's weapons out of Unreal Tournament scattered around which we collect
    I play around using the disc teleporter gun - the translocator
    later on I sit in this building (no walls to one side like there is an open corridor that leads through the whole building) on a table with my family including my mother, my grandma, my grandpa (who is dead), my brother and possibly some more
    after I think I am done eating and I am pretty stuffed a japanese waitress serves this huge dish think 8 treasures but more and bigger
    my first guess is somebody wants to poison me because we haven't ordered this
    I ask the waitress some stuff in a few basic japanese words that I happen to know IRL that perfectly fit what I want to know
    I ask her what this is - I actually want to know the name of the dish so I can order it another time when I think it isn't poisoned and when I'm not stuffed already
    she doesn't give me the name so I ask for the name specifically
    I think she doesn't know the name either
    I ask her who ordered this for me
    my mother grabs something from the dish and starts eating
    at this moment I realise that my grandpa is sitting there which can't be real since he died many years ago
    he looks very realistic which I find very cool
    I never really wanted to meet anybody who died in my life because there isn't anyone who I had a close relationship with who is dead but seeing him makes me realise that this is really cool since it is so vivid
    I make a RC and breathe through my pinched nose
    after that I think I have an FA but I transition into it whilest pinching my nose in a way that doesn't let me forget that I am still dreaming
    I am in my bad in my room at night
    it is very dark and I want to start my LD with making everything brighter
    I am still holding on to my nose pinch RC being sure that it will keep me in this dream
    I actually remember sensei's challenge and try to make it brighter by summoning some elemental fire magic in my hands
    it gets lighter but there are no flames and it seems that the light is coming more from underneath my bed than from my hands
    I climb out of bed and decide to try it harry potter style and search for something that can be used as a wand
    I really try to find something that isn't there and grab a sort of abstract makeshift black cylindrical object which I try to use as a wand
    I hold it out in front of me and shout "lumos maxima" a few times which should create a light
    it is hard to talk and my voice seems silent and distant even though I am trying to shout
    it doesn't work and the dream fades
    randomness: just before I wake up I see a shark saying "Make fred able to lay his eggs inside all the(?) babies"

    and I am awake
    I write this quote down immediately just in case xD

    I really should have focussed on the fact that this whole dream environment is a product of my conciousness to achieve complete self awareness
    in doing so I should have gotten complete controll and it would not have been a problem to create light and anchor myself in the dream

    Updated 08-19-2015 at 04:09 PM by CursedSeraphim

    lucid , false awakening

    Senseis Sexy Competition begins here

    by CursedSeraphim on 08-18-2015 at 01:57 PM
    tried SSILD when falling asleep initially
    did a WBTB with timers set to 3:40 (two devices one next to me one further away so I had to get up)
    tried SSILD when falling asleep again
    the cycles were very long and stretched though as it was really hard to concentrate on them

    a few scraps and one more complete dream

    complete dream:
    I am at a company called education highway where I had 2*4 weeks of internship some years back
    I am in a circular or quadratic room which follows a corridor (not there IRL)
    in this room there are doors to several different offices
    one of them is the one I worked in back in the day
    I don't really know why I am there and I don't really have the feeling that I am working there again
    somebody comes and leaves a letter on a table next to me which is standing in the middle of the room
    I notice with a more lucid trail of thought that I am nowhere near as nervous as I would be usually around this place
    I think the letter might be for the people in my old office
    after some time during which I don't really feel like I am responsible for the letter or anything to do with the work here I look at the names of the recipients
    one of them is male and one is female and I look at a sign on the door to my old office to see on a list of names whether one of them is working in there
    sure enough I see the female name and I decide to take the letter and enter the office to hand it to her
    that is the end of the dream though

    weird dream scrap no 1:
    I am driving the private bus I used to take from school home
    apparently it was one of the last school days in Hogwarts lol (I've been watching all the movies and starting to read through it again lately)
    something about slytherin being the last house to currently be there
    I think I have a bad feeling about that during the dream
    in the bus there is at least one other passenger I remember - a small boy named ralf (who used to sometimes sit in the bus IRL on the same road we were on in the dream)
    the bus drives past the crossroads where I get out and I have to somehow convince him to take me back there
    after coming back and getting out of the bus I walk down the road in the direction of my house
    I remember that there is something weird going on somewhere up the road towards a lone chestnut tree with a chapel that are there in IRL as well

    dream scrap no 2:
    another dream where my teeth are falling out
    I remember seeing my face
    there is one incisor left on the top half and it is a triangular sharp splinter

    another tiny scrap that I don't feel is enough to even be counted as a real dream scrap:
    another harry potter related thing - something to do with lord voldemort and how unicorns are deadly to him

    LD in Masterbedroom, summoning technique - phone

    by CursedSeraphim on 05-15-2015 at 08:42 AM
    feel free to leave comments :3 for instance comments on how to summon dcs would be very helpful

    I've been inactive on this forum as well as on my lucid dreaming efforts due to stressful school. Even though the final university qualification exams are coming up I can now concentrate on trying to lucid dream again because the actual school year is over for me which means I can sleep long on most of the days. So I have been trying to get back into lucid dreaming and that with success. After only a few days it worked tonight. While falling asleep I tried a bit of auto-suggestion telling myself "I am in a dream" and so on. Apart from that I just did the usual stuff especially what Giz Edwards is talking about in his new series on youtube.

    During one of my dreams I found myself in the master bedroom of my parents in my house. I do not know exactly how i became lucid but apparently it was very obvious to me that I was in a dream. I didn't even do a reality check. For future LDs I really must remember doing more RCs, taking in my surroundins and feeling the dream. Still the dream was very realstic and clear. This time I even remembered something I wanted to do in my next LD. I wanted to meet a cute girl I know :3 . Due to the realism of the situation I couldn't imagine that thinking about her being on the other side of the door to the hallway would make her appear so I tried something I have been wanting to do for a while: I looked for my phone which I immediately spotted on the night table of my mother. What I wanted to do is phone the girl and call her over to this room or the hall outside this room. So I looked into my contact list and found her entry. The problem is that she was greyed out and I couldn't call her. I even was lucid enough to remember improvising another idea. So I thought: "Sure I am just going to use the Lucid Dreaming Dream Character App" and switched to the homescreen searching for the application. I saw a list of alphabetically arranged apps and didn't find what I was looking for. Damn it. After that I didn't really do anything else and even though the period I was lucid for lasted quite some time that's about all I did. But I am pretty satisfied for now because that's quite a bit more than what I have accomplished in earlier LDs.

    In my following LDs I have to remember inspecting my dream with all of my senses and leaving the area to go somewhere else. I also have looked her up in my contact list IRL just to edge the fact that I can call her into my brain. I will try to inhance my lucidity to improvise further ahead so that even if one of the tasks which I am trying to fulfill fails I can just go on with the next or come up with another way of doing what I wanted to do.

    Updated 05-15-2015 at 10:37 AM by CursedSeraphim


    Cycling Accident and False Unconsciousness during Anime Convention Sleepover in Vienna

    by CursedSeraphim on 09-01-2014 at 12:05 PM
    This was my third lucid dream in which i actually did perform a reality check and was absolutely sure that I was dreaming. Also it was the first time I enhanced my vision and senses in a dream and everything became more than 100% real.

    Although I got woken up in the process probably by something in the room I was in. Because at the time I was in Vienna for three days to visit the biggest anime convention in Austria Aninite 2014 and slept next to 5 other people in the some room. I didn't have a mattress so I was just sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag.

    As for the dream I started Cycling down a road I know in RL but it wasn't quite like it usually is. Where there usually is an almost completely flat road this time I was riding the bike down a really steep hill. Next to me was a buddy who is in my class at school and he was riding a bike as well. When I was crossing over to the sidewalk he made fun of me and I replied that I didn't ride a bike more than like once every three months (which is still an understatement xD). I was passing the same weird thin lorry with a big plate on its front twice that was somehow driving on the wrong side or something like that. As I was going down hill i was becoming to fast and suddenly noticed that my brakes were really bad. The left one was far to weak and the right one was really really strong. After A few moments it seemed like I crashed and found myself in a different environment.

    I was now in panic and thought that I must have hurt myself so hard that I actually fell unconcious and that I am in fact dreaming right now (even though I'm pretty sure you don't dream when you fall unconcious ^^). To be honest I am not quite sure in what order most of the following things happened. At some point I saw my face in a mirror or maybe just a different camera angle and the left side of my face was blood-smeared. I looked at my hands and after a few seconds I realised that even though my right hand was perfectly normal having 5 fingers my left hand had 7. After finding myself in blackness not being able to see much of the dream when becoming lucid I got the idea of trying to swim upwards and imagining a waterpark I know. Even though I felt the water and having the sensation of getting to the surface I couldn't see much. At some point I saw to people walking down some stairs and I tried squeezing my point of view into the head of one of the characters instead of just using what I could already see but that didn't work.

    After that I woke up in my room at home instead of the appartment I was staying during the convention (but at the point I had no memory of that anyway). I was still aware that I might be dreaming and did tried to breath through a plugged nose which is the RC I usually do. That made me certain that I was still dreaming but this time my surroundings were clear enough to actually start a real lucid dreaming experience. Fortunately I remembered to take a minute and concentrate on my senses until the dream becomes as clear as real life. I started looking at things and the details and it really worked. Not only did everything become 100% vivid it also suddenly started snowing in my room as if my brain was trying to render extra effects to please my request for extreme vividness xD. I then tried concentrating on sounds and that worked as well. Before I could go on with the rest of my senses Charly Sheen appeared (for some reason maybe because I watched the ALS video he posted some days ago). I think he was hanging down from the ceiling with his head down and he just started trolling me. Even though I am sure that his intention wasn't to wake me up that is what suddenly happened but without the usual slow fading. I guess it was because of some sound in the room. It was miraculous enough though to have an LD in such an environment.