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      Dude, that DC conversation is hilarious xD
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      lol your signature is funny
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    Recent Entries

    Can't Go To The Movies

    by CWHunt456 on 01-02-2012 at 06:18 PM
    I only remember small fragments of this dream!

    Basically I want to go to the movies with my friends, but throughout the dream things keep haulting our progress to get my goal done. And I never accomplish it either...
    I remember this guy was trying to shock we to death at one point, and we got popcorn a few minutes later but still couldn't get into the movies...

    My College Years

    by CWHunt456 on 01-02-2012 at 01:03 AM
    Well.. I'm not actually in college yet. I'm just a freshman, but that doesn't stop me from have dreams about it now does it!?
    Anyway, I just remembered one dream. It has been awhile since I made an entry, so that would probably explain why.

    The dream started in a very odd way. I was placed inside of some sort of virtual reality. I guess it was a video game of sorts, but I can't really be sure. The idea was to collect coins in the world to unlock the next level. I got to the next world and the game turned off. My point of view suddenly ended up being me looking at a television screen running the game. My friend then told me that we had to leave for class.

    We got our stuff together and walked out the door. This was apparently our first day actually in college, and we were pretty nervous about it. It was cold outside so we had to walk through the inside of the buildings to reach our destination. We passed through this very tiny library and we started talking to each other. Suddenly this old lady comes up to us, and I remember vividly that she said, "You see that light," and she pointed to a light behind her desk that was beaming red. "When it's on you cannot talk. Is it on? I thought so. Now you better not talk, or next time its a mark."

    We just walked away, and there was a line separating the library from everything else. I put one foot in and screamed as the only lady looked at me and screamed, "Mark!"

    So we got to class, and I woke up.

    Little Girl Tears My Shirt

    by CWHunt456 on 11-30-2011 at 04:54 AM
    So the dream started in some sort of underground city. Suddenly it started to flood and we needed to evacuate. We eventually reach a carnival and this little chubby girl walk behind me. I think she looks annoying and she suddenly grabs my shirt and starts to pull. I attempt to get her hand off my shirt, but nothing works. Suddenly a section of my shirt rips off.
    I would never do this in real like, but in anger I grabbed a book and began to hit the girl. She was no longer laughing at the fact she just tore my shirt. People I knew in real life began to gather around as the girl grabbed my shirt again, but I just hit her in the face. Soon it was over. I woke up and felt... good.
    Probably not good when you have some sense of joy after waking up from a dream like that. Oh well... nothing to be worried about.

    The Elite Super Squad of Evil Gym Teachers

    by CWHunt456 on 11-25-2011 at 03:36 PM
    This dream was confusing. Well it was actually two separate dreams, but there was one thing in common with both of them. Just... you'll see.

    I only remember that I was on a floating island type place that was falling apart. At one point something really bad happened and I complained that it was The Gym Teachers attempting to kill me. Thats all I remember of the dream.

    Evil Gym Teachers
    In this dream I let out the news to everyone. Evil gym teachers were after me and would do anything to kill me. We had to get rid of them. When we did we ended up having to play games with the gym teacher. At one point we had to run, but everyone had to do it in a special was. One person had to just run, another person had to drive, and I had to jumprope. And I remembered something else when that happened. They used their evil jump ropes to kill people. I knew that they were using this one to kill me.
    I threw the jumprope and ran for the teacher. I began to punch him, but before I knew it I had woken up.

    My Coolest LD Yet

    by CWHunt456 on 11-19-2011 at 02:39 PM
    Alright, this makes up for the nightmare LD I had last night. Oh MAN this dream was great. The dream was as realistic as real life. I know that probably isn't a big thing for you, but I am pretty fricken excited. I have never had such a vivid LD. Alright, I guess I should tell you about it now!
    Also, my next goal is getting better dream control.

    Alright, I should probably give you quick backstory. This dream was actually a bit longer than I thought. You see, I lived with my parents, but they weren't really my parents. They were different people entirely. And one day someone came to our door and trapped us in. The guy somehow was scamming us for money and when he left we had nothing. Then the world got upgraded with these high-tech items, but they didn't work, and this was causing a global outburst.

    Well, the dream starts with my friend and we need to stop everything that is happening. We go to tons of places and start to take care of what is happening. We leave the house and start to cure the world of its problems. We end up with another one of my friends and we enter some sort of casino. People are crowding for money pouring out of machines and I suddenly become lucid.

    I have never had an LD like this. Everything was so vivid. There were no blurry views, and the world was so active. We ran out of the building in the the town I was in during about two past dreams. I will find out which ones later. Suddenly we realized the guy that started this all was in a gas station about a mile away. Due to my poor LD skills I wasn't able to fly.

    Oh well, I was running with my friends. Suddenly a goon comes up and tries to kill us, but I think up a strange beam coming from my hands to kill him, and thank god it does. We continue running and one of my friends runs faster and ends up at the gas station. Suddenly the gas station begins to crumble. We run faster and actually make it as the place is falling apart. I noticed my thoughts were getting cloudy so I shouted for clarity. Nothing too strange, except for a few people staring at me like I'm an idiot after yelling that.

    We try to talk to the bad guy, but he won't listen. I realize if I go to my parents I could prove what he has been doing, and report the cops. I run out and run to my house. I quickly run to my parents working on the house and loose lucidity.

    I tell my parents about whats happening and they want me to help around the house. I do a small job and go behind my barn and see my dad working on a fence. I realize that if I stay there I will have to work, so I run. I suddenly remember I am dreaming again.

    Alright, time to get my dream flying down. I go behind my house and attempt the jump. It doesn't work, but the jump actually felt like I was using my muscles. The dream was so realistic. I decided to climb to the top of my house and attempt it. I got on top and started to run. I turned my head for a second and this moved my real head.

    Coolest dream ever! I loved it! Totally makes up for the horror that was the mirror in my last dream. Man, I am so excited right now!
    lucid , memorable