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    First successful WILD

    by darklord1147 on 12-06-2011 at 02:20 PM
    I woke up in middle of the night and figured to just go for it I flip onto my right side and start imagining a mall that was by my old house. when I got into the dream I found myself at a park by the same house and was truly amazed by the realness of everything I was experiencing. I sat at the park watching old acquaintances play basketball for awhile and then decide to go for a walk after seeing someone I don't particularly like playing. I walk through the field through scores of people playing catch and head for the jungle gym. I stay there for a bit and start feeling myself pull from the dream so I started to spin, this has been the first time this technique has stabilized the dream for me. I climb off the jungle gym and a dog approaches me, I walk to it and pet it feeling it's soft fur and smell it to the familiar sent of dirty dog. I decide to see just how real these dreams can get and I start searching my pockets for a knife, I couldn't find one but thought to myself there has to be one around so I turn around and see about 4 knifes on the ground next to me. I pick one up but don't particularly like it but suddenly about 10 more apeared on the ground before me and I swap it out. I start walking toward the street and stabbed the first person I saw in the throat, the knife felt some resistance but no mark was left on the dream character. I drop the knife and see a blond girl in a car and decide to give driving a try. when I approached the car she looks at me asking if I needed the car and I shook my head yes. She politely steps out and starts walking down the street while I hopped in and put it in drive and just take off. I speed like nothing could stop me but then my car randomly starts flying and I end up on a col de sac and hop out. I walk up to a door and ring the door bell to see the same blond open the door, she invites me in and I find myself in a house resembling my friend Brady's house. She walks away into a room and I decide to follow and when I get there the blond was now completely naked. She looks at me seeing I felt awkward but says don't be shy and hops into a bed that's near her. I ask her if she would change into my girlfriend and she looks as me as if there was more important business but does so anyway. I climb into bed and we start to do it but she starts talking to me, she tells me that he stole it and when I ask what she says the white diamond from when I was little the one I got from the boss. (While this makes no sense to me now I had a strong assurance I knew what she was talking about at the time). A man with black hair walks into the room and she says it's her brother and they start talking but I don't pay much attention. He then turned to me with a glare and says something along the line of "If you like tad-pulls named ted then it would seem we have you in our hand". I turn around and the woman now had black hair and looks shocked. Suddenly everybody in the room myself included turned into porcelain and we all shatter ending the dream.