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    TOTM bubble bath

    by darknightedlady on 09-29-2018 at 02:21 PM
    So, this is the first time I completed a TOTM in the month it is supposed to happen :p.

    I was in the bathroom and saw the tub, remembering about TOTM bubble bath. Now, lucid I draw the bath. I remember that the bubbles are in the other room (not really), but am afraid that if I go into another room I will lose the ability to come back to this scenario. So, I get into the tub (I guess I am already naked) and use my bodywash as my bubble bath solution. I sit down and use my hands to swish the water to help the bubbles form. Then, I wait as the water is still flowing and I look up and to my right a waterfall is forming. I do a noseplug RC and know that I am still dreaming. Then I hear my husband snoring- now awake. So, yay!
    lucid , task of the month

    Ebbs drve- non-lucid

    by darknightedlady on 09-07-2018 at 12:19 PM
    I read Ebb's post about experimenting with drve and decided to keep that in mind before sleeping. The following is non-lucid:

    (Before sleep I thought about Ebb's drve and when I woke in the middle of the night I thought of the same and went back to sleep.)

    I am in an extra class- I have had this teacher before and I am happy to be there. It is 902 and I was late, but she was happy to see me. The seats were mostly filled and there was a group of rowdy people that were bothering me- they threw a paper airplane toward the teacher, made of a brown package envelope.

    A co-worker asks for hand sanitizer and another is holding a rosary and sanctifying himself.

    There is a zombie outbreak, that has altered into an airborne contageon- it began to rain sulfur flakes- like snow flakes, but made of sulfur. As it lands, you are infected. You would forget who you were and your body would slowly wither. (sometimes I am observer, sometimes I am the person) I look at my arm and I have lichen growing on my arm- showing that I was decomposing.

    That was it. I plan to try again, hopefully when lucid.

    The Tears of ? and an Inner Wisdom chair

    by darknightedlady on 09-06-2018 at 09:29 PM
    The Tears of ?
    I am having visions of someone whistling and crying- they are known as The Tears of ? (I can't recall) and I need to find the old man- he will know what needs to happen.

    So I begin my journey to the city (where the old man lives/teaches), after having been away from it all.

    As I walk, someone asks me for money- but I have none and am glad I don't have to be concerned about fiddling around for money.

    I continue onward and someone picks up an ID and credit card and tells me that I dropped it- but, I have no possessions. It wasn't mine. I am happy- there was no need to search myself for the lost objects.

    I continue forward, while a group of musicians dance on by, trying to get me to join in their dance. But, I am on my own path and glad to be on this journey.

    I realized at this point that they were trying to keep me from breaking free from the 'organism', to walk at my own pace, and speak with my own voice. I was out of sync and they wanted me back.

    So, I cross the crosswalk and the one who greeted me was an apprentice of the old man. We walk together and I tell him about my vision. It is not good news.

    We find the townhouse on a busy city street. The townhouse has antique paintings and at the top of the stairs, there is a loft that has bookshelves covered with antique books. I meet the old man here.

    He has been trying to get people to break free from the organism his whole life and now his life is ending. He was seeing the same vision as myself- he said if he had succeeded the next vision would have come forth. He was overcome with sadness and disappointment. I would try to carry on his legacy.

    Inner Wisdom Chair (lucid)

    This one happened a few months back and wish I could find it again. I did wake up and re-enter the dream, but the building became a maze and I couldn't find the chair again:

    I was wandering around and everywhere that I saw a door, my dog was laying in front of it. I knew he was a distraction. I decided I wanted to get to the very top of this never-ending building. It kept changing, though- nothing stayed the same. So, luckily, I get to the top and see a chair that looks like a machine.

    If you were to sit in the chair, this large yellow gem would be placed on your forehead and all the inner wisdom you sought would come to you. I would gain so much knowledge and was very excited! But, I was afraid that I would be caught or the dream would change. So, I rushed. Instead of sitting down, I went straight toward the gem and put it on my forehead- asking for the wisdom. It wasn't working so I was going to sit in the chair, but was pulled into a different location and the maze began again...

    Updated 09-06-2018 at 09:32 PM by darknightedlady

    lucid , non-lucid

    A lifetime

    by darknightedlady on 11-13-2017 at 03:00 AM
    Listening to:


    It begins, where I board a boat, with a magic key.
    My mother and I are there, exploring. We get separated.

    I explore, with a magical friend. She is capable of disintegrating the solidity of walls. We walk through walls, while trying to save our adopted friend.
    Unfortunately, her capabilities are not as strong as we would like. Our adopted friend gets trapped on the other side of the wall.

    I go back to save him, but in doing so, the wall becomes solid.
    We are captured and in a decompression room, of sorts.

    I leave the island (telling one red headed male is is hot- *blushing*), expecting my mom (who was on the adventure with me, but got lost, as I adventured outward) to come find me- when I am no longer on the island.

    I am now in a boarding type house. Nobody has heard of these special boats, islands, or keys. I am stuck there (adventures occur). Eventually a family takes over the ‘home’ and I am aged. The owner is now aged, as well. I escape and run to the dock.
    I must get back to the island. Where is my mom?!

    So, I am at the dock- boats come and go…
    But, no magic boat- no magic key.
    Finally! A woman runs at me with a hidden key- she yells, “Go!”
    I find the boat and tell the master where I wish to go…to find my mom.
    Well, as I continue to go into detail about my travails- he adjusts the timer and gps- we will be going the island of sorrows!
    Here I worried I may never find my mom- or may not find happiness.

    An island of lovers, an island of old folks playing slots- happy. Everyone had found their happiness.
    Would I find my mom? Would I find happiness?

    This dream seriously seemed like a lifetime.

    Updated 11-13-2017 at 03:07 AM by darknightedlady


    Blue 'rock' with dome-shaped raised circles and white line

    by darknightedlady on 10-10-2017 at 02:59 PM
    Scenario driven scenes- rinse and repeat. I awoke and went back to sleep and dreamed of the same. Go through 3 doors. One is red and the other 2 are green. In the red scenarios the outcome might be unpleasant. We keep coming back and going through different scenarios.

    One scenario is on an island. The locals are selling various goods to the tourists, until autumn starts to winds down. All the tourists, save a few, go home. The locals are still peddling but to a far smaller audience. I decided to stay, in one scenario. 2 friends stay behind with me.

    I end up in a library, in a mansion- warm, inviting, well-lit by candle light or soft light...

    Next scenario is in a town where we are being sought, due to some infraction. It is close to some festival, so we all put on party-type masks and they let us go. But, we still had one more gate to get through and we hoped to make it before the last gate figured out who we were. We end up in a room- like a dorm room.

    At one point, I slowly open the door ajar- from the outside, as an observer. The character I was before looks through the gap, surprised at the change, and doesn't see me looking right at her. Then I am one of the characters again, letting everyone know that we have to get on the move- they are onto us. Sure enough, they are advancing upon us...

    Last scenario. I am in a river/lake/clear water. Rocks everywhere. In a prior dream, I found the same rocks and had given them to someone else- I don't remember that scenario too well. But, I remember the rocks. One of them were a pair. Green, yellow, and orange- looking like parrot eyes. Well, one had an eye look- the other just had the colors.

    Lastly, these next 'rocks' are odd- which prompted me to write this dream down (not voice recording anymore- like to write better- I can recall more dreams this way- my voice doesn't interrupt my thought process).

    Description: blue color, flat like a thick mat- but hard, each had some white line and/or white markings. There were definite indented partitions- making squares within the 'rock' and withing those squares were raised domed circles- blue color, as well. I dreamed of these twice- what are they.

    Updated 10-10-2017 at 03:04 PM by darknightedlady

    non-lucid , memorable , side notes