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    A Prophecy..

    by darshanr33 on 01-06-2012 at 09:15 AM
    The dream starts off with me and a couple of my friends spending time on the terrace of my house. After a long day, we had decided to cool off just resting and talking to each other. After a while we hear a commotion on the streets a little away from my house. My friends look over the parapet wall trying to catch a glimpse. I climb up a ladder and go on top of the small room on the terrace to get a better view.

    We see a procession, a march of sorts on the street with elephants and few other animals. We start to enjoy it when the elephants just go mad and start running wildly everywhere. The people nearby scatter to find some shelter, but just ended up coming under the feet of the stampeding pachyderms. Few of the elephants start running towards my building with people running ahead of them trying to escape.

    I climb down as quickly as I can and start going downstairs to try and help them out. But as I descend the stairs and approach the gates, I see an elephant right in front of the gate staring at me, with wild rage in its eyes and a strange marking on its forehead. Without waiting for it to charge, I just double back on myself and run up the stairs, back to the terrace. As I make it up there, we hear screams from all sorts of animals making their way towards my house.

    Suddenly, we see an old lady jumping from roof to roof and coming towards us from our left. Before we can figure anything out, sheíll be on our terrace. My friends just backed away from where she landed but I just keep staring at her. Then she starts walking up to me, oblivious to all that is happening, with a sense of urgency and a hint of desperation in her eyes. She just grabs my hand and starts speaking in a trance-like state of a prophecy yet to be fulfilled and of forces out to get me no matter the consequences. Iíll be trying to figure out what sheís saying when a friend spots a hot-air balloon right on top of our building. The old lady breaks her trance with this and looks up at the balloon. She notices an insignia on it, same as the strange marking on the elephant and tells, ďTheyíre here.Ē

    Just then we hear a birdís screech nearby. I look down and see a giant Emu-like bird on the street just a little away from where the elephant stood. It had a long sharp beak like that of a Toucan and a pelican-like neck with strong sturdy legs. But the elephant seemed to have disappeared as well as the hot-air balloon above. The bird seemed to be searching for something and just then it looks up and at me. Itíll give another shrill screech and jumps up onto some railings of the building opposite to mine and in the second leap onto our terrace.

    My friends all scream and start running away as I look for something to defend myself. Iíll find a piece of wood lying near me and as I try to get it, the bird lunges at me. I dive forward and pick up the piece of wood at the same time and turn just in time to see the bird lunging at me again. I dodge it shift to my right. Now Iím face-to-face with this beast with nothing but a piece of wood to defend myself. My friends manage to get down but the old lady will be standing just a little away.

    The bird keeps trying to jab me with its long beak which I try to dodge as much or parry it with the piece of wood. Once I manage to get a good strike at the birdís beak which makes it lose its balance and topples to my left. I seize the moment and lunge at it from my right. I get on top of the bird pinning it down while laying a big strike on its head. Itíll still be struggling to get free when I hold its head and beak and twist it hard with all my strength till I hear a snap and the bird stops struggling.

    Iíll be staring down at the bird taking in the magnitude of what Iíd just done, unable to believe what just happened. I get off the bird and come to the old lady for some explanations. But the lady just goes into another trance-like state, mumbling words I couldnít understand. Then we hear an elephantís trumpet, but it appears to be coming from above us. I look up to see the hot-air balloon floating over my building again, but this time suspending the elephant that I encountered at the gates. I could see the strange marking on its forehead again and the same wild rage in its eyes as the hot-air balloon descended slowly towards me. It got closer and closer and..........

    I woke up.

    It was a thrilling dream and I woke up with sweat covering my whole body and an excitement like none other.

    Flying up into the clouds with wings

    by darshanr33 on 01-06-2012 at 07:55 AM
    The dream started with me walking along a building's corridor with a person. For some reason I had to check my hands when I thought about reality checks and found my hands were blurry and hence deduced that I was dreaming and went Lucid.

    I also remembered a Task-of-the-month for December about flying up and finding the source of snow, so I run out of the building through glass doors and onto what looked like a parking lot. I look up and try to jump in order to fly but I easily come back to the ground. Then I remembered an entry in a post about imagining having wings to fly up, so I imagine having wings and soon felt them on my back. So I try flying up using the wings, but I feel too heavy and barely manage to lift my body a few feet all the while the wings take me backwards like I'm being pulled from behind.

    Then I woke up for a brief moment and shifted in my bed so a lot of details escaped me, then tried to get back to the same dream by imagining what all happened in the first dream and I soon find myself on a road(but not lucid yet) Then I again try to look at my hands and then realize again that I'm dreaming and the thoughts from previous dream come flooding all at once.

    Again I imagine having wings and flying up, soon enough I am flying with the help of the wings. This time though it is easier and I'm moving forwards as I go up. Soon I'm able to fly high enough to see the clouds nearing. As I'm just inches from the clouds I get very excited and flap my wings harder to breach the clouds. But as soon as I breached the clouds and came up, I felt a moment of serenity before the dream dispersed.

    I just joined DV yesterday, and was surprised I could try the techniques so easily This is my first DJ entry so the post might be very raw. Sorry for that

    Updated 01-06-2012 at 08:27 AM by darshanr33

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