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    Explosive Chemical Equation/Zoo Animal Water Slide.

    by DarthLucidity on 06-02-2013 at 08:39 AM
    I was at my mum's house.

    Mum, sister, grandparents and aunt were there.

    It was night.

    I was burning things in my room.

    For some reason, there was a giant chemical equation in my room, and it was actually a physical thing.

    I brought it downstairs and showed every one but they said that I shouldn't burn it because it would cause
    an explosion or something.

    I then took it outside to the garden and went back inside.
    A while after that I heard an explosion and it turned out that one of the letters (that were in circles) had exploded.

    I then walked into a town near the village I live in, but instead, it had a LOT more shops, and the hill where the shops
    are were steeper.
    I walked to the bottom of the street and found there were loads of theme park rides and water slides etc.
    I didn't go on them yet and instead walked up the street.
    I walked down again, and heard someone say that you should buy something from the music shop because he's running out
    of money or having a child or something, and outside was a girl from my school (although I'm not in school anymore),
    which I immediately knew was the daughter of the music shop owner.

    I then decided to go on the rides, although, one of them had shut down and there was a pile of rubble in the entrance
    blocking anyone from getting through, there was also police tape in front of it, but instead, it was yellow.

    I then went (I think) on a water slide. The slide was huge, and REALLY tall. At the end of the slide, the nice
    50-ish year old coronation street type woman told me that I would want to buy protection, and bat, or a stick, or something
    at the stall/market/shop at the end of the slide, but that was pointless because you couldn't reach it till' you had
    finished the ride. I then saw a girl and her father beside me on the slide, the dad was carrying a black baseball bat
    looking foam thing. As we got closer to the bottom, I could see big pictures of a hippo, a crocodile and giraffe, each
    picture had people in foam coloured suits trying to stop us reaching the bottom, in between the slop of the slide
    and the flat bit of the end was water, so I had jump over. After doing this, the dad hit and made the people in the middle
    crocodile picture disappeared so they could run through. When I tried to run through, I got about 3/4 of the way through
    until the people in the hippo picture grabbed me and I flashed back to the entrances of the ride.

    Dog/Zombie dream. FIRST TIME I FELT PAIN IN A DREAM.

    by DarthLucidity on 05-18-2013 at 07:37 AM
    It started off inside my grandparents house, there were four or five other people I don't know in waking life, but I seemed to know them well in the dream.

    There was an inherent feeling of danger in the dream, and it was dark outside.

    I walked upstairs with two others, we were talking, and half way through the conversation they shouted something like "JUMP ON THE CHEST OF DRAWS!", I looked behind me and could see thousands of small puppy's running at me, barking.
    I jumped on the cabinet and they all started jumping up trying to bite us. For some reason, I immediately knew that they were 'zombies'. They ran away after about 10 seconds of doing that.

    We then walked down the corridor again, but this time ran into the toilet because they were coming again, but as I was running into the toilet, I saw thousands of zombie dogs at the bottom of the stairs, it went into almost still, slow motion, but I could think at normal speed about what I was going to do, so when the slow motion stopped, I ran into the toilet, and this bald guy that was already in there shut and locked the toilet, I jammed my feet against the door but noticed the bottom panel of the door was coming off, so I let it come off and jumped on the windowsill. I then noticed the two others were gone. One zombie dog jumped up and seemed to borrow into my skin but it didn't have any affect on me so in this dream, I must have been 'immune' or something. Another zombie puppy then jumped and tried to bite me, so, I grabbed it, and it dug it's claws into my hand, and I could actually feel the pain of this, and this was the first time I ever felt pain in a dream.

    I then ran downstairs and looked on the garden wall, and the three others that had disappeared in the bathroom were sat on the wall. They were all dressed in blue clothes, almost like hospital gowns. We started to pick up these toys from a wall, like a firetruck that could play songs, and a toy clarinet and a recorder and stuff and started trying to make songs out of them. They all then said "If you're wearing this, or can hear the sound of the text, you're really dead." They all then disappeared.

    The rest of the people in the house were my some other people I don't know in my waking life, but these DC's knew me well for some reason. Outside, there were hundreds of different trucks, and supplies. We then started to organize a convoy of trucks to go to a safer place, we then met with this other family that were sleeping in tents next to the house we were in, and firstly, the woman in our group was not happy about them joining, but I noticed they were a family and had kids, so we couldn't let them die here. I asked them if they wanted to come and they were happy about coming. We were then getting the trucks and supplies ready when I asked if I could drive my own truck, just in-case one of the others broke down, but the woman again, said no, and that "we don't want to make too much noise". I then ran over to some boats and tried to find a good one just in-case there was no escape on land, but all I could find was small, plastic, kid boats with holes in them. I dragged out the one in best condition and threw it on the back of the truck. Instead of us all getting in the trucks, we sat on top. The convoy started moving, and we started to drive down these dirt roads. One of the people from our original group pulled out the firetruck and started playing music on it, it was like country rock. It was actually a pretty cool part of the dream, being sat with other zombie survivor's, in a truck convoy, but annoyingly, most of the others got quad bikes or motorbikes and I wasn't even allowed to drive a stinkin' truck.

    This is were the dream ended. (sadly)

    That was probably my favorite dream in a long time.

    Updated 05-18-2013 at 07:45 AM by DarthLucidity

    non-lucid , memorable

    Accordion Duke Nukem/Doom style game.

    by DarthLucidity on 05-03-2013 at 07:48 AM
    It starts off with me in this maze type thing, I can see the sky and the hedges and fences are really low two my right and left, I walk forwards and then right into this closed off room, I pick up an accordion and start trying to play it, I then leave to room and go straight down the corridor, to the left of where I started out.
    As I was walking, some blue, pixel art style, text came into view, saying "This truly is the best day ever."
    I then carried on through a building and was having a lot of fun trying to play this accordion.
    Then these 40's style Nazi soldiers in black/grey uniforms came and I had to run back to the start.
    My mum was in the dream and told me that I had to get rid of the accordion just in case they want me to play it but I can't or something along those lines, she then told me that after this I could learn it.
    The Nazi's then took me to play their version of the game, and it had really weird pixely/chip tune music and it was all black and white, the writing then came up saying "this is the best game ever" and this time in white, "posh", font.


    All in all, I actually really loved this dream, haha.

    Updated 05-03-2013 at 07:50 AM by DarthLucidity


    My first lucid dream.

    by DarthLucidity on 04-21-2013 at 07:56 PM
    I was in school, and remembered immediately that I need to a reality check because my school is one of my dream signs.
    I looked at the clock, looked away, and it had changed, I kept doing it, about 3 times, and it kept changing.
    Surprisingly, I didn't actually get that excited, so I stayed in the dream.
    So, as soon as it hit me that I was dreaming, my vision twirled, and this yellow, Chinese/Korean, text appeared in front of me.
    And then immediately, I was back to clear vision again.
    I decided to tell one of my teachers I was dreaming and then I was watching her and her husband playing golf, and then I flashed back to where I was in the classroom.
    So, I went through the day until I was in a computer suite. I told people I was dreaming, and they just went "Cool." and stuff.
    Then I heard someone say "I need some earphones", so I tried to materialize one, it ended up looking like a pencil, but oh well, it was my first time, and he seemed to like it!
    I was then at home, on my laptop, and I could hear my Mum, sister, and Dad come through the door, and I immediately had to tell my mum I was in a lucid dream!
    When I told her, she started shouting "YOU'RE NOT! YOU ALWAYS DO THIS! YOU'RE SO SELFISH!" etc... and then I woke up.

    lucid , memorable

    Lucid false awakening.

    by DarthLucidity on 04-21-2013 at 07:47 PM
    I was at my dad's and it was sunny outside.
    I was in my room and had just woken up, I rolled over to check my laptop and noticed the time was "100:3", so I looked away, then looked back and it was now "100:4", I kept doing so and it kept going up one digit.
    I knew I was dreaming.
    Everything turned dark and fuzzy, I got up and couldn't stand up properly, it was like I was drunk.
    I started rubbing my hands together and the dream started to stabilize. I walked through the corridor and could hear my sister in the shower; I started talking to my dad but can't remember what either of us said.


    Updated 04-21-2013 at 08:14 PM by DarthLucidity

    lucid , false awakening