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    3 Hour Lucid Dream with my Dead Friend

    by DeepEnd on 04-11-2019 at 08:56 AM
    (Side Note) I've been drinking Golden Lung Take It Easy Bedtime Powder every night this week. It has had amazing impact on my dreaming. I've drank it before and I notice the effects the first night and every night that I use it, but I was extremely lucky because the guy selling it was having a by 1 get one promo so bought 2 and got 2 freebies so I haven't been worried about being too liberal and using large spoonfuls in my tea right before bed time. I don't know what this guy puts in it that is so potent but this has been some seriously Shamanic grade awakening stuff and it is like a key or something. I am not writing this in my dream journal as some kind of an advertisement, I am writing it in my journal because I am going to insert it into my journal (DT) every time I have it and I LD that way I can see if it is correlating to the LDs. (Dream)Last night I fell asleep late at about 2:30 am and this morning from 8 am - 11 am I had the most vivid ,longest dream where and old friend that has been dead since 2006 came to see me. My parents didn't like him so I tried to keep him away from them but he wanted to talk to my mother and change her mind about him. I thought about letting him try but I wanted to spend time with him and not cut it short with my mother fighting with him. The really special part of this dream was that I have been wishing he would visit me in a dream ever since he passed away but I have only seen him for very short very foggy periods that didn't give us much time to connect. This time we spent about three hours just hanging out and talking, I kept making excuses with my family about how I was staying out because I was trying to figure out how to drive him home which was about and hour away and still make it home in time for when my family (my parents) came home. I guess our relationship was frozen at around the time he died because I wasn't worried about my husband, I didn't seem to have children, my parents weren't worried about me staying out with friends and spending the night somewhere. I guess in my dreamworld I was in my early 20's. This means I was in the Deepdown. That is exactly where this powder ALWAYS takes me. I didn't even use Binaural Beats or trigger sounds such as cricket song. I just drank my tea and finally fell asleep. I woke up in the Deepdown where you never age, there are no addictions, parents are young, no one is dead but you do try to work through some issues that are related to that time in your life and everyone knows you- like intimately knows you, even if they don't lok familiar they seem familiar and you know that you do know them and they know you. I had picked up David at his house where his mom was at and he had a bedroom like a teenager would have, or a man in his early 20's that lives with his parents. It was an apartment building and it was kind of run down, but when he was alive they were poor and he had a lot of problems with addiction and kind of acted like a thug. I knew him as kind, smart and sweet but he tried to be gangster in our little town. In the Deepdown he still dressed like that but there was no drug or alcohol addiction, we just genuinely wanted to hang out. So we drove to my parents hotel room while they were out and we hung out. There was an underlying sexual tension, but it never really got strong enough to do anything about. We had dated IRL and while we had sex once, the real meat of the relationship was based on a trust and friendship, just really liking to be around each other and support each other. It was a bit Romeo & Juliet, I was a rich spoiled kid and he was constantly in trouble and didn't have a very stable life so we weren't allowed to continue our relationship. My parents absolutely hated him but they didn't even know him, they just didn't like the aesthetics he presented, they wanted my to be with a "winner." It was a sad and frustrating situation but I was only 15. I longed to at least talk with him when I was older but he had a couple of kids and a girlfriend that I couldn't stand. He got into drugs later and then committed suicide. We never really had a chance to tell each other how life had been or how we felt, one day he was just gone. After that I prayed he would visit because I have vivid LDs. Then the LDs went away too. A few years later I found this supplement and it's crazy how it really works I tried other ones but they weren't as effective or constant. Seeing him for three hours this morning was very healing. There was still that silly element that it was inside of a dream world construct but the colors were vivid and he felt like himself- his energy was very genuine, it felt like my friend was actually there. I believe he was. I was still deciding if we wanted to go out dancing and then I could take him home, we went for a walk through a park and talked about our feelings and how they never really were allowed to be realized but that things happened the way they did for a reason. He has two children and that wouldn't of happened. We held hands and we just basked in the energy of each other as true friends. WE went back to the house and I heard the phone ring and I thought it was my parents. But I kind of came out of my dream and realized it was the real house phone, so I went to answer it but I missed the call adn came back to bed. I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet so I just thought the intent of goign back to the room with him and there I was. It was that smooth. We talked a little about maybe me driving him home, then I heard dogs barking and my kids talking and I woke up. I think if I had intended to go back in I would have gone right back tot hat place again but it was time to get up and be a grown up again so I did. I don;t feel like I got to say goodbye but I do feel like this was the clearest, more vivid, most energy filled dream I have every had since he died that he has visited me in and we actually were int eh presence of each other. It was a really amazing dream.
    lucid , memorable , side notes

    Cancer and the end of the world.

    by DeepEnd on 01-19-2019 at 12:02 PM
    Details are fuzzy but we had bought a house in a dying hick town somewhere isolated with a midwestern feeling. I switched back and forth from the perspective of a teenager growing up in the house and myself who is married to my husband. Dream logic is amazing, you can be two perspectives at once, switching seemlessly like a quark between dimensions and it is the most natural thing in the world. Sometimes I think we are dream people and being human is our unnatural state, it is more limiting than our dream state. Back to the dream. When I was teenager me I met a neighbor boy who I felt an attraction but he had a huge growth on his chest that was infected. He matter of factly told me it was cancer. I believe this is a direct comment from my subconscious about a growth I have on my own chest that has been dismissed as nothing to worry about. I will be getting a second opinion. We were all out hanging out and we saw three small colorful lights in the sky and watched them break into five lights that fanned out and zoomed towards the horizon. We remarked maybe it was aliens? A few minutes later there was a sound of a huge explosion coming from where they had fallen. Then missiles began rising out of hidden silos in the ground and lifting off. My first thought was, oh my god the president has pissed off someone while we were sleeping and started a war. Weíve been bombed. We are in a dangerous place because they will bomb here trying to takeout our military. I switched perspective and was now an adult married to my husband. I ran to be near him, I heard him try to calm a teenagers fear by telling him that ď itís okay, we will kick their butts.Ē I woke up before I could process anything more.

    Going into the Army

    by DeepEnd on 09-21-2018 at 10:09 AM
    My husband was going into the army and we were becoming close friends with the army srgts and the army wives. We were staying the night at a hotel close by. I asked to borrow one of the army wives clothes since I found myself naked? But then I wasnít when I was given access to her closet and drawers. I changed and then realized the men were going off to war and expected my husband on the plane. I looked at the army wide and her husband. He was 20 she was 50. I told my husband to wait because I felt that him being in the army would ruin our marriage and I could prove it to him. I asked the wife how many times she had been married. She said 3. I then asked how many were to army men and she looked sad and said three. I said ďsee! Itís a game they are playing, sheís using the men to live off of. They go to war and die and she gets another one. And I donít do that I wonít live like that!Ē Then we left. I thought about taking the clothes I borrowed but decided to change back into my old things and woke up.

    The town from the Deepdown

    by DeepEnd on 09-04-2018 at 09:21 AM
    We recently bought a house in a small town. In the Deepdown an old waitress in a flo cap that smoked cigarettes told me that the town was once busy and people visited from all over. Today my elderly neighbor was talking about our town and she said what the waitress said in my dream. ďSometime before 90s when the big box stores came and took the people further down the road this town was something. People came by bus to see it. That was a long by time ago.Ē It Made me realize that here in the deep down arenít so far apart

    Drinking in the Deepdown

    by DeepEnd on 09-04-2018 at 09:06 AM
    Iíve been visiting the Deepdown a lot lately. I know when I am there because I am always about 19-21 years old. Sometimes I live with my parents. In the Deepdown I experience social life like I did as a teenager. I look for people to visit and to drink with. I find it very relaxing in the Deepdown. There im not an alcoholic. Last night I bought a bottle of vodka in a store on the way home to my parents in my dream. I realized it was Isopropyl and could not drink it. I vaguely thought about hiding it but didnít put much effort into it. I decided to go out and pick some more up and then find a friend to spend time with. I found that I was very excited to do this, it fulfilled something deep and lacking. It was almost the actual addiction- spending time with someone I didnít have to be perfect around someone I could party with and just be me. Even after to knew the store was closed I didnít feel upset, I thought oh well Iíll go to a friends anyway. The alcohol wasnít the main event- the socializing was. I found it strange that I felt I needed to seek out lower class people, people I knew from around the town I live in real life. Not friends but people I would have gravitated towards when I was drinking. I was aware of this discrepancy in my dream but I only took note of it and then went to find them. I woke up. I donít see my drinking dreams as an issue or as a psychological failure in my 5 years of sobriety. The Deepdown has its own set of rules. There Iím young, people donít die, people know you and I am not an alcoholic. I enjoy visiting the Deepdown, it feels like home. If that makes sense.