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    Recent Entries

    Feb 2022 dreams

    by devotee013 on 03-07-2022 at 06:37 PM
    My Dream Journal Entry For Feb Z0ZZ

    Today morning I wrote down only one-word "Attendance

    A friend of mine Girl Chaitali said that she wants medicine and gave me a Prescription.
    I read the paper and the writing was scribbled. I read it again. Now the writing was Clear. It read Galantamine.
    I told her I have Galatamine tabs in my house ..,
    But I still did not become Lucid
    This is just a very small part of the very long dream. Plus I had many Dreams But only managed to write down This part.

    Some man told me that someone is having a fight
    I went to the road and there were a bunch of people gathered near the river house
    Don was fighting but only an Argument
    He Left the crowd crossed the road and saw me standing and Smiled

    I was waiting outside my house
    Nitin called from the window of my neighbour's house and told me to ask the sweeper to clean the ground.
    I told the sweeper to clean the ground.
    He cleaned it.
    I knocked on my neighbour's house and Nitin was Inside with 2 girls ...
    I told him the ground is clean

    Playing torchlight2 ...

    Caught blue colour huge snakes.

    Remote connect PC from outside home

    Has joined group
    Join website .. Name address email updated...

    Updated 03-07-2022 at 07:08 PM by devotee013


    Day Dream

    by devotee013 on 02-20-2022 at 06:35 PM
    Today afternoon I had a Dream

    I was playing PC Video games and i was thinking how come I have reached this Level I could not even clear the first Level and then my game charector went Inside a Cave and I could only see the opening of the Cave and I started searching for him and then I picked up my keyboard and mouse and ran to the cave. Now when I reached the cave I did not have my keyboard with me and I saw many people lying down injured near the entrance of the Cave.
    Now some girl said to me that there is a girl roaming around who has a quirk (Super Natural power) so i went inside the cave and hid from her And then I woke up.

    I did Not get Lucid in this Dream ....

    Autosuggestion Need Help

    by devotee013 on 02-12-2022 at 09:28 AM
    \\I am writing here because I do not get the option to for new post\\

    I have not written for sevral days because my DJ has been Empty
    One Good Thing is that Autosuggestion works for me.
    I have to Use the Word “I” and then say “I will write down my Dreams”
    And then in the morning I would write down Some Words in my DJ Even in A Semiconscious State .
    And then in the morning I Feel that what i have written does make sense…
    Autosuggestion : Here is what happens
    Before sleeping I repeat I will write down my Dreams and then in the morning in my dreams I keep trying to recollect my Dreams so that I can write it down
    But I am not sure how to Explain
    I don’t get Dreams
    I SEE a 2d image and i keep working on the image…i am not sure how to put it in words… That is why my Dreams Journal has been Empty till now
    Here is what I am doing in WAKING State
    I work Data Entry Job for 8 hrs and before sleeping I play PC Games
    Right now I am STRUGGLING to RECOLLECT my Dreams …
    It’s been 3 months and I Still have not had a LD…
    Any Suggestions please …

    My DJ Entry For Jan Z0ZZ

    by devotee013 on 02-04-2022 at 06:09 AM
    My Dream Recall Has Decereased in the Year Z0ZZ

    This is my DJ entry for Jan Z0ZZ

    2 Jan – Met Sam near river house
    4 Jan – Playing 3d games
    9 Jan – Empty
    10 Jan – Searching for GG
    11 Jan – Searching for New Dreams
    12 Jan – Me study
    13 Jan – Fighting Tournament Single
    17 Jan – Participating in Games and winnig games
    20 Jan – I remembered my Dream but forgot to write down
    24 Jan – Playing 2nd chance on pc games
    25 Jan - Playing 2d games Running and grabbing 2 power
    26- Jan – Playing PC Games…Trying to earn points and complete level … I asked the question ”is this a LD" while dreaming …
    28 Jan – Was playing PC Games…

    But from 29 Jan till Today my DJ has been Empty …
    So My DJ has been Empty For the Past 1 Week

    HOW do I get BACK to having dreams ?
    For the past 7 days 1 Feel I have not had any dreams at all.
    I feel I have not Dreamt for 1 Full Week.

    Any Suggestions ? Any help please ?

    Dream Recall

    by devotee013 on 01-28-2022 at 07:23 AM
    Hi to Everyone in this Forum...
    I am sure everyone is ready to Help someone New to LD like me...

    I am posting my Question Here because I do not have account permission to create a new tread.

    Here is What is Happening ......

    I have Been maintaining a DJ since Nov 21
    There have been ups and downs ... sometimes I dream, sometimes I Do NOT dream, Or instead of Dream I only have Thought, I also forget to write down my dreams in my DJ ...
    Most importantly -- I WRITE DOWN ONLY 1 SENTENCE in my DJ...It's NOT more than 3 words.

    So for the past 4 days, I have been writing in my DJ " I was Playing PC video Games"
    I remember my dreams ... I write down 3 words ... and that's All .... Till now I have NOT been able to write down my Dreams in detail ...It is always 1 sentence ONLY 3 words.

    What Happens is I remember my dreams but I find it very difficult to put them down in words .....

    Is it okay if my DJ consists of ONLY 3 words every day ???

    Any suggestions Or Help ... Please...

    I am Eagerly waiting for someone to reply...