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    About Diamondec
    I normally never look the same in my dreams because I like to hide my true appearance.I do this because I like being a mysterious character in my dream. I also go the name of "White Diamond" in my dreams but sometimes will give out other names. My favorite thing to do is to become random creatures. My favorite is becoming a dragon; but it never turns out how I want unless I become a black dragon. I also can create items by thinking about them while either silently singing in my head or singing out loud. The coolest things I have done is becoming a rainbow unicorn and stopping a destruction beam with my horn. I also managed to cleanup a really yucky ocean by using singing ability. I also enjoy helping on the sidelines without people realizing I'm there helping.
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    Writing, drawling, reading, etc.
    Student going for degree
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    Searching the internet


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    [] Create device that will make me instantly lucid.


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    RPG Dream

    by Diamondec on 08-29-2017 at 02:04 PM
    The dream starts in my Aunts backyard. I see some other people whom I do not recognize. I go over and ask who they are. They state that they are dreamers as well and are currently playing an RPG game. I ask if I can join in. They reply "sure the more the better". I wonder whether or not they meant the more the merrier. They look at my confusion and explain how this RPG is hard because of how difficult the game is and explains that the more players in a group the more likely that group will win. They then explain that there are monsters and weapons all over the world. They go on to say that in this game players can only use weapons or tools that they can use in real life. Also that the more use use a weapon or tool in real life the better the player is at using that same tool in the game. I look at them quizzically. They ask if I can use a bow or sword in real life. I respond that ai have only played with toy swords and bows. They look at each other like "oh boy what kind of weak player did we get". They hand me a bow I try to hit the bullseye but miss the mark. "Well at least you hit the target" they say to me. I guess you are a natural at the bow and arrow. They then go onto their IPads and I ask what they are doing. Some apps in real life will improve your weapon ability in this game. Right now we are improving are skill. I ask how else I can improve my skill. They look at me and respond at once "by defeating a monster of course". So I decide to go defeat some low level monsters as I am apparently at level one. I find some weapons not far from my aunts yard. The weapons I find are either inflatable or made out of wood. I wonder why there are inflatable weapons as they would not do that much damage. I take a wooden sword and walk across the street. I go around the corner of the block and find some better weapons. I about to grab a weapon when I notice a huge troll in the room near the weapons. Two other players are there and the troll seems to smell us as she gets up and starts heading our way. The two players run away and I hide behind the weapons. The troll which is about 10ft tall looks around but doesn't see me. Seeing as I was pretty visible I figured the troll thought I was a weapon and was dumb. I then noticed a golden spear. I grab it and decide to prick troll then rehide myself. I figure that if I do this enough that the monster will die and I will level up quickly. I through the golden spear t the monster and hit it. The monsters health bar goes down quite a bit. Suddenly the troll seems much smarter as it starts to talk. I run and the troll runs after me. I somehow get on the ceiling and hang onto the light and hope the troll thinks that I am a fixture. The troll find me and I think that my RPG adventure is over. However, the troll does not hurt me. Instead it thanks me and explains that it was cursed and could only be uncured if someone hit it with the golden spear. The troll states that she is going to try to find her husband and asks me to let her children into the building which are now knocking at the side door. (Which appeared out of nowhere). I open the door the troll's children enter the building and thank me for saving their mother. I level up and ask the children why they explain that defeating a monster does not mean that you have to kill it and that sometimes you have to rescue the monster because it is cursed like their mother was. I wake up.

    Updated 08-30-2017 at 12:56 AM by Diamondec


    Actually I'm a Dreamer.

    by Diamondec on 08-21-2017 at 03:03 AM
    I was in a building that was built around a tree. I was on the first floor and for some reason decided to go downstairs. There were some people down there and they were bad (I somehow knew they were bad). I went to go back upstairs but three of them blocked my path. They stuck out their tongue which were really long in fact their tongues were almost as long as each of them were tall (the people were about 5ft 8in). They all were trying to touch me with their tongues which I did not want so knowing that it was a dream I created a force field so they could not touch me. I got to the stairs which somehow became a ladder and climbed up it. When I reached the first floor where I just was I tried to push the ladder away from the first floor so the bad people could not follow me. I then used my mind to make the bad people forget that they saw me and go back downstairs. Which was somehow I knew was a place the bad people would stay. A DC (dream character) saw this and asked how I managed to get away from them (the bad people). I responded that I got away by dreaming myself away. The DC responded that only Dreamers could do that. To which I said I am a dreamer. The DC replied "you don't look like a dreamer". To which I said "yes I know probably because I imaged that whenever I dream would look like a DC". The DC didn't believe me and asked me to prove that I was a dreamer. I made an object appear out of thin air and said " see a DC couldn't do that". To which the DC said "no, no they can't" and suddenly seemed a little to interested in me. It was then he asked that I showed him what I really look like. I said no and woke up.

    Updated 08-21-2017 at 03:14 AM by Diamondec


    Prison in Batman universe?!

    by Diamondec on 08-17-2017 at 02:53 AM
    I start out the dream in prison. I am there undercover to investigate something. Suddenly the prison alarms go off. I look out my window covered in bars and see the Joker with a bazooka and he he blowing up the prison to rescue Harley. Once he rescues Harley he starts freeing all the other prisoners too. I realize that if they free me the Joker will eventually realize I am a good guy and try and kill me. I think to myself that I could probably take on one bad guy but a whole prison is another thing. I think about running but remember that I am dreaming and can take out all the bad guys if I waned to. As soon as I think that I wake up to my alarm going off.

    Updated 08-21-2017 at 03:15 AM by Diamondec


    Doing much of nothing

    by Diamondec on 08-09-2017 at 02:41 AM
    I haven't written one of these lately. But decided to give this ago again.

    Last night 8/7/17:

    Rolled out of bed in dream mode to become lucid. The minute I roll out of bed in dream mode I am lucid. I go over to my wall and practice becoming part of the wall. I do this several times. (kind of like odo does on Star Trek but with out becoming liquid). I get board and decide to go out the window. I fly around for most of the dream. Then wake up. I go back to sleep a dream a lot of dreams about work (working in computers and laptops).

    The Dream World

    by Diamondec on 04-04-2016 at 11:10 PM
    There are many dreams and many different worlds which people create. Dream worlds they are called. But there is one dream world that is different from all the rest. I call it simply the dream world but I don't know its real name. I do however know what it is like to be there in that place. Like most other dream worlds one can be lucid or aware of the fact they are dreaming when they are there. But there is a tangible difference. I could never really describe it but I could feel it. The very air, the scenery everything just felt different. It wasn't long till I discovered some of the differences of that place. You could feel any pain while there and if you said or did anything that seemed out of the ordinary you would be immediately chased. That world was as much of a danger as it was a mystery. Why did it exist? Why could I go there sometimes when I dreamt? I really don't know the answer. The only thing I did learn was how to blend in and disappear if discovered. It was a skill that took many years learning to control and it came after only much abuse. Being shot, being cut, being stabbed. It never hurt like it did in real life but I still felt it. Do you ever know what it is like to feel a saw cut you? Oh sure it felt more like a metal rod was dragged across my skin but that's not bothered me. It was the image of blood dripping from my arm that always kept me from getting back to sleep that night. But it was experiences that taught me something don't get caught and if you do hid, run, or fight. I also learned what I could control and what I could not. In my regular dreams I could do anything but in the Dream World I was limited. The were certain things one could do and things one could not. I also discovered other dreamers could come to this world and they like me were hunted. I also discovered that unlike me most choose when they dreamed of that place. I eventually could do this too but it was mostly a skill I learned to stop going there. I still end up in that world every now and again but things are different now. I have learned. I now know things about that place that I can only guess few others do. I also make it my duty to protect anyone who is in trouble. I think this is mostly cause I wish there was someone who rescued me. I really don't know. All I do know is that it's a world were dreamers like me aren't meant to go.