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    The cave that wants to drown me

    by Dionisos on 02-17-2017 at 12:08 PM
    (Went to bed at 4am which is actually earlier than the days prior. I should really stop that)
    (This dream was completely in english and I even used foot as a measurement even though I normally only use the metric system in real life and dont know anything about the imperial system at all)

    I was inside a limestone cave with 3 other people for unknown reasons. I was standing in front of a chasm with a rope which led down about 15 meters to another cave area with a very small "lake" (the lake was about 4x4 meters I'd say and very shallow so it wasnt really a lake at all).
    Above the rope there was a sign which read "Danger! Water extremely cold." which I thought made sense.
    The people I was with wanted to climb down and one of them (some girl though I dont know any of the people present) wants to swim in the lake. She either climbed down really fast or jumped (which would probably kill you) because suddenly she was in the water and telling us to get in because "its great in here" which I found strange at the time. At the point where I climbed down the rope everybody is already in the water and saying its great.
    I suddenly notice that the water is rising at a very quick pace (in the dream I said it already rose 2 feet in a few seconds) and shout at them to get out and back up the rope.

    The water is rising even faster now with us basically beeing carried upwards to the beginning of the rope by the water.
    Then I noticed something which truly shocked me, as a ceiling of water was coming down on us from atop. The water was not flushing down but rather it was as if gravity was turned around further above and the water was simply rising. After a few seconds there would be no more space to breath left and we all took a deep breath and prepared to try to swim out of the cave.

    At this point I was not really a part of the 4 people anymore as I was constantly switching around viewpoints while following different people at a time while I could even hear their thoughts. Mostly they didnt think they would be able to make it out the cave and where already pretty much out of air but in the end they managed to swim up to where the exit is through the curiously bright cave system.
    To get out of the cave you had to open a hatch which then led outside and in the end I was thinking what if when we open that hatch there still is even more water and it was all for nothing. What exactly happened I dont remember and the dream pretty much ended here.

    (I do not have a fear of water or anything related but it was pretty horrifying because it felt like a malavolent entity with unearthly power wanted to kill us)
    non-lucid , memorable

    The thing in the ice

    by Dionisos on 11-25-2016 at 09:21 AM
    I am living in a fairly big, yet very underpopulated city in the middle of the desert.
    I walk through the streets with a DC who mght be my father though i'm not sure as he didnt look like him.
    Food and water was very scarce so when I found a cactus I got ready to cut it open for the milk inside.
    While I was about to get my hunting knife out of my pocket I noticed that I was constantly getting hit by small objects on my body which felt similiar to, -and made me first think that it was- a hailstorm.
    Then I remembered that I was in the desert so it obviously had to be a sandstorm which it then ended up beeing.
    A group of 2 guards (looked similiar to the guards in the new Dishonored game) approached us and ordered all civilians to immidiately return home because of the storm.
    When I was about to move to return home my head felt incredibly heavy as if my whole body was getting pushed down by a tremendous invisible force.
    At first I thought something was wrong with me, then one of the guards shouted for everyone to get down to the ground, which was an order followed by everyone around, all guards as well.
    Then the sandstorm became massive for a moment and I couldnt see anything except brown all while there was a incredibly deafening weird sound was in the air.
    When it subsided I remembered that my over 90 year old grandma was sitting in her living room on the second floor of a building and I became very worried about her so I immidiately got on my way to check on her.
    While on the way the other DC I was with kept lagging behind as if hurt but he assured me he was fine so I kept moving and was soon on my way alone.
    While in transit to my home I somehow learned that the oppresive deafening sound that glued me to the ground was caused by something absolutely massive (in the dream I thought of some enormous creature older than mankind. I dunno, maybe Cthulhu) becoming free in an ice layer deep under the earth (dont ask me why there was a huge ice layer right below the desert).
    I saw a cut open model of the earth zoomed to a big layer of ice where inside was a huge purple crystalline structure, trapped for aeons.
    I had the feeling a very meaningful revelation and change for the world was about to begin.

    Then I returned home and saw that my grandma was completely fine and didnt even notice anyting strange happened at all.

    Updated 11-25-2016 at 09:24 AM by Dionisos

    non-lucid , memorable