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      *points excitedly to your wings whilst jumping up and down* Yaaay! Congratulatiiooons. :3
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      I like your 1 Week Challenge threads. Thanks for taking that extra time helping folks around here get lucid, good work!
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      I'm alright, I haven't been trying too much to lucid or anything, I've mostly given up xwx

      But yeah otherwise I'm alright, and dw I didn't eat too much cookies, how have you been? XD
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      Well if I could find a pic and link you I would, but I can't and giggle imugeeze can't find it so I won't bother telling you, yet, until I find it.
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      Not in a dream, but just somewhere, before. Not even deja vu, it's more than that. It's really weird.
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      Really, it's just a random google image search result I put up. Because it looks cool is all really. I just thought I recognised your profile pic character from somewhere.
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      Hey Dj, can I ask what your profile picture is of?
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      'Air bending'... You watched avatar? I pop on between 7am and 9am when I wake up, and then I come on in the evenings too. Are you also from England? And memorizing what you look like will be another great task! I will be looking forward to (hopefully) getting lucid tonight I hope you do too!
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      Yeah I can't wait to get started! I read through your workbook, looks like we are kinda equal in ability I also read through the chat log (I'm more likely to freeze you solid with a handshake, and you seem very motivating!!!) I don't mind which task to do first really maybe we should do stabilize because if you get lucid but haven't read this then you are probably going to do that anyway what time (GMT) do you check the site? It might help communication... :3 woah I sound like a stalker
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    Is the archer making a return?

    by djpatch999 on 04-29-2014 at 11:06 AM
    I was at the cinema in my full length coat with a friend, oddly though I wasn't wearing anything underneath. We seemed to be going to see a film as a group event. We all met in what appeared to be the entrance hall of the cinema, there was about 50 people in total. The lady who was at the head of it all was stood right in the middle of everyone. She was about half a foot shorter than myself with long black hair. She had an hourglass figure and was wearing a shirt and jeans that showed it off. The shirt was a dark redish and the jeans a very light grey. Just as we were starting to get organised someone came up to her and informed her that her daughter had unfortunately died of a heart attack earlier that day. Immediately she broke down in tears and fell to her knees, everybody else was in a shocked silence. Out of nowhere my little brother made his way to me through the crowd. He whispered to me and begged me to save her daughter. I said I'd try my best and promptly went outside. This is where it gets interesting considering I wasn't lucid. I put my palms to the ground and sapphire gemstones started flying around me, getting faster and faster until everything stopped moving... then started moving in reverse. Somehow I teleported to her daughters primary school and just in time too. Her teacher was mowing the lawn next door and the kids were playing on a grassy field. One of them, a young girl with black hair very similar to her mothers stopped dead. She looked very pale and as if she wasn't fully conscious. The last thing she said was to call an ambulance.

    Meanwhile someone was whispering in my ear what do to. I think it may have been the archers system but it told me to rub my fingers together and this green powder appeared. It looked like finely crushed emerald dust. I sprinkled it on her head and sure enough she moved a little showing she was still alive. Suddenly a huge slug looking monster appeared from nowhere. I immediately turned and ran, I ran through the main primary school building and hid, the monster didn't see me so I went straight out of the other side. I found myself in my old primary school playground. I ran out of the gate and over the wall, I knew the monster would be after me so it would be putting them in danger to stay. I continued down the road meeting up with two of my friends, we ran up a road and was immediately caught up in a load of vines that had small electric charges in them.

    At this point my flatmate knocked on my door and woke me up -.- Interesting dream though

    Bacon cat food

    by djpatch999 on 10-22-2013 at 12:33 PM
    - I found my cat some bacon cat food to eat.

    - One of my friends was flirting with the postman after he delivered her new skirt

    - was on a small train to get on a plane, could get of the train quick enough due to parents. Eventually got off and sat down opposite my brother and then 3 small children came and sat next to us. I put my headphones and music on.

    Haunted House Horrors

    by djpatch999 on 10-09-2013 at 09:08 AM
    I wasn't in the dream as a person I was watching it. There was this little girl alone with the teddy bear and she walked into the kitchen of this huge house and on the kitchen worktop I was a web cam and it was on and the screen it was connected to walls projecting some kind of image on the wall behind her. She then looked straight at the webcam and said something along the lines of 'Come home daddy'. I realized the image on the wall was of an empty living room.

    Moving on through the dream I see her mother emptying the washing machine. Suddenly the door slammed behind her and the same happened to her daughter. I woke up sweating even though nothing that scary had actually happened. Looks like my brain is getting ready for Halloween
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Passage in the castle, policemen and toilets in the crypts

    by djpatch999 on 10-06-2013 at 11:12 AM
    1. I was watching the dream and saw a boy and girl go through into a secret passage to have sex. I was I intrigued about this passage so used a small microphone to track their voices and find the passage. Then the boys dad rushed past me saying something about saving his son. I take it the girl wasn't too nice. I saw into the passage and it lead out into a room with sofas, a small fridge but was missing a bed, so I made a bed appear.

    2. I was in a room, in it was a table and people sat around it. I kept wanting to tell them about the film I'd just seen but they wanted to work so I just sat by and watched them. It's only after the dream I now realize that the people sat round the table were actually the people in the film.

    3. I was in some kind of castle, but I'd been here before and wanted the toilet. So off I went down the long winding corridors and eventually through a door that said 'toilets' on it. However on the other side was a huge cave. Walking further into it I found a path and shortly after a group of friends and my brother found me. Was walked to the end and found a chest full of treasure. But we were being attacked so me and my brother fought off these demons and a miniature slender man. The dream ended with us still fighting.

    A few fragments

    by djpatch999 on 10-05-2013 at 11:01 AM
    Just getting back into dream journalling

    1. I remember seeing my possible future employer standing there looking at me

    2. I remember being with four of my friends
    non-lucid , dream fragment