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    Five Dreams

    by DoctorSpaceman on 02-16-2013 at 08:30 AM
    Dream 1: Lost Wallet
    I am at a petrol station owned by Charlie and Frank from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They are trying to find out who left a wallet behind at the counter. I try to help them, but soon Frank gets incredibly angry and accuses me of forgetting the wallet.

    Dream 2: Louis C.K. and a Scaly Mutation
    I am on an island, walking across a rickety old bridge with Louis C.K.. We are working out, and while he is doing push-ups I feel something growing on my head. I pull out what I think to be a hair, but turns out to be thick and scaly. Louis says it looks like the tip of a dinosaur’s tail.

    Dream 3: McDonald's with Friends
    I am at McDonald’s with my friends 'A' and 'E'. I am poking fun at myself for running into a former high school classmate and having him not recognise me.

    Dream 4: Rooftops and the Cast of Seinfeld
    I am running across rooftops chasing a balloon. I eventually capture it and look for a way to get down. I find a ladder mounted against a wall but it seems flimsy. The male cast of Seinfeld is on the ground and I ask Jerry to hold the ladder. Once I get down, we begin practicing our routine (we are all part of a comedy troupe).

    Dream 5: Family Finds Religion on Holiday
    I am at a motel with my family and we are just getting ready to leave. My brother 'C' tells me he has forgotten a few things in the room and he and I go back, however it turns out that he has left quite a lot. I fill my arms with what is mostly toys and go outside to find that the rest of my family is not there. When I eventually find them in the town church they say they have converted, and encourage me to give Chris’ toys away.

    Lucid at School

    by DoctorSpaceman on 02-13-2013 at 07:24 AM

    I am talking to my brother "C" in his room and I notice he has a cool-looking blue Dragonite toy on his desk. I ask where he got it from and he tells me McDonalds. I then find myself at a McDonalds located on my uni campus grounds, waiting with "C" and my uni friend "M". I ask her what she is buying and she says a happy meal, though she wants me to help her finish it. I tell her that’s ok as I was planning to throw my own Happy Meal away once I got the Pokemon toy. We get our food and look for a seat, but are distracted when someone rushes towards us babbling excitedly about something he has written. He takes a seat at a table (we are now in an indoor corridor) and a crowd begins to form around him. They prevent me from being able to see what he has written, but when I notice my friend "GT" at the table he tells me to come over and stand on his shoulders. I run around to his side and smoothly jump on the back of his seat so that I can see the sheet of paper. It contains a one line scrawling of a formula of some sort. I then walk away but notice something cryptic on the walls, spelling the name of a friend of mine. I then look at the pages of a book mounted on a stand, and see four lines containing the jumbled letters of another friend. These cause me to become lucid. I then walk through the corridor, marvelling at how vivid everything is – even more so it seems than real life. I see a man with four arms sitting on a couch; he and everything else seem to be frozen in time. I then enter a room where a wrestling match appears to be taking place. I can hear the commentator shouting the name of one of the competitors, ‘Lustmord’.

    A Distressing Swamp and A Magical Visual Experience

    by DoctorSpaceman on 06-20-2012 at 08:48 PM
    I am sitting in a sandy swamp area with another man. He is a colleague of mine and we are in silent contemplation. A horrible incident occurred here a short while ago in which two small children were devoured by thousands of rats. The area has since dried up, rendering the landscape quite eerie. We turn to see a woman to our side. She looks at us and her heart drops, only now does she realise that what took place did so in the very place she sat. “I thought this would just be a quiet place to relax” she says apologetically. We both shake our heads, and I offer to walk the girl back. We cross the sandy dunes of the dried up swamp and I can sense the girl scanning the area and envisaging in her mind the events that transpired. She tells me she wants to walk faster. Eventually we get to a jeep. I ask if it’s hers and she answers yes. I climb in and we drive off. The girl is obviously quite shaken by the history of the area, and becomes visibly upset. I try to tell her it is okay and that she came by mistake but she has become rude in her guilt. “Oh it was okay? It was okay was it??” She becomes delirious and my efforts to reassure her are hopeless. I tell her to drop me off and that I will walk back.

    I get off and find myself roaming a vast dessert filled with fascinatingly shaped mountains and rocks. As I explore further I see that these formations are a complex series of geometric patterns, manifested as sets of never-ending clusters within clusters. My view of the world shifts and I see that I am actually indoors. I am a tuxedo-wearing Bryan Cranston and I am in a huge room with walls lined by hundreds of large screens, all showing the same images of the sand formations. I am the creator and controller of this incredible room, however I am currently under a great deal of stress. The android I created to act as my assistant has left me, and I find that in my anger I am quickly losing my mind. I rampage through the area, exclaiming aloud my bewilderment that anyone would want to leave. I see my former assistant through a window, and become furious when I find that he is taunting me. I soon notice something though. With each movement I make, the images on the screens distort themselves in wonderful ways. This is a new development and I consider it to be an amazing one. I run around, throwing myself left and right, watching as the sand formations on the screen spiral in response to my every move. They retract when I lean towards them, and expand when I lean back. I fling myself into the air, swing on poles and run up the spiral staircase marvelling at the greatest visual experience I have ever witnessed. Soon the screens depict a vortex of colour, pulsating and vibrant. I lie on the ground, overwhelmed.

    Woody Allen's Assistant

    by DoctorSpaceman on 06-18-2012 at 04:24 AM
    Woody Allen is filming his new movie, Zelig, yet is so neurotic and socially incompetent that he has hired me to assist him in the project. I am however a mirror image of Woody Allen, in both appearance and mentality. He is not yet a famous director and is living in a small stone brick house with an entrance that is so small you have to lie down and crawl through. During the filming process, I overhear him say that he would love to visit Paris and would film a movie there as an excuse to go. I begin to laugh as I know that in the future he admittedly directs Midnight in Paris for that reason.

    Zombies and Super Saiyan Powers

    by DoctorSpaceman on 06-18-2012 at 04:22 AM

    I am at my high school being chased by zombie creatures that resemble sinister versions of Edvard Munch's The Scream. While running, I somehow realise I am dreaming and turn to face the zombies. I power up to Super Saiyan, screaming at the top of my lungs "I'M LUCID NOW, BITCHES" And unfortunately, that's all I remember.