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    I am more than I think am, I can become much more than that even


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    Alien Court

    by DorianMask on 02-28-2021 at 12:01 AM

    I am in an ice cream place located in a gas station of sorts. There are many treats some infused with cannabis, I gather I am in colorado. While ordering I befriend some people and they offer to give me a ride to where I am going, I'm like 40 min from where I am staying. It is night time and I cannot see out of the car. We joke while he drives and is constantly turning around looking at me and the other girl in the passenger seat. He suddenly drives over an embankment and we plow through an angled corn field as we fall down, the stalks speedily crushing under the cars weight as it falls. We fall for a while as we all scream and feel mostly weightless in the vehicle. We hit the water with a sudden jolt. It is dark and murkey.

    Fast forward we are being called into a unique court room. The girl who was in the car with us died. The driver is being held responsible. I am just a witness because I rode in the back. The court seems to be a dual between two large creatures. They are controlled with your mind when you hook up to some alien looking umbilical cord. I have flashbacks of the accident while I sit in the courtroom and the session begins.

    I break through the windshield by kicking hard with my feet. The car/red suv is sinking in the murkey muddy water. I drag her and him out, her arm is missing just above the elbow, I can tell it's bad. He doesn't seem too injured so he helps. We all swim together trying to keep her above water. The cliff is high and flat walled. Straight flat segments of wall connect together as they meet the water. We must have fallen a couple hundred feet.

    I am sitting in the court room wearing a hospital gown. My family is in the audience. The room is blue and golden with accents along the ceiling. There is a case being made. The boy who drove is being charged with recklessness homicide. The girls family is there too, they are scornfully sad. I gather the only way to win is to have your large creature defeat the other creature. I am not being charged but I am in control of one of the creatures. They are sentient but are also slaved to the brain hookup. One is large and grey, with a long backwards sloping head to a point, no mouth but deep dark recessed eyes, it stands with a hunch almost gorilla like but is incredibly muscular, elegant looking and smooth. The other is colored like a hornet. It has a swollen head and insectoid body, with long dagger like appendages. It stands at the opposite side of the room facing it's companion. I still feel traumatized. The accident feels too recent. I have fresh wounds and bruises all over my body.
    I don't talk to anyone.

    Even though the water is murky it still feels like there are waves crashing against us. I am the only one who can barely touch the bottom as the three of us hobble to the rocky waters edge. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to climb up. A flat wall against the pounding water. It begins to look familiar to me. I remember seeing this before. Some of these sections of walls have hidden doorways in them I think. I see them open in my mind's eye. We approach the wall and she begins to faint, she is losing a lot of blood, I just can't tell because it is dark and I only barely see her injuries. I press on the side of the rock wall with my free hand, it becomes a sort of doorway and cracks open with dim light on the other side.

    I feel the device hook up to the back of my head. I swirl at the sensation. Someone in the room is trying to sell me a $400 pen. It doesn't look so special to me. My perception is now split in the room. I see out of both sets of eyes. One taller and standing where the larger creature is. One small and weak in the front where everyone is staring. We don't fight. Rather there is an internal dialogue now. There is an alien debate occuring in my head. They want to know what to do with us.
    We aren't supposed to be here.
    memorable , non-lucid

    Dinosaur Park, The Magic Express

    by DorianMask on 02-24-2021 at 09:13 PM

    I am in a dinosaur park with friends and family. While walking through a field we see what appears to be a dinosaur trap laid out on the ground, with weighted wires going into the trees, there are toy mini dinosaurs and torn up sheets in the bed of a larger metal frame. We hear kittens meowing from inside but cannot see anything.

    The park is very beautiful with large prehistoric trees and shrubbery all around. My cat is running around unleashed and I gather she has wandered too far. Suddenly a large trex with purple and orange colouring starts chasing us from across the field, it's roar echoing our innards. I call my cat loudly and she runs towards us just barely in front of the rex. She makes it to me while we are running and I scoop her up to run towards the treeline. I tell my family we need to get in the dense folliage to escape. We barely make it to safety as the rex tramples the trees behind us. We begin to walk down a path, we tell a worker about the rex we see, but they are also a dinosaur and smile with big teeth.

    We are now in a period based town. Everyone wears decorated corsets and top hats. But there is still a dark like and partially gothic tone. I opt for a train ride and leave my family behind in the town to look around and shop. The train is mainly populated by witches and druids. They are all dressed period, but with pagan garb and accessories.

    I befriend a girl who is quite short with almond eyes and brunette short hair. She is coy and playful while also being witty and fiercely forward. We get closer and she reminds me she has a boyfriend regularly, it doesn't phase me in the least as I can tell she doesn't care. He seems like some ringleader with small dreads and bright blue contact eyes who is never around her. I gather she is a vampire of sorts, pale skin, morose demeanour yet predatory in her desires. We venture around the train between the different ornate cars from time to time. Taking in the sights of the passing countryside, sharing meals, and playing games. We spend hours laying in bed remembering our lives and gently caressing each other, nothing sexual, just sensually emotive. She tells me she doesn't like what happens to her at night. Unphased at thinking she is a vampire I ask is it because her teeth get longer? I then tell her I always found the taste of blood to be unquenching. To let her know I am unbothered by her condition, and can relate to her. She hardly looks at me but I know she is sad for some reason. We form a strong bond on the trip, perhaps 2 days have elapsed and the journey is coming to a head.

    She sits in a booth table along one of the carriages. There is suddenly a great drama stirring the passengers. The people of the car are now united against me. They threaten me with dark magic. I tell them to do their worst as I am unafraid. At once a dozen of them put out their hands and begin making noises with their mouths like they are casting spells. Nothing happens and I shout they are all made up. The train has stopped at a gift shop town with many rooms to purchase trinkets and accessories. I step out on the platform as the witches are still trying to curse me. I outstretch my hand and shout with strong forward intention "Now That Is Enough!" A bright light flashes engulfing the entire area.

    As the senses return, it seems the dark gothic vibe of the people in the car has been lifted. Some people file out of the train with completely white eyes, they are pale and nude, almost stupified. The dozen or so who were dark are now stripped barren and pale. I ask someone on the platform what just happened. She tells me that they saw their real leader and were blinded by the truth of it. I ask who they saw. She points to the woman standing next to me. Who is middle aged and still wearing period dress. She smiles and looks at me knowingly. I tell her it is up to her to be good now. She nods in approval and promises to guide in positivity instead of darkness.

    I return to the train for the journey back and walk from car to car looking for my companion I spent the trip with. She is no longer in the booth she was sitting in before. I wonder if the darkness lifting has affected her at all. I see her 'boyfriend' sitting off in a corner with some friends. He speaks in normal modern dialect and I gather his curse has been lifted as well, he is no leader and remembers nothing of his previous dark personality. I talk to him briefly and he doesn't recognize me.

    I begin frantically going from carriage to carriage looking for her. She really is nowhere to be seen, I didn't see her get off the train and it doesn't make sense she wouldn't be traveling back. It begins to occur to me I may never see her again. A great grief overcomes me as I slump into the nearest chair, just staring into nothingness while I feel my eyes swell. It can't be I think. I knew she had feelings for me. I felt them. I remember the feeling of her skin. Her smile. The sweet smell of her hair. I sit in silence the entire return journey. People merrily chat around me as the mood is now lighter and people laugh while they tell stories of their adventure. I talk to no one.

    When we arrive at our destination back where we began, everyone unloads and files into a large brightly lit dining hall, it is period decorated and fancy with many carved fixtures in the walls and chandeliers. I see my family come through large ornate glass doors into the hall to join me. I am sullen and depressed from losing my companion. We all sit at a large round table with white linens and fancy gold place settings. They are still dressed in period clothes holding accessories they picked up in their own respective adventure. They ask me what's wrong. I tell them I am exhausted, it was a 2 day train journey and I just don't feel well. They are concerned but allow me my space as I seem disengaged. I sit calmly not facing the stage, my eyes still heavy and glistening as I fight the nostalgia of my time with her.

    Just then a worker walks onto the stage and gets everyone's attention. He thanks all of us for our participation and hopes we all enjoyed our journey on the express adventure. People cheer. He then says he'd like to introduce us to the one who made everything possible. Please give a round of applause everyone to our very own,
    Brand new Model 2 Android!
    People cheer louder and whistles can be heard.
    I turn around to look and see her.
    Out of period dress with a skin tight bodysuit and hair styled even shorter to her head.
    It was her.
    The truth of it hits me like a pile of bricks. I see her eyes avoiding me in the crowd as she glances around the room. Barely smiling she acknowledges the recognition in a sheepish manner. She won't even look at me. I am in complete disbelief. How could I not have known? I stare wantingly but realize everything I knew wasn't even real. The dream fades as I watch her face and the applause becomes quieter and quieter.
    non-lucid , memorable

    A Month of Notes

    by DorianMask on 02-09-2021 at 12:27 PM
    I have been neglecting to write up my dream journals at length. These are notes from the last month sans narrative.


    Hanging out with Korn
    Nate doing back up vocals for them
    I scream with them in a performance
    Upstairs in one of their rooms
    Monkey says cool we have enough fans
    I say ok in that case you guys suck ass
    Why don't you make some good music?
    They laugh
    They are doing an acoustic set practicing new music in their living room
    It is a large room with many mementos
    I sit off to the side and listen
    The girls are brainstorming what to decorate themselves as
    I recommend fairies or elves, they love the idea
    There is a fancy marble stair coffee table that has a fancy chess board in the center of the room


    Jeremy's truck pulling trash bin
    Nate's tequila pond idea with Chris and Andy
    Party in the backyard people jump the fence into my neighbor's pool
    In the basement of my middle school, there is another shadow school
    I attend a guest class with other adults
    It is about lucid dreaming, Smile is teaching
    There's a list of dream websites I ask him if he used Dreamviews he says no
    Park my car at a strip mall and go into a costume store
    Everyone wears different costumes
    Turns into a sickbay by the entrance
    I see Mel teaching different craft classes for kids
    She talks to me about the teacher from my middle school
    I wander the parking lot at night clicking my key fob trying to find my car, other cars keep beeping instead
    I see other cars that are my model but different colors
    Eventually, find my car and drive away


    Old times video game flea market
    I stow away in a minivan with two girls in the back
    Aleeya likes me, her friend texts me an offer, and her picture
    Ride all the way home with them
    Hide from the parents

    Their family runs a BBQ Restaurant that is incredibly popular
    People line up around the building waiting for them to open
    I gather their brisket is world-renowned

    I am in downtown Kyoto
    Part of a school trip but we have wandered off from the group to explore
    Huge skyscrapers all around and fancy shops
    Feels like a mall
    I am with a friend at first but we get separated
    I am dressed in all green/pirate pagan wear
    I put on a foam life jacket I find by one of the booths
    Look in many stores
    Fancy glass store
    The woman asks me if I need anything
    I smile and say "I have no needs" and continue to browse.
    She tells me the clocks are in the back
    I am blown away by the detail and variety
    I ask my friend if we can just book a single night Airbnb and stay downtown away from our group, he isn't sure


    Guy shows me the tomatoes he grew, hands me three
    I accidentally eat one and feel bad about it
    It tastes good
    One of my friends Elijah eats the other one
    I only have one left out of the three he was showing me and feel bad because he did not offer me to try them
    I am babysitting his kids while he is at work at a church
    My shower has drywall over the tub and I am using a smaller section
    There are three showers in my bathroom
    I am on a video call with Leyanna
    I am more buff than IRL


    Who is Erwen?


    In Spanish class
    Smoke some weed and put in eyedrops
    Class votes on who's drawing is the best on the board in the back
    Everyone votes for Cody's pop can
    Everyone knows he's dead
    I leave the class without looking
    Come back and ask the teacher to show me
    We talk and I tell her he was my brother
    Start to cry while I talk
    The teacher is compassionate
    She is younger now

    We are now in Bosnia/Romania
    My car is in a side lot
    It is glistening purple electric in the sun
    Another person is telling me how to take care of the paint with a special tool
    I get in the car and three black guys get in the back seat as well
    I ask them where we are going fellas
    We drive down the street and they are content

    I am with a girl who is my interest
    We kiss occasionally
    We are on crowded city streets and walking between cafes
    We swim in a pool together, maybe skinny dipping, I have no shame

    I am in front of a restaurant
    Using a special tool with metal spheres on the end of it to break the glass corners of a structure at the entrance
    As one side breaks, it sprays fine glass shards down one side of my face
    I gather I am making the entrance into something new
    A car with an older man pulls up and watches me work for a few minutes
    He is confused
    I try to explain to him what I am doing
    He shrugs and drives away


    Parents decide to go out to dinner with another couple, they are meeting another couple at a restaurant.
    I am upset and tell them I disagree with their choice because it isn't safe to be meeting in groups of six yet.
    I crawl into the car to express my dismay and they have a daughter of the friends in the backseat. The daughter decides to stay at home with us and so does the father but he quickly disappears somewhere.
    It is G myself and her hanging around the house for the night.
    It begins storming outside and we notice 2 tornadoes forming in the distance so we all rush in and go to the basement to bunker down and wait it out.
    The wind and rain are very loud

    In another house
    Rundown and flooded in one entrance
    The other door has a large hornet hive on the outside of it that buzzes viciously when I touch the door
    The home is decrepit and seemingly uninhabited for quite some time
    I walk back and forth between the two entrances trying to decide how to get out

    I am in another room with several people
    There is a young African American boy being violent with myself and others
    I warn him to cut it out
    He continues so I tackle him to the floor and pull out a shotgun I find on the floor and press the barrel against his cheek
    I say now you stop this now or I'm gonna put a huge hole in your floor directly behind your head.
    Someone else in the room giggles
    He nods his head slowly with wide eyes
    I pump the shotgun several times to empty the shells from the barrel
    Only 2 or three of them are good cartridges the others seem to be crumpled and bunk

    At a certain point, he finds a gun on the floor and starts waving it around jokingly aiming it at me
    I scold him and tell him to never aim his gun at anyone, never let the barrel point at another person he doesn't intend on killing.
    He moves the barrel to the side and up and down trying out the technique, I nod.

    I am back in the house from earlier in the dream, only now I know it to be an Airbnb type setup and the family is away but coming back today.
    We have only lived here for a couple of days but I feel like cleaning up thoroughly
    Opening the windows and scrubbing counters and doing dishes I realize the house was much dirtier when I started than the mess we made
    Check out is 3 pm and it is almost 4 o'clock and the family gets home while I am cleaning
    For some reason, I have a large pot of water on to boil for mac n cheese
    I almost throw away a series of canisters like garden pots or trash cans that are all stacked together
    The owner tells me they are "odds and ends" I gather this is a hoarding family and may not take to my cleaning house that well. Oh well, the kitchen is clean and the fresh air is starting to clear the space.


    Driving from the passenger seat
    Keep changing seats, driving from the backseat
    A cop turns around and follows me into the neighborhood

    I attend church, Will Smith gives me a turban, Shaq shows me how to put it on
    Boys and girls are separated
    We celebrate afterward and I learn Dave Chappelle was there too

    Beginning of a middle school Sunday school class, I joke they have to audition
    People go along with it we all laugh


    Get hooked by a helicopter fishing line
    One large hook goes through my right foot
    The other is in my right hand
    They land and still pull me along
    My toes and top of my foot have been mauled and gory
    My knee and leg are torn up too
    It doesn't hurt but I gather I am in shock

    I am driving someone's white truck back to the spa
    I select quick travel and the truck appears across the street from the spa and I am standing inside suddenly
    Nothing looks recognizable
    There are dozens of employees just standing around
    Several clinic-based modalities have been added and I gather there are several doctors working for her now
    It is more like a doctor's office than a relaxing spa
    Mel is kind and tells me to have a look around
    One of her eyes is all red
    There are many new walls and walkways I have no idea how to get around.
    The float section of the spa has been dumbed down and all the old murals have been painted over
    As I walk back I try to walk through a room that has people laying on cots/hospital beds
    A doctor across the room talking to another doctor raises his hand to me and shakes his head as if to gesture not to come this way
    I try to go around but all other walkways lead to this room
    I take the long way around and exit the spa
    I am in a mall now and the spa has an entrance with many signs above it
    So many partnerships it isn't even recognizable as a float spa
    I am sad


    In a big church service
    Everyone had taken off their shoes
    It ends with a congregation in the back wanting to sing a long traditional song
    The pastor wants everyone to sing it
    The smaller congregation is from an older church and wanted to sing it for everyone else
    Everyone tries to sing it at once and it sounds horrid
    An older man in the group at the back is pointing at me
    I cannot keep my balance
    Everyone else is turned around watching them
    I am standing in front of everyone
    The pastor has everyone restart the song but has a favorite kid begin the lyrics
    They are on an overhead projector at the front of the room
    It has like 5 verses


    Boxing fight hug punching
    Food festival giveaway large tent with a band
    Tryst with Em, put up a tarp from rain
    They cut people's hair
    Nighttime kings island run
    Bathroom with ancient symbols
    I have seen the real thing
    Shoot purple energy from my hand
    I am magic and elusive
    The invisible one is someone else and threatens our family


    I am in Hank Greens classroom talking to him
    Just happen to be there
    We shake hands he's happy that I'm a fan

    We are in a food garden
    Outdoor pavilion, many vines, and varieties
    I eat part of a huge avocado
    The seed is soft and makes me sick and woosy

    A cult wears blue and white
    They are super defensive
    I am wearing all blue and questioning them
    I see my old guitar teacher in the leader's inner circle
    I try to introduce myself but they scoff in metaphor and riddles
    I don't understand a word they are saying to me
    The leader looks like Kenneth Copeland
    We have a 1 on 1 exchange
    He has glowy red night time eyes
    He talks for a few minutes and everything segues to much later, we have all been put in a trance
    The leader is deposed somehow
    We party at his end playing musical instruments like a bluegrass jam band
    I play a stand-up bass on its side
    We are in a theatre

    We witness a boat coming down the snowy icy street very quickly and doesn't see the water's edge
    As he approaches the intersection his boat plunges under the water by the angle he was turning and he goes under the ice
    I gather this is a problem and he might need help
    I see his boat barely surface and his body is limp
    I jump in the fridged icy water and swim towards him
    He's in bad shape, I pick him up and get him to the shore, he's not just knocked out, his body is pretty messed up
    His eye is all red
    His limbs are eviscerated and barely holding together
    I pull out my phone and begin to dial 911
    I gather he's not going to make it
    He starts to come to
    I tell him he's going to be ok
    Just relax, just relax, you're ok man, don't worry you're going to be alright
    I am deeply worried he will realize how bad it is and freak out in his final moments
    The more I look at him the worse it is
    In the final second, he realizes how messed up he is, his eyes go wide, and then still
    It is over


    Meditating at the bottom of a pool
    Slow-motion choreography fight
    Android woman all metal
    Dad's backseat with spiders
    Victor's party house, escape from police
    The horn says $500!
    Ben wears cyber goth BDSM wear to impress a young blonde
    There are different tribes of post-apocalyptic gear wearing folk


    In theatre to watch show laying on the floor in front of seats, I have a ticket
    Argue with people in front who are mad I'm not in the right place
    Use light to read the ticket and find the right seat
    I sit in the very back
    There is a massive explosion elsewhere while I'm in the theatre
    I feel shockwave

    On phone with a Russian girl, I am undercover
    Sitting on a pergola next to the house smoking a cig, it is disgusting
    Rick rolls up in a wrecked green car held together by duct tape
    The car rolls over when parked wrong on a wooden grass divider I help him escape

    Stalked by an ancient mummy
    In a hospital, I press the "feeling down" button in the elevator
    Makes an appointment with someone
    I have a badge
    They don't let me in the employee's area
    Another nurse talks to me
    I vent some and describe being stalked
    They don't believe me
    Christopher Eccleston is with me

    I am in Jamaica
    With a disabled family
    Most of them are in wheelchairs/hick like
    They tell me it costs 4k a month to live there
    It is a large family celebration
    They eat chicken tenders, sliders, and cheap pan pizzas
    One of the siblings is a sentient hand in a jar
    I want to find Mokko
    I have no money or supplies, just my clothes
    They point me down the road

    I walk by myself for a while
    There is a large music festival going on by the path
    Some white girls notice me but I keep walking
    I see Matthew walking by in a crowd, I call to him
    He is somewhat annoyed for me to meet him
    He tells me he is doing a collab with ML7
    His hair is a large purple fro
    I ask if he can show me the way to Mokko
    He agrees and we walk down the path
    Many run-down communities and farm places
    It starts to rain hard and it is night
    There are 4-5 feet of water we are traveling through
    They are walking on bundles of straw that are standing up in a field
    We are all soaked
    Matthew goes ahead and I lose him
    The friend is not ML7 but we walk together
    He is short white and wearing black-rimmed glasses
    He tells me ML7 is overrated and only good at Anna, we laugh together

    We walk into a large tree community
    Carved pathways and many rooms people/families are living in
    I lose the friend
    I am by myself for a while
    I befriend a jamaica guy
    We talk about Jamaica
    I am passionate and he can see
    I have no money so the panhandlers leave me alone
    We see a couple of girls dressed as fairies
    One tries to do magic and makes a small boy levitate
    My guide climbs behind him to the second floor and reveals the kid was on a string
    It was a sham to get money out of tourists
    I have no money or possessions
    The Jamaican guy tells me he can see a part of jamaica inside of me
    Something is here for me to find

    Great Grandmother's Vines, Sarcastic Diamond Restaurant, and Georgia's Waterway

    by DorianMask on 01-10-2021 at 07:08 AM

    I am at my great grandmother's home in Atlanta. B currently lives there and has kind of fixed it up though the outside of the house is grown over with vines and greenery. The house is a single story in the front but two stories in the back, like the basement is built into a hill. She has her living space in the basement and I see her purple bed in a corner. G is with me as we kind of tour around the house. We wander around the house with B. I talk with B about the history of the home and how long it has been in my family. I show her the room upstairs where my great grandma and her sister slept in beds side by side for many years. There's a large floor grate at the doorway that I remember hurt my feet to walk on as a kid, only now it has expanded down both walls of the room like a big L. There are small flames that come out of the grate, I gather it is the malfunctioning heater that hasn't been serviced in years. She almost catches the bottom of her flowy dress on fire because she trips on the grate but gets up quickly enough, no harm done.

    I am with G now downstairs in Bs room sitting on her bed. We are watching a program on television, it is like a home renovation show that is featuring the same house we are actually currently in, B is on the tv. They take axes to large twisted bundles of vines that have grown into the house through a window in her room. One of the guys is hitting a wooden doorway with a hand axe and I gather his intent is malicious. B comes downstairs and tells us the rest of the story while we watch the show. We decide to go out to get something to eat before leaving town.

    We are standing in line inside a large food court type area that is actually a single restaurant. It feels like a gourmet rallys of sorts. The building is diamond shaped, bright white decor with scattered black tiles, tall ceilings, with counters to order at on each side corner and tables all around in the middle. There seems to be a large column/pillar in the exact center of the room. I stand looking at the menu for a while trying to decide what to eat. We debate where we want to eat while standing in line. I mention I would really like to eat at the Dwarf House (the first Chick-fil-A). Perhaps we will get a snack here first then go somewhere else. The girls have ordered and gone to find a table. I stand for a couple minutes at the front of the line trying to decide, there are people lining up behind me while I scan the menu. It is hard to read and I am barely able to make out the pictures, though I know generally what they have. I apologise to the guy working the register that it took me so long, saying "Now don't be mad at me it took me all that time to decide, but I just want a large fry well done and two soda waters with lime."

    He is understanding and asks for my name. I speak it to him but then he motions to a keypad in front of the register I am meant to type my name into. I try typing Noah, but it ends up like Gerold6 on the screen, I shrug whatever and submit it. As I am walking away I gather the workers are allowed to heckle the guests, it's like this restaurants brand, they were joking a lot before and now that I've made a gaff they turn the focus on me. They make an announcement on the loudspeaker that Gerald doesn't have the number six in the name and he proceeds to write it on a whiteboard, while laughing saying people can't have the number six in their name. I shout back jokingly "You don't know that!" The workers all laugh at my response and walk away from their registers holding their faces. I walk over to the girls and B has become S, I am completely enamoured to see her again.

    We catch up and I am really glad to see she is doing so well. She seems lively and much more energetic than the last time I saw her. She's even showing interest in me so I'm somewhat besides myself. The girls have gotten their food a while ago and are just picking at their trays and I start to wonder where mine is, it has to have been 20-30 min by now. I see fries fully cooked sitting behind the counter on the metal tray and no one standing around. Then a guy walks out from the back, stands there for a minute or so and then surprisingly notices a ticket printed on a printer under the counter. He reads it, tears it off, proceeds to make my fry and prepare the drinks and walk it out to me. I am grateful if not slightly annoyed by there being so many employees standing around and none of them seem to be too focused.

    At a certain point I begin speaking to an employee who I believe is on break. We talk about the type of restaurant this is and how it's set up/how it is to work there and make fun of people all day. He has social conundrums with some fellow female employees so I give him some social advice on how to work it out. The girls go to the bathroom together when we finish our meals. So I decide to walk outside to take in the views.

    For some reason I am now in a corporate office lobby with open windows on one side leading to the water. My father and uncle are there, we all seem to be fixated on screens or the windows, I can't be sure. My uncle is leaning on dad's shoulder while they stand together. A worker for the office has spilled his soda on the floor of his desk, he gets up and walks away. He returns to his desk with a fresh cup of pop and takes a picture of it with his cellphone before sitting back down without cleaning up the last spill. This guy kinda looks like Ben Schwartz.

    We are all standing along the water now outside. I am still waiting for the girls to come back but I notice there are boats going by to tour the local park. I am on a boat now, thinking it will be a quick excursion before returning. It is a boat car type vehicle and we travel through a park with many coloured birds on the ground and in the trees, they are all smaller like sparrows though coloured like the rainbow. The driver keeps driving and I gather we are going much further than the park. I text G "I think I've made a huge mistake" The boat makes water and we continue down into a river. Everytime I shift my weight the boat sloshes to the side and some water splashes in. The main guy driving asks me how old I am. I tell him and he says I am too big and I need to sit still while we are in motion. I now realize I am too close to other people I don't know and fumble to put on my mask. I pull it out of my pocket and there are many masks all stacked on themselves and it is difficult to separate the one I want to wear. The driver describes the river we are going down. It is like the florida keys for georgia, he points to a map and there is a huge crack waterway through the entire state of georgia. I am far away from where I started with strangers now. The dream ends.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Flat Flute Festival, The Diner, Disarming Paranoia, and The Purple Leviathan

    by DorianMask on 01-06-2021 at 07:54 AM

    I am on my way driving to some church event with people I recognize from my past. While driving I spray paint face with blues and oranges with a white streak down one side going through my eye. My cat is in my car with me, when I arrive I leave her in the car with the windows cracked a little. We are all standing in lines for some reason I am unaware of. Someone is talking to us in a preachy manner but the details escape me.

    The scene shifts into a new age festival of sorts with many sellers operating booths and with various items on tables in rows. The room is a long flat one story building, with tables lining either side, and windows every few feet. It almost feels like an opened up double wide manufactured home which is several lengths long.

    While walking around checking out the various vendors I notice two who share space side by sides. I befriend the two of them and notice they look strikingly similar to one another with slight differences. They are both round faced with round noses, bald heads and beards about the same length. Though their personalities are obviously of different tones. One of them sells flat flutes which seem like wooden Christmas tree ornaments with spacers and holes drilled at intervals as a flute should be, and one sells didgeridoos with original poems printed on fancy paper.

    They both have just met each other for this event but they are very similar in demeanour, though each unique. Like twins who took separate life trajectories. I play a flute from his table for a while, it sounds like a native american flute and any note progression is harmonious and effortless to produce. There is a girl who walks up to the table hearing the flute and wants to try it but she is shy. I encourage her to go for it, it is a beautiful instrument and incredibly easy to play. Whatever you play on the flute sounds great, she picks it up and plays for a few seconds. It sounds just as good as when I played, she is pleased. I want a flute, the guy attempts to sell me one but don't have a lot of money on me, the didge guy also wants me to buy one from him. I tell him I have three of my own at home waiting for me. He tells me to sell the ones I don't use and use the surplus to purchase another one from him. I laugh and say maybe.

    I am concerned about leaving the cat in the car even though the window is cracked. It is a sunny day and I'm incredibly cautious about animals in cars. I go back out to get her and bring her back inside with me. When I return, the festival seems to have turned into a waffle house type diner. It is packed out and everyone is hungry. There are full counter seats and tons of people packed in the booths around the place. I see the open kitchen with one cook struggling to take people's orders and cook the food at the same time. I consider jumping behind the counter to help cook. Though he does seem to have it under control so I decide against it and just wander around looking at people, everyone is calm and patient, feels like people are just grateful to be fed. The cat has befriended some people and become kind of a fixture in the diner. She sits on a stool by the counter and people pet her while walking by/waiting. People continue ordering and eating until the night comes.

    I notice while standing outside there is a large military supply surplus store that used to be on the corner across the street. The new location looks newer and brightly lit like a pharmacy. I talk to someone standing close to me about going in and taking a looking around. Though I am slightly concerned if I do so I will be put on some government list of nationalists.

    As fewer and fewer people are present we become a closer knit group. We are all friends now and we know each other quite well from our stories. One of us is cautious because he is wanted by a rival gang he knows may be coming for him. The lights get dim as we all sit around each other and chat on the floor. The restaurant is closed and it's just us friends communing now telling stories and laughing. The one friend is still very paranoid about other people coming after him, looking out the window as he expects it to happen any minute. He has a handgun on him and begins waving it around claiming they are coming, they are outside now he shouts. I know nothing good can come from escalating the situation so I take the pistol from his hand in a swift action and put it in my jacket pocket, he is dismayed but compliant.

    Someone else walks in the room and they are looking for him, they also have a gun in their hand. I immediately demand they give it to me because this is not the way to solve this dispute. They also comply. I disassemble the gun in seconds, dropping the clip, pulling back the slide, popping out the bullet in the chamber, and taking the slide fully off. This continues a couple more times as people come in trying to start trouble with firearms and me immediately disarming them before anything transpires. They then just stand around and have conversation with the others that are here. I now have 3-4 guns in my jacket pockets and pants pockets from the different people trying to start trouble. The people just stand around and talk once they have their gun taken away. The original guy who was part of our group asks for his gun back because he is still paranoid. I have so many in my coat I don't know which one was his. So I pull it out, disassemble it in front of him and drop the pieces on the floor at his feet. His mouth is stuck open in disbelief. I walk over to a table at the end of the room and begin to take all the firearms out of my coat and put them down. Someone else walks in behind me with a fully automatic machine gun, looks like an MP5 or something. I wave them over to me and say "Come on, gotta check in!" They oblige and I take their gun away from them as well. No one escalating, no one gets hurt. I insist all disagreements be talked out in a civil manner.

    It is now the next morning. We all seem to be arranging some type of trip. I think we are even taking air travel like hot air balloons or something. While getting people oriented I walk into a back room which is larger like an industrial loading dock and has a large metal garage door attached to it. On the floor to the side is a 30 ft long dead yellow boa constrictor. It has been tied in a knot in the middle and is contorted in weird ways. There is liquid in the corner around where it lay and the smell in the room is putrid. I gather is has been dead for a while, maybe a few days to a week. I step over it walking in and back outside several times. There are a couple people out in the field behind the building we are trying to corral to leave for our trip. The guy kind of looks like john favreau, he is with his wife. They are still distant in the field but coming towards us.

    Looking up I notice a very thick purple fog rolling in from the right onto the property. I think it is in the sky at first but then notice it in front of the clouds and things around us like the fence lining the yard. It is moving like a serpent with a massive menacing motion. It is thick and pearlescent, shimmering with light and dark purples. I am with Justin Theroux and we rushedly get the people inside while watching the huge cloud get closer to the ground and come towards us. It begins whirlwinding and the wind begins to whip violently. It forms a vortex on the ground of a thick purpley haze that you cannot see through. It Incredibly large and stretches all the way into the sky. We rush inside and look for ways to combat it. In a moment we both understand that the purple gas is flammable. Just need to make a torch of some kind to toss in it, hoping that will do the trick. The room is already wrecked with glass and objects scattered about on the floor. The wind is howling loudly and the walls rock with turbulence, pictures that were hanging fall. We are running through shouting at each other for supplies that can maybe be used. I find some lighters and some small miniature baseball bats. He brings some rags and accelerant from the other room. We craft makeshift torches while squatting on the floor and I wonder if the wind is too powerful for the flame, if the torches will stay lit for us to throw them in. We run to the back of the building again out the garage door, the twister is in full rage mode. A dark purple debris filled monstrosity tears at the ground 20 meters from us, the sound is deafening.
    We light the torches together, look at each other and I shout "HERE GOES NOTHING!" We both launch the fiery bats overhead towards the center of the vortex and the dream fades.
    non-lucid , memorable