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    Lucid #22. Two Sorority Sisters in a House

    by DoubleHelix on 09-09-2016 at 11:51 PM
    September 8, 2016: I am unloading pre-cut as well as uncut stone pavers from the side door of a huge delivery truck. I repeatedly and tediously carry them down a lane bordered on my left by a brick retaining wall which stands about nipple high. After walking about 60 - 75 feet, I rest the arm-load of pavers on the wall before trying (with great effort) to reach down over the wall to hand them off to a young black man who is standing in a ditch on the other side of the wall. He needs to stretch up as hard as he can to take the "hand-off" of the paving stones. I repeat this action about three or four times, walking back and forth to the truck each time for a new load when it dawns on me to float-fly in each direction to speed things up. I come to this "labor and time saving decision" right after handing off the forth load, so my hands/arms are empty. As I float-fly back to the truck it hits me. FUCK ME!!! I'm flying! I must be dreaming! WOW, two nights in a row!!!

    I immediately abandon the notion of flying back to the truck and fly instead on the far side of the retaining wall and follow the ditch to see where all the stone is being put - principally out of curiosity and because I have no other plan for this lucid dream - having been caught by surprise. I come upon a house that looks like a cross between the White House and your average colonial home. Very upscale and nice. I enter (in the normal way) through the front door and wander around. Most rooms are entirely empty of furniture and initially encounter no dream characters whatsoever. In fact, the house gives the impression that it is an unoccupied new construction. I'm just about ready to leave to find something fun or interesting to do and discover I'm a bit confused as to how to find the door out (or any door for that matter) when I enter a room with two college age women sitting cross legged on a wooden floor - no rug or chair.

    I say hello and they actually introduce themselves to me by name! They are pretty and smart, and my first thought is that they could be sorority sister pledges and maybe this home is going to be a sorority house - or perhaps I'm on a college campus. Both girls are fully and fashionably clothed, and far too smart and aloof to try and coax to do anything sexual...besides, one I could handle, but two?? Wouldn't know where to start, and they just aren't "that kind" of girl. So, I ask them to please indicate a way out or to please escort me out of the house. Neither gets up, but they each start to talk over the other giving me directions. I thank them, but the conflicting and confusing instructions fail to get me to an exterior door. I start to feel trapped and frustrated - and I wake.

    Updated 09-09-2016 at 11:54 PM by DoubleHelix


    Lucidly flying in front of my daughter

    by DoubleHelix on 09-07-2016 at 12:53 PM

    September 7, 2016: I am test flying (indoors) a small (~30cm) yellow and black radio-controlled model jet. After tossing it into the air and flying it in the tight constraints of the room, it goes to ground gently out of sight between a couch and the adjacent wall. It was difficult to see behind the couch to perform the retrieval, so I float-fly above the couch to see where it has landed. WAIT!? I'm FLYING! I'm dreaming! WooHoo!

    Never once gave a thought to any of the TOTM's. I immediately start flying around the room which looks like a cross between our current living room and basement. As I fly I’m looking for an exit to the house. I fly down a short hall to the foyer of our front door and find a screen door that leads to the outside, which is day-lit and looks like a pleasant fall day. I try to pass directly through the screen. I "KNOW" I can - this is just a dream screen...but NOPE…I bang into it as if it were real. The sensation of my shoulder hitting the screen (with more than a little conviction and therefore “force”) is utterly real. Having failed to phase through the screen I open the door latch with ease, not willing to waste lucid time or effort on such a mundane and possibly fruitless task as phasing through a screen door.

    Outside, I spot A. (perfectly rendered as she exists today) and (later) her best friend A. S. - less accurately depicted but still recognizable. Our daughter A. is standing on the walk leading to the front door of our current home.

    I fly above our A. at about 50 feet altitude and look down at her, optimally positioning myself in front of her at about a forty-five degree angle. I call and wave frantically to her multiple times to see if she can hear or see me. At first, she couldn't, but I persisted. Eventually I gradually became apparent to her, but she expresses little in the way of shock or surprise. I tell her "Look at me! I'm dreaming and I can do ANYTHING I want!” Evidently she was not impressed.

    I think she was on the walk waiting for her friend (also named A.) who soon joins her while all this is going on. I though seriously about flying up to her friend A. and attempting to get in some sexy time, but what with her being my daughter's friend and with my daughter right there on-scene, it for sure was NOT going to happen and my heart wasn’t really into it, anyway. Thwarted by the circumstances (and with other people waking up and making noise) I awoke. Wake time: 5:35am.
    lucid , memorable

    Flying Above a Crowd

    by DoubleHelix on 08-06-2016 at 11:32 AM
    August 6, 2016: I am one of many people in a large open field. Scott and many of his friends such as Costa, Brandan, Kelly are there. I recognize them from his wedding and invitations to their homes to celebrate various events in their lives such as baby showers and house warming parties, but I don't know/remember many of their names, even in real life. In front of me is a sandy patch of soil. For some inexplicable reason I decide to jump onto that particular patch of soil. I am launched softly into the air and immediately go lucid.

    The view from above the crowd is SUCH a unique perspective and highly detailed. I think to myself it's remarkable how few people even notice me in the air because of the infrequency with which people tend to look up. Yet here I am marveling at the idea that I can look down upon them and see them all and every detail of their heads, hair, hats and clothing. I circle the field and the crowd below several times inspecting the grounds, their clothes and taking in other details of the meadow scene from a stable altitude of about 100 feet. I spot Scott and his friends (all guys) towards the periphery of the crowd and gracefully descend, making a rather skilled landing. For some reason I rarely have trouble flying or landing. I am completely aware that this is a dream. I pick out one of his friends (Costa) and start patting him playfully about the waist, practically dancing with joy at being lucid in their company. I ask Costa “what does it feel like to be a dream character?” He responds cryptically by saying “how does a piece of meat feel about being a piece of meat?”

    I start explaining to the group that this is a dream and I am dreaming. I tell them I don't want to think about it too hard because I'm afraid I'm going to wake up - but I'm asleep in my bed or taking a nap somewhere in my house and I can do anything I want without consequence..so let's find me a girl. This declaration is met with a substantial amount of hilarity from this younger group of men, and we collectively break into a trot and begin to gradually spread out in an effort to reach the objective of finding me a woman with whom to have sex.

    I myself, in my search, enter someone's (strange to me) home cautiously through a screen door. I enter in the "conventional way" not by phasing, which didn't even occur to me to try. Inside I encounter my wife's entire family - sister-in-law, brother-in-law, late father-in-law and mother-in-law. Although I don't see them, I suspect my two nephews are somewhere in the house as well. I realize straight away that's the last place I want to meet a woman and have sex is in the home occupied by my wife's entire family!!! On the way out, I noticed that the sliding latch to secure the screen door has been installed on the same side as the hinges. I laugh to myself that their "Dream House" isn't so perfect after all.

    Shortly after stepping back outside I realize that I am mostly alone. The crowd in the field is gone and Scott and his friends have dispersed. There is little to focus on and I wake. The time is 5:53am, a mere seven minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Whew!

    Updated 08-06-2016 at 05:48 PM by DoubleHelix

    lucid , memorable

    Motorcycle ride to buy suit

    by DoubleHelix on 07-31-2016 at 01:49 PM
    July 31, 2016: Optimen BID, B6, 100mg h.s.: I am in what appears to be a dormitory setting complete with a full kitchen. I meet an attractive college-age female dream character who says her name is Joanne. I asked her if she would like to take a motorcycle ride with me to buy a new suit. She says she would like to accompany me except she has a doctors appointment to have a cyst in her throat assessed.

    A male dream character appears in the kitchen standing next to the counter upon which is a blender. He says to Joanne that he would be willing to call her doctor to cancel the appointment so that she would not have to pay a late cancellation fee, and she agrees to that plan of action. Joanne says she will meet me at the store.

    I step out into the hall and mount my Ultra Classic. I look at the dashboard and there is a clear film over some of the control buttons like when you buy a new iPhone. I start to pick at the plastic. After the plastic is removed I make adjustments to the windscreen, and wheel the motorcycle to the outside, where I find the road is wet from an ongoing misty rain.

    I mount the motorcycle and look to my left. There is a Marshals directly across the street, however it is across a divided highway and there does not appear to be a direct route to get there. I’m forced to turn right on what starts out to be a paved road. I make my first left. On my left is an abandoned Shell gas station. It is surrounded by a chain link fence. The road becomes a damp, puddled, rutted sandy dirt road with many fallen tree branches the size of telephone poles. The road also has some slippery wet rocks in the distance. My son S. appears and he scrambles on foot over these obstructions ahead of me. I try to negotiate the heavy touring motorcycle over and past these obstructions until I am thwarted by a large wet boulder.

    The dream scene shifts. I am standing on what appears to be a well-lit high school auditorium stage. To my left is a cheap picnic table covered in a white tablecloth. There are three folding chairs on the far side - none on the near side. Joanne is seated in the middle chair. Her mouth is covered by what appears to be a large Band-Aid. To her right, a child sized doll it's seated with a yellow balloon in its lap. Although it is a pleasant looking doll there is something creepy about its character. I wake. Time is 3:00am.

    Public groping (B6- induced?)

    by DoubleHelix on 07-30-2016 at 08:22 PM
    July 30, 2016: 1 Optimen BID plus B6 supplement H.S. I am standing behind a woman in a tight, sheer, grey knit dress. My chin is on her right shoulder and I am gazing down at her breasts while my hands pass over her hips and casually up to her breasts, which I cup and jiggle with both hands. She offers no objection. After a moment she turns her head and speaks into my ear "You should make your head really tiny and look inside one of the cells inside your body and describe what you see as one of the tasks of the month." I became instantly lucid. I can smell the shampoo of her hair!

    I look around and see that we are standing on the front lawn of a bank, or perhaps an elementary school. I realize that I am groping this woman in a what appears to be public place in broad daylight. I feel a momentary sense of alarm/embarrassment but soon realize there doesn’t seem to be anyone else around. Her prompt causes me to remember that I wrote down the list of July TOTM’s and that the list is on my nightstand. I recall that one of the tasks was to pull a DC’s pants down, but there is no one else present, so I can't complete the task. I'm frustrated because I can’t remember any of the other tasks. I wake. Time 4:54am

    Updated 08-06-2016 at 04:26 PM by DoubleHelix